Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Improve First Impressions of Your Business

Do you want to make a great first impression on your customers? Well, first impressions are usually made right from the start, so you have to make sure your potential customers get the royal treatment from the first second they hear of your store. Here are some tips:

Make finding your business a breeze.

Image source: Brits at Their Best
Make your signage interesting as this is the best way for people to be able to find your business.  It can be easy doing it online because you can use Google maps and embed it in your blog or website. You can also paste the directions listed by Google maps for easy information for your clients.  It is also best to place advertisements in the local directory as well as classified ads of the local paper so that your customers would know where to find you.

Improve your customers' arrival experience great.

Parking is one feat that you should be able to address when it comes to having a brick and mortar store.  Make sure that you have an adequate parking space in front or near the establishment so that when people see the open sign, they would have to qualms of going down to pay your store a visit. You can put reserved signs in front of your shop so that you would be able to save it for your customers.

Style your entrance with a boost.

Image source: Pinterest
Your store’s entrance is the first thing that people see, aside from your window display. Make sure that it exudes warmth and have a welcoming vibe into it.  Making it easy for people to see your open sign will make things easier because they will not hesitate to come it. You can also place some interesting stuff and decorate it according to the theme of the season or celebration.

Give your display the wow factor.

Now that you have successfully invited your customers to come and visit your store, of course, you should be able to live up to their expectation.  The store’s display should be something that would be worth their while coming for. People prefer a store where they can feel and touch the wares instead of placing it behind glass cabinets.  The sensory experience will increase the possibility of a sale which is what you want. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get People Into Your Store

Image source: LA Times
Do you feel like you can still improve on the amount of traffic you have on your store? Do you think your open signs and displays are still not cutting it? Well, here are some suggestions on how to get more people to your store without having to spend too much.

Get customers involved.
There are so many ways of getting the people you want in your store be involved in making your business a hotbed of activity. You can sponsor contests of which they can redeem their prizes only at your store. Even more, you can hold contests where you can solicit ideas from them on how to improve your store, such as designing open signs or display designs that will grab their attention. That way, you not only get more people to your store, you also get suggestions on how they want your store to look like. Alas, they will also get to feel more at home in your store, because they (or one of them) had input on the store’s look.

Image source: Dear Plastic
Tie in your online efforts to your physical store.
You can always have activities on your social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, but in order to benefit your physical store, you can tie those online efforts and your physical business. For example, you can offer a discount code for your Twitter followers, but make sure that discount code can only be redeemed in your store for items. As mentioned earlier, you can also hold contests online, but make sure the winners would come to your store to claim their prizes. Chances are, they might spend more after seeing your new merchandise in actual view.

Make appearing in your store an event.

Especially if you find driving traffic to your store because it’s located in a place that not a lot of pedestrians go through, then you have to make going to your store something customers should be looking forward to. Make an event for every visitor that goes to your store, Every time they come to your store or check-in Foursquare and purchase something, you can issue them a stamp so they can get a discount or a free item. You can turn items in your inventory that is slow or not moving into prizes.    

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Color Your Sign!

Are you still wondering what colors to use to make your open sign pop? Worry no more, because we have some suggestions for you. Yes, there are some colors that won’t really work for signs, especially ones that are lighted. So, if you want something that gets people’s attention, read on!

Image source: London Goods UK
Why (or why not) choose this color: This is a good color to choose as a lot of companies also use this. It is a widely used color among company logos.  It denotes professionalism, integrity and sincerity.  It can also be calming to the eyes.  If you use this for your logo, it would give your clients the impression that you mean business with what you have to offer when they see your open sign.
What colors would be complementary to it: Blue goes well with white, yellow and red as this will make the color stand out.
Famous companies with this color on their signage: Some famous companies like Skype, Intel, Samsung, Facebook are some that have blue as the dominant color in their logo.

Image source: We Heart It
Why (or why not) choose this color:  You can choose this if your target market is mostly the female population. However, if you have a wider range of customers, which include the opposite sex, you may want to stay clear of this color for your company logo.
What colors would be complementary to it: White, purple, aqua, lemon yellow or anything that is of the pastel range may work great with Pink.
Famous companies with this color on their signage: Victoria’s Secret, Sprinkles, Barbie, and Dunkin Donuts are some of the companies are have the color pink on their logos.

Image source: Sign Update
Why (or why not) choose this color: This color connotes hope and optimism primarily because it is the same color with the sun. It stimulates energy and creativity and can easily catch the attention of customers because of its bright hue.  This would be a good to use for an outdoor sign.
What colors would be complementary to it: Blue, white, green, orange and red are some of the colors that would go well with yellow.

Famous companies with this color on their signage: DHL, Shell, Kodak, Best Buy, McDonalds are some famous logos with the yellow color.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We're Still in Business!

Image source: NY Daily News
Is your business suffering from a seemingly endless rut? Are your faithful customers the same, without any new faces? It’s 2014 already! It’s time to rally your business into the New Year with renewed vigor and better projections. So, shine your open sign, dust off your shelf, and have everyone notice your business this new year!
Advertise through email
Way before social media, the tried and tested way of reaching new and existing customers was through email. Advertising and marketing through email offers a more direct approach to customers. You can also reach a particular segment of your market and tailor fit your emails for them. There are several tools available to make the task easy. Don’t forget to make the subject line catch so that people will open the email and the content compelling and persuasive so they will read what you sent. Of course, it goes without saying that you should avoid spamming your mailing list.

Let social media work for you
Having an active social media presence is like having a virtual open sign turned on 24 hours a day. The top social media sites for businesses at present are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Be sure to have your contact details prominently displayed on your profile so that people can easily reach you. Post interesting content several times a day. Identify posts that resonate well with your customers and find ways to make your content go viral. Engage your social media audience by well thought of responses to comments and direct messages. Note that negative comments and posts can easily go viral as well.

Introduce products people are going to get excited about
Staying in business entails being able to innovate since your customers’ needs and wants will evolve. While it is possible that some of your products or services won’t change, introducing new products will make your customers repeat customers and even entice new ones to your business establishment.

Image source: STEP
Keep your physical store attractive
It goes without saying that your physical establishment should be as inviting and conducive to business as your online presence. Make it attractive with eye catching displays. Clean premises are also part of being attractive to customers as well as convenience in terms of parking and access for differently-abled customers.