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9 Energy Saving Tip You can Use in Your Business this Summer

When summer heat is stressing you out, it’s easy to turn the AC in full blast and get cooling fans work overtime.  But with the surging electricity bills and the significant slowdown in business every summer, it’s a must to be wise about your spending and energy consumption.

With little creativity and adjustments - such as switching from traditional sign to LED sign, or incandescent with compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs - you can significantly cut the cost of your electricity bills while still being cool this season.
However, cutting the electricity cost for your business doesn’t happen overnight. The decision to be energy efficient doesn’t just end there. It also must be followed with small changes in company policies, business practices as well as company equipment. Here are some things that you can use to save cost in electricity expenses of your business.
- Make use of natural lights - It’s summer and usually bright and sunny outside. If you own a restaurant, take…

Update Your Ice Cream Shop this Summer with LED Sign!

It’s summer! And the best thing to do, next to going to the beach or having a weekend getaway, is enjoying cold treats to ease away the heat. While different establishments and restaurants offer cold treats like ice creams, you can also make it big in this business this season.

As people look for ways to freshen up or just enjoy good times amidst the summer heat, now is the right time to give your ice cream shop an update. Start by cleaning your store, putting more available flavors on your menu board and painting your store with more summery colors. Aside from that, you can give your business a much needed boost by putting up an outdoor LED sign to attract more customers.
Compared to traditional electronic signage, LED signs emit less heat making it more summer friendly. It also uses less electricity so you don’t have to worry about surging bills and increased business expenses. For catchier signage, you can use colored display that has the ability to flash different visually appeal…

Money Saving Tip When Buying LED Sign

A lot of businessman hesitates about making the switch from traditional signs to LED signs because of the expenses that goes with it. The thought of investing a significant amount of money in your store sign can be a little daunting. The good news is that, with the use of some research and creativity, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of using LEDs in your business without spending too much.

If you've finally decided to make the switch, it’s important to realize that you can definitely save a lot of money when buying LED if you just know how to do talk to the right person, do your research and make the right deal.
Know your Sales Person Like any transaction in your business, it is important to know the person that you’re dealing with. His expertise, sincerity and practicality will directly affect how you’re going to spend your money with his products. Aside from making sure that he comes from a reputable LED manufacturer, it is important to gauge his knowledge and experience i…

LED Sign for Pawnshops and Loaning Business

When a person urgently needs quick and easy loan, a nearby pawnshop can be exactly what he’s looking for. If you’re engaged in this kind of business, it’s important to be where people need you to be and when they need loan the most. Sometimes, a flashing LED sign that says “pawnshop” can just be the answer to their urgent needs that is why it is necessary to keep your store sign out there – clear, bold, and catchy.

Pawning business had been around since ancient days and had been the source of quick easy loans for most people from different eras. While banks don’t process loans quickly, pawnshops process loans fast with the help of little collateral and little interest. This type of business also helped save lives, properties, education and even other small businesses.
Choosing Store Sign for Pawnshops As a loaning business, it is important to have your business visible to a lot of people. You can do this by putting advertisements in high traffic areas to make sure that people will be …