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Last Minute Halloween Ideas Using Your Affordable LED Products

Still having those nightmares of getting crazy over what ideas to throw for your company’s Halloween party? If you’re on the brink of using in the ol’ white linen over the walls with superimposing cutouts that spelled “Happy Halloween!”, then time to wake up and smell the year 2014 because that “creepy” Halloween décor is so ancient, even mummies don’t want it for their own party. Don’t fret and thank goodness for LED technology, your décor problem is solved!

If you think your LED signs and digital marquees only serve as your store’s public invitation to the public for visiting your shop, these twinkling, bright and eye-catching features can also be used to “spookify” your store. You don’t believe us? Here are some ideas:

1.LED Message Board as Headstones

This is one those many things you can do with your LED writing board. Wipe off those menu list inscribed on the board for a while and make it as a makeshift headstone, put it in one corner and add little details like a dilapidated cro…

Digital Signage and Where’s the Perfect Spot to Install It

For newly-opened businesses and established hole-in-the-walls as well, storefront signs, marquees and other digital signage are there not only to draw attention from the crowd, enticing them to come over and visit your shop, but also to usher them as they enter your store. Not to mention, some signages are part of some legal requirements imposed by the city government such as fire exit signs and the likes. However, what’s the point in having the most sophisticated, high-tech digital marquees and LED signboards if they’re installed behind a bundle of tree branches, by the back of the door or in some sketchy alleys, hiding in plain sight?

A strategic spot for a signage is vital in showcasing your business to the public, much to the extent of observing laws regarding safety practices within the vicinity. And overlooking this aspect by putting your sign in a secluded, close to nonexistent area simply defeats the purpose of your signage as “marketing collateral”. And unlike those large bi…

Obvious Signs You Need to Acquire a New Storefront Signage

Storefront signs are there initially to invite customers to your shop. But what if it doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and goes the other way around, up to the point when it’s slowly becoming a pain-in-the-butt liability instead of an eye-candy asset to your business?

Perhaps, this could be one of the signs that you need to immediately get and install a new digital signage.

What are those signs, you may ask? Here are some of them:

1. Nobody is visiting your store anymore – Don’t fret too much. Maybe the reason why people don’t go to your place anymore is that they can’t remember the name of your shop. Sure, people may have experienced something worth coming back to your store, leaving you with a promise of another visit. However, they have the tendency to forget simple things like a restaurant name or even the street your restaurant is located. So, take this as a sign to get a new storefront marquee to constantly remind customers the good experience they’ve had in your store, as well a…

LIGHT-HACKS: Other Uses of Writable LED Board

It’s pretty obvious how digital marquees and LED signs have come a long way in helping business owners attract and invite potential customers in an eye-catching and cost-efficient manner. What’s even more fascinating is how Writable LED Boards leaped further in providing ways to captivate patrons and customers in a color-blasting manner, and much more to the amusement of rookie shop owners and seasoned business operators.

Today, the use of these bright LED boards is no longer limited to being just your ordinary well-lit signage in restaurants, bars and various shops as your makeshift menu and announcement board. This luminous piece of marketing peripheral is an all-around board that can be employed for other functions. And here are some of them.

Use it as a scoreboard for darts, pool and other bar/indoor sports Keeping score has never been this brilliant. Literally! Throw away your old scoreboard for darts, billiards and other indoor sports, and use this board instead so that players…

When The Sign Says “Welcome”, Do You Really Welcome Your Customer?

They all get it! Your shop is open for business, it says all over the digital marquee hanging outside your foyer. But as what states on your fancy signage, do you really live up to every letter of the word “welcome” in terms of interacting with your customer?

In a typical establishment – particularly restaurants and shops – welcoming your customers does not simply stop at the door step, where your welcome sign is usually installed. If you want a good pat on the back approval from your customers, give them enough reason to come back, or even stay for a while just to get something worth availing from your store to say the least.

Bad service leads to bad recommendations, and bad recommendations equates to bad reputation. Of course, you wouldn’t want the general public to think of your shop as a breeding ground for rude, snooty, pretentious, good-for-nothing staff just because they simply failed to put up a smile as they serve a bowl of lukewarm soup.

To change the pace, and to gain more…

Should You Use Witty Names and Pun Words For Your Signage?

Funny store can either be effective, or can make your store look unprofessional, so perhaps, the safest answer to this question would be an ambivalent YES and NO.

YES because funny signs can encourage customers to visit your place. It provides a homey, laid-back and casual vibe that makes them feel comfortable and welcomed. This has been proven to be effective, that even big shot brands occasionally adapt this strategy to attract more customers.

On the other hand, NO because of course, you would want your customers to take your business seriously, right? Hence, this does not suggest that every establishment owner should get back to the drawing board just to come up with a classy joke that they can incorporate with their business. That’s why don’t take this post’s every word for it.

It’s A Sign!
There are quite a number of stores around the world that deemed successful not only because of the goods and services that they are offering. Their store signs are one of the major factors tha…

Avoid Tacky Signage for Your Business

If you look the word “tacky” in the dictionary, you’ll get “characterized by lack of good breeding… In short, having a bad taste. As a budding businessperson, you wouldn’t want your business to be associated with that awful word, agree? Now, imagine if you own a classy restaurant that serves good food, fine wine and cozy ambiance. Now mix that with a bad signage, what do you think customers will say about you and your swanky fine dining hub?
WHAT’S WITH THE SIGN? A good straightforward business signage will effectively help in building your professional business credibility.

You see, it’s difficult to build up a reputation, particularly when it comes to handling business. But it’s easy enough to destroy it, that even a small signage issue could ruin everything because of its bad taste. No one is to blame but you. So before checking and replacing your business sign, here are some tips you might want to consider these tips on avoiding tacky practices and strategies for your business s…

A Few More Things You Need To Introduce Your Newly-Opened Restaurant Business

You’ve secured all the permits and licenses; negotiations with your suppliers are all done; A set of menu is well-thought; manpower is ready; your shop is situated right in the heart of the city; Looks like everything is all set for your restaurant grand opening… Except for a few things: An effective way to introduce your restaurant to the public!

Halt! Before thinking about cutting off the ribbon to officially inaugurate your food joint, here are a few more must-haves you need to consider in owning a restaurant:

A Catchy Name and a Logo

Giving a restaurant name is easy. But deciding a “great” restaurant name is crucial. “Why?” you may ask. Because that particular name will forever be associated with your restaurant and the type of food that you’ll be serving. Your restaurant’s name will be the identifier that will eventually be imprinted on your customers’ memory, along with their dining experience from your joint. Go for a simple yet catchy name. Be creative but don’t be tacky. You…

Make Your Business Signage Noticeable

Imagine if your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is sandwiched right between two other establishments that has nothing to do with coffee. Not that they try to block off potential customers from coming to your joint. Despite your business is situated in a perfect location to reach your target market, it just seems that your shop is somehow unnoticeable to the public...Virtually invisible, if you may. What could possibly be a problem?

Perhaps, what you need is a signage revamp.

As posted last week on this blog, business storefront signage is a huge factor in promoting and introducing your business. It basically becomes your business’ identity for your customers to recognize your brand. That’s why in case you are currently experiencing the sited example above, it is clearly a “sign” that you need to do something to make passersby notice your business signage. Here are some ideas:

1. Be Bold Enough – Use bold letters to emphasize your signage. Along with the right color palate, make sure the …

Is Your Business Logo Due for a Redesign?

Logos are very important in promoting and introducing your business. In its most basic form, these icons, drawings, or symbols – no matter how complicated or simple the design is – will serve as the “face” of your brand, and eventually becomes its unique, stand-alone identity; An identity that will point the people to you and your company the moment they saw it.
Ergo, business owners needs to take time and analyze every detail if the logo complements, not only the products or services that they’re rendering, but also the nature of the business, as well as the people that they cater to. This is why business owners tend to change or redesign the logo, as the aesthetics are already becoming passé and doesn’t serve its purpose anymore; or much to the extent of no longer appealing to the target customers regardless of consistently flashing the brand to the most dynamic LED signage in New York.

Mind you, redesigning is a make-or-break thing, so it is better to study your logo and your brand f…

How to Clean Your Store Signs

Because of its eye-appealing characteristics store signages such as LED open signs, business hours and LED boards are just a few of the things that attract potential customers to check out your shop. And the last thing you would want is to turn these colorful signs into “customer deterrents” instead of welcoming them because of its sloppy, dirty appearance.
Here’s an idea: Unplug your signage for a while to give it a nice makeover by cleaning it.

Cleaning your LED store sign is very easy as you think it is. In fact, it will take only about an hour tops to do this. Now, to help you do this the right way, here are a few quick steps and tips on how to clean your LED sign properly, and without acquiring any potential damage.
Set-up Your Space
Just like any other tasks, prepping up is very important. As for cleaning your LED signs, you need to have a clean microfiber cloth, water and some cotton buds. Next thing you need to do is to uninstall the LED sign. While some are comfortable cleaning…

Quirky Ideas to Consider When Your LED Signage Conks Out

Most reliable LED open signs promise longevity, durability and robustness, not to mention perennial brilliance. True enough, LED signage manufacturers and sellers see to it that all of these requirements are tested to ensure total customer satisfaction. Although at times, these illuminating and colorful signage don’t live up to its promise merely because of factory defects, misuse, or for some strange occurrence, dies out with no particular reason. It’s not everyone’s fault, though.

Worry no more, as these things happen every once in a while. So instead of feeling bummed about losing the glaring glitz of your shop’s welcome open sign, or your restaurant’s glowing LED board menu, why not come up with quirky ideas for temporary signs to inform everyone your store is still “business as usual”.
Given the initial (and usual) troubleshooting steps, as well as warranty claims, here are some other tips to do when your LED signage conks out:
Throw back the traditional signage – This can never …

Positioning Your Open Sign The Right Way

Sure, your signage adds radiance and vibrant aura to your store, but placing it inside the bathroom just won’t do you and your shop any good.

When it comes to showcasing your LED open sign, positioning is everything. Knowing a strategic area to install your open sign matters, as it serves mainly as your usher, encouraging customers to visit your store. After all, that’s the reason why these things are here, right?

Think of it as an art piece on display. Flaunt your signage where customers could see it easily.

Open Sign by the Door Welcomes the Customers Warmly

Everyone should know this is pretty much basic. However, not all store owners know that open signs, particularly eye-catching LED signs, have an impact on potential customers. Most shoppers tend to pass through or walk-by instead when they see a store that doesn't have any signage, for the simple reason that they assume it’s not very welcoming, or closed to say the least. Make sure that your signage is clearly visible. Place …

Using Programmable LED in Schools

Today, most of the schools around the region are already taking the leap in venturing out ondigital signage. Gone are the days of old fashioned marquee and bulletin boards. Aside from its eye-catching and state-of-the-art characteristics, digital displays are highly-customizable and programmable, giving school administrators the freedom to create custom messages for various recipients, making it easy for school administrators to connect with the whole school community.

That is why there’s no doubt why digital signs nowadays are becoming the latest trend when it comes to digital information, especially within the school premises. “Why?” you may ask. Here are some of the significant advantages in using programmable LED signs in schools:

School and Community Announcements

Today, programmable LEDsignsare slowly replacing marquee because of its convenience, effectiveness, efficiency and versatility, be it for announcing PTA meetings, school events, class suspensions, updates and even enroll…

Get Your Store’s Lighting Right

In owning a successful shop, say a restaurant or a book store, the formula does not simply end in renting a place out, showcase all you merch, and switch on the good ol’ trusty open sign. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the interior. Make sure the aura shop is in line with the product or services you are selling (motif,  theme, color palette, tone, etc.).

This goes as well with your lighting scheme. Think of it this way: you wouldn't want to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses in a sketchy, poorly-lit optical clinic, right? Let your customers feel welcomed with a good lighting.

Here are some pointers on how to exude the perfect lighting for your store:

Store and Lighting is to Body and Soul

Lighting brings the life to your store by giving the right and ample illumination it needs to become more lively vibrant and inviting, literally and metaphorically. That’s why you need to study the right warmth, shade and tone of the light.

Hit the Spot

Now that you have the correct…

Better Lives With Digital Signs

Digital signs are the face of advertising today.
Though neon signs have served many diners well back in the day, it is high time that we embrace the cutting-edge technology and savings that a scrolling LED sign offer us today.
Digital Signage Today, leading online resource for the digital signage and digital out-of-home industries, has published a very informative visual on the presence and significance of digital signs today.

The digital billboards & signage industry is worth billions of dollars. At the time the infographic was published, the said emerging industry enjoyed a 23.2% increase in revenues globally. This amount easily translates to $ 1.41 billion. The United States is the largest global market for digital signs back in 2010. United Kingdom held the top spot in the European market for the same year. China was the fastest growing market globally in the same industry in 2010. Russia was the most promising European market at that time.
According to the infographic, 52% o…

Where to Display Programmable LED Signs

Programmable LED signs are both for indoor and outdoor usage. The main difference between indoor and outdoor programmable LED signs is that outdoor LED signs are often more durable than indoor signage. This is because outdoor programmable LED signs should be durable and resistant enough to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. However, the choice between indoor and outdoor programmable LED signs ultimately depends on the type of business establishment that will use it. For starters, when deciding where to place programmable LED signs in your building, here are some options to consider:

Building facades – High-rise structures are often the first choice among advertisers when it comes to selecting the best and most effective place to display a programmable LED sign. Building facades offer great visibility especially from longer distances. Keep in mind though, that the higher a programmable LED sign is display, the less it becomes visible to the audience, rendering it in…

Make a Splash With Your Trade Show Participation

Earlier this week, we taught you a couple of pieces of advice regarding trade shows. let's round off the list with three more. Make your presence felt and make a different when attending trade shows with these:

Make sure toget comfortable.  Tradeshowevents can be really tiring with allthedemonstrations and seminars available. Since you would most likely be walkingaroundfor a couple of hours, dress in smart casual to stay at ease. Simplypairyour dark blue or khaki jeans with polo to keep your professional look. You may wear this ensemble with any pair closed shoes. Just keep in mind thatindressing for an industry event, your primary concerns should becomfortandcreatinga professional look. These two factors can surely keep you goingforhoursat the event.   
Never forget topromote your businessduring industry gatherings.  Since you are attending an industry event, bepreparedto rub elbows with industry leaders, manufacturers andotherindividualsinvolved in the digitalsignageindustry. Make…

Get Your Trade Show Groove

With so much to do forthiscoming second half of the year, what else would you like tomakebetter so that your business can shine?

Many business owners would surelysaythey would like to increase their profit or outsmart their competitors inthegame. In a bit, we’ll with you one of our recommended ways for doing so. Ifyouneed to boost the performance of your scrolling LED sign or the other areasofyour business, we are suggesting you attend trade shows and industry events. Today, we are sharing with you effective trade show tipsthatwould help you maximize your trip and stay informed.
First,bean early bird. 
From pre-registering up until arriving on the dayofthe event, make it a habit to be ahead of time. Going right ahead of theschedulehas a lot of perks including huge discounts on hotel room bookings,choosingyour preferred seat on a seminar and meeting a couple of people tonamea few.

Make listsa list as well.
Maximize your participation in any trade show by beingspecificwith what you want …

Let Your Restaurant Be Energy Efficient

Still thinking twice on purchasing a LED open sign?
According to the Energy Star Guide for Restaurants, energy efficiency is a sound business practice that improves profitability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. And no one could have said it better.

The organization has put together a guide that aims to help restaurant owners like you save on energy and electrical costs. In the long run, these savings do not only translate to increased efficiency and profit. It also shows that you are a responsible business owner who takes part in saving our planet.

Restaurants generally consume more energy per square meter than other commercial establishments. Research done by Energy Star showed that restaurants use at least 5 times more energy than offices and retail stores. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) can even use twice as much. More often than not, the high demand for energy in restaurants is due to the use of kitchen equipment which is built for rigorous co…