Tuesday, August 28, 2012

United Nations Gives Everyone More Reasons to Go Green

United Nations Gives Everyone More Reasons to Go Green

Looking for more reasons to turn your business green?

The United Nations calls on governments, business and civil societies alike to further their efforts in enhancing their respective energy efficiency. The organization believes that such efforts can greatly impact in the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gases. It has also been proven that green efforts, though may appear costly at the beginning, can help greatly in producing sustainable savings for the organizations. Using a scrolling LED sign can be a step closer to achieving this goal.

An infographic jointly published by The United Nations and Sustainable Energy For All provides us with a number of reasons to move towards the big change.

Here are some of the important points stated in the creatively made visual:

  • -- Global energy consumption may rise to 33 percent between 2010 and 2035
  • -- Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions may increase by 20 percent come 2035
  • -- Equipment maintenance, thermostat settings and upgrades can significantly lower emissions by about 50 percent
  • -- An annual investment of $ 170 billion in energy efficiency efforts world wide can yield a return of about 17 percent.
  • -- Efficient improvement of buildings can produce annual savings on the energy consumption of the United States, Russia, India and Africa joined together
  • -- The addition of new technology or features to the Empire State Building can reduce energy by as much as 40 percent
  • -- Energy efficient appliances can generate savings amounting to taking 48 million cars off the roads of the United States
  • -- Efficient residential and services lighting has a potential savings equivalent to 60 million U.S. homes
  • -- Transportation programs including the establishment of fuel-efficiency requirements offer savings of up to half the annual global electricity consumption
  • -- Properly inflated car tires can save vehicle fuel consumption by 5 percent
  • -- The use of CFL bulbs can save $ 113 billion in coal-fired powered plants
  • -- In 2007, South Africa began distributing 47 million CFL lights bulbs. This initiative has produced savings amounting to 1,958 Megawatts
  • -- Improving the efficiency of manufacturing and IT use is estimated to produce savings equivalent to the annual energy consumption of EU and China combined
  • -- Energy savings generated from Chinese, Indian and Russian industries accounted for a 48 percent decrease in energy intensity
  • -- A 5 percent increase in the efficiency of all coal-fired power plants can result to an 8 percent decrease in the CO2 emissions generated by the power sector

Photo Credit: AOL Energy

Is your business energy-efficient?

Leave us comment below and share with us your efforts in saving the environment. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Simple Tricks to Turn Your Business Green and Be Rewarded

Photo Credit: Carbon Low Emissions

Putting up a scrolling LED sign is not the only way to nudge your business down the green path. We’ve listed down 5 more things that you can do to contribute in saving our planet.

And you know what’s great about these ideas?

All of them are easy to integrate with your current business process. Going green is hassle-free with these steps.

Read up and start your green business today.

  1. Start offering free delivery of your goods – use bicycles

Remember the good ol’ days when you don’t have to worry about sky-high fuel rates? Well, those times are long gone. Motorized vehicles have become kings of the road since – which is good and bad at the same time for businesses.

Though deliveries are generally faster, fuel rates suck up a huge chunk of business budgets.  You change this around for your business by going old school with bicycles. This is very applicable to small business and restaurants. Make your patrons feel special by giving them convenient access to your products. And the best part is you don’t have to spend too much to show them your appreciation. To save even more, you can hire part-time employees like students to accomplish this job for you.

  1. Invest in LED lighting fixtures to save on electrical bills

LED has been gaining popularity world wide for being truly cost-effective lighting solution. Join the legions of business owners who are switching to LEDs. Choose options that deliver sustainable results because in the long run, these would prove to deliver higher savings value in the long run.

LED signs provide the same savings while making your store announcements attractive and eye catching.   

  1. Use fabric bags instead of plastics

Aside from gaining a wide following, using eco-bags is also an easy way to revamp your packaging. These bags also create less garbage because they’re reusable. Using eco-bags for your packaging can easily double as a freebie for them. Get an instant advertising by printing your company logo on it.

  1. Patronize goods made from recycled materials

The green revolution is at hand. Though many consumers are still finding their way to it, many have begun embracing this new age movement. Differentiate your business from others by showing that you care for the environment. Choose recycled table napkins for your restaurant instead of newly made ones. Or better yet, use cloth napkins which are reusable. Good research may be needed to find suppliers but the effort will certainly pay off in terms of monetary savings and company image building.

  1. Ditch the paper – or at least print on both sides (if you can’t help it)

This suggestion may be easier said than done. But many companies in all sizes have been taking steps to turn this into a reality. Maximizing papers by using both sides can be your first step before taking the giant leap. Receipts, memos and other secondary documents can be printed on the flip side of an old document. If this is not your thing, selling your scarp papers or having them recycled are good ideas as well.

Ready for a green business?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greening Businesses: Wal-Mart Innovates For Energy Efficiency

Photo Credit: Walmart
Going green is the in thing nowadays. This is not only true for individuals who started bringing their own bags while shopping or bringing packed lunches to school. The great big green movement also holds true for business enterprises of any size.

In our last post, we featured Starbucks together with their efforts of inflicting a positive mark or change in the environment. Initiatives conducted by large business moguls are really inspiring. They certainly serve as great reminders for small and medium sized businesses that profitability and conscience can go hand in hand.

Investing in a scrolling LED sign is one easy way to go. But many more things can be done. In this post, we are featuring another company that’s decided to turn green to help the environment. And their efforts are certainly not in vain because reports have been highlighting the savings and profits that they’ve been making together with the big change. 

Wal-Mart may not get a sparkling gold medal when talking about other issues like including that of labor. But they have been doing well in cutting down their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

What’s their secret? Innovation.

According to the Wal-mart’s official website, their retail stores contribute greatly to the amount of their carbon footprint. With their thrust Save money. Live better., the company views each of their stores as laboratories of sustainability. Lighting and water conservation measures were put in place together with efficient refrigeration systems and building materials to keep consistent with the goal.

It was in 2005, when Wal-Mart began developing a prototype for the said store that would provide 25 to 30 per cent more energy-efficiency by 2009. The company has reached this target since and they are very much delighted to be a more efficient company.

Electrical consumption, which is the second highest generator of operating expenses, has been addressed by the company as well. It was again in 2005 when Wal-Mart has decided to give a lighting game changer a shot. They have installed LED freezer case lighting that was able to reduce energy use to about 70 per cent. Today, their inventive LED freezer lighting system has become not only a staple in large-scale grocery stores but also a standard for the entire industry. 

Wal-Mart continues to carry out their green practices outside their retail stores. Parking lot lighting in more than 350 of their outlet stores have been utilizing LED lights as well.

Turning your business green need not be a massive change all at once. Taking on the change one step at a time can better lead you to sustainability. Start with your first step today by betting on a game changer. Invest in attractive and energy efficient LED signs from AffordableLED. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Business with a Conscience: Starbucks’ Uses LED Lights for Green Initiative

Starbucks could surely keep their scrolling LED sign hanging for a longer time.

Since the coffee company company’s humble beginnings back in 1971, their humble store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market has grown into 18,000 stores all over the world in 60 countries. The company’s numerous awards and success has not extinguished their burning desire to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Starbucks continues to make bring about a positive change one person, one cup and one community at a time.

It is rare to find a company that strives to balance profitability and social conscience just like Starbucks. The numerous achievements and awards received by the coffee company have not, even for a bit, planted in its management and employees a seed of complacency. Starbucks never ceased to pursue innovation not only for their product offerings but their overall impact to the society as well as reflected in the company’s Global Responsibility Report that has been published and shared to the public since 2001.

As a result of their consistent effort to inflict a positive change, Starbucks has been recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the past 6 years.

The 2011 Global Responsibility Report of Starbucks focused on ethical sourcing of quality coffee, sustainable environmental stewardship and community involvement. AffordableLED admires the company’s thrusts and initiative to forge meaningful partnerships with non-government organizations, policy makers, competitors and other individuals for the greater good.

We especially would like to share with you the energy efficiency goals of Starbucks and their progress with them as stated in Global Responsibility Report from last year.

Energy Conservation Goal: Achieve a 25% reduction in the energy consumption of company-owned stores by 2015

In 2011, Starbucks made progress in this area by reducing the company’s electricity use by more than 7.5% since 2009 

Photo Credit: Starbucks
Fast Facts
  • 80% of the direct carbon footprint of Starbucks comes from the power used by their stores, offices and roasting plants
  • In 2011, the company launched its pilot program that tests their energy management systems in the United States. Remote monitoring and controlling of the store’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment contributes greatly to energy savings.
  • Starbucks replaced incandescent and halogen lighting fixtures with LED lights for more than 7,000 stores in Canada, China, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. This resulted to the further decrease the energy consumption of stores by 7%
  • Further improvements include upgrading of signage to LED lighting among others

LED lighting has proved its merits in generating more savings by lowering electrical costs. Starbucks Coffee Company is only one of the many companies who are taking concrete steps to becoming a full-pledge green business that will benefit many.

For more information on Starbucks’ initiatives, visit them here

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bright Advertising: Neon VS. LED Sign for Your Business

Getting your business noticed by prospective customers surely means everything to you.

Though a scrolling LED sign can simply do the trick, is there any contender threatening its place as the top choice for indoor and outdoor business signage?

Here at AffordableLED, we believe in the importance of having options and the good that variety brings. In this post, we are bringing LED and Neon signs side by side. You be the judge of which advertising light source is best for your business.

We are confident in our choice, now choose yours.

Neon Signs

This lighting fixture is widely used by different establishments for advertising purposes. From its debut in the 1910 Paris Motor Show, this lighting innovation has gone a long way. People nowadays from around the globe have grown accustomed this form of bright and catchy advertising signage. Neon signs were extremely popular in the United States from 1920 until 1960.

§         Eye catching at night time
§         Can be used to light product displays
§         Prolonged life span with proper use
§         Can be shaped into letters to create signs
§         Low power consumption
§         Many customers see this as a sign that a business is open for service
§         Size can be customized to fit specific preferences of business owners
§         Dims instantly
§         Consumes 10 watts of electricity (average)

§         Requires more electricity to produce light
§         Breakable (uses glass tubing)
§         Possible shock hazards
§         High maintenance
§         May need a large display are
§         Relatively expensive
§         Produces one color at a time (low light spectrum)

LED signs

Light Emitting Diode or LED is a relatively new lighting technology. This semiconductor is said to be an effective and efficient light source. This technology can also emit different infrared or visible colors. From being used for electronic equipment like television screens and cameras, the LED technology is now making waves in the lighting industry.  

§         Produces power savings of about 80-95% more than other lighting fixtures
§         Attractive especially at night or in low light areas
§         Customizable messages can be easily updated using computers
§         Produces bright display
§         Dims over time
§         Light weight
§         Lasts up to 100,000 hours of use
§         Easy to install
§         Uses environment-friendly and energy-efficient technology

§         Moving advertising messages may not appear as a whole
§         Text speed may be too fast or too slow depending

Ready to use LED signs for your business?

AffordableLED offers a wide variety of advertising signs that will surely fit your needs. Let us help you customize the perfect sign today.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Take it from Apple: How You Should Design Your Store to Hit the Big Bucks on Sales

Apple Store in 5th Ave. New York
Photo Credit: Apple

Adding a scrolling LED sign in your store can certainly do the trick. But if you want to do make it big like Apple, take these suggestions by heart as you start creating or renovating your very own retail space.

  1. First, Go all out

Giving it your all doesn’t always mean spending tons of money or roasting your piggy bank to squeeze every little bit of juice from it. You can go all out in many ways without breaking your budget plan. All you have to do is be creative and set your imagination and other cost-efficient resources free.

Steve Jobs and his entire team responsible for planning the Apple stores were very fortunate to have disposable resources within their reach like money and time. They even rented out a warehouse to create a store prototype to make sure they got everything right. But not every business owner is as lucky. Here are some of the things that you should go all out with:
    • Researching: Having the right amount of correct information can certainly bring you far in your dream of creating a one of a kind retail space for your business. Get to know your competitors and what they’re up to. This will give you a better idea of what you’re up against with. Studying current trends, other businesses, interior designing and anything that may be related to what you’re doing can be of great help as well. Don’t cut corners and spend time in doing your home work.
    • Planning: Once you’ve had the facts straight, it’s time to roll out the drawing board. Make sure to carefully analyze your data before deciding on anything. This phase is best faced with your business partners or mentors so that you’ll be guided accordingly. Remember to be proactive in the challenges that you might face during planning. You may find yourself needing to do more research at this stage so just go for it.

  1. Then remember, it’s not about you – it’s for your customers

Whoever said starting a business should just be about your dreams, goals and gains? Though entrepreneurs usually have a strong desire to achieve, offering a product or a service should greatly consider its target audience. After all it is through the patronage of your customers that you will be able to grow or make something out of your business venture. Never ever put them as the least important consideration when making any business related decision.
Interior of Apple Store in 5th Ave. New York
Photo Credit: Apple

Apple does an amazing job in this aspect. Creating the Apple retail store, they asked a group of 18 people of where they had the best service experience. 90 per cent or 16 individuals, to be exact, said it was in a hotel. And this paved the way for the creation of the Genius Bar.
In our next post, we’ll give you one more tip to make it big in the retail store field just like Apple. Visit soon to start increasing your store visitors and start reaching the customers you’ve been dreaming off.

Till next post!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Philips Light Nairobi’s Way

Photo Credit: Philips

Kenya’s roads lined with state of the art LED streetlights will certainly lead to a brighter future – will businesses find this technology in any scrolling LED sign soon?

Philips together with the Kenyan Urban Roads Authority set solar-powered LED street lighting fixtures in the country capital of Nairobi. This pilot project in East Africa was launched for the 40th Anniversary of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) which is headquartered in Nairobi. This initiative is also part of UN’s declaration of 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

With an aim to highlight the advantages of using sustainable energy resources, the country-wide implementation of this project is estimated to produce a 100 per cent energy savings for Kenya. Solar-powered LED are said to be the most efficient lighting fixtures to date. This innovative solution creates huge energy savings through the superior technology it utilizes.

The success of this initiative highly depends on the new High Brightness LEDs that are equipped with patented optics as well as the intelligent controller which plays a vital role in this solution. The controller technology used in this project is said to be 30 per cent more efficient in transferring power from solar panels to the batteries as opposed to its traditional counterparts. Charging and discharging of batteries is also made more efficient to prolong the battery life. A self learning intelligence together with a history log allows for the smart automation of light level adjustments. Other advantage of this system is the significant decrease of about 50 per cent on costs and size of components including batteries and solar panels. 

According to Phillips’ official statement, Achim Steiner, the current UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director said that the organization is proud to be working with various sectors of the society in bringing the Green Economy to life. The organization is working together with the private sector through Philips as well as the public sector through the Kenyan government in this leg of the campaign to achieve this goal both in developing and developed countries.

This initiative is another step closer to making every corner of the world brighter and environment friendly. LED lighting fixtures have been very promising in achieving this goal. Small scale business owners like you can join in and contribute to this noble cause. Investing in LED signs for your store can save your financial resources and our planet as well.