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A Eureka Moment With LED Signs

Ever wondered how LED signs work? Electroluminescence is an optical and electrical phenomenon wherein a material emits light in response to an electric current passing through it or to a strong electric field. Essentially, it is a production of light through electrons. This is a process more powerful than the technology behind neon signs, giving led signs an advantage over neon signs.

Aside from its energy-saving capacity, led signs are also brighter, more attractive, and capable of displaying multiple animation modes. Led signs use an integrated display system which allows for text, images, cartoons, videos, and other graphic information to be presented.

LED signs are composed of led modules, led cabinets, and led displays. Modules are made of LED, PCB, IC, resistors, capacitors, connectors, covers and other components. What’s important to know about them is that their matrices come in sizes of 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 16×32, etc. Cabinets, on the other hand, can be customized based on the …

Let Your Business Benefit From LED and Open Signs

Establishments such as shopping malls, restaurants, boutiques, and caf├ęs are not the only industries that utilize LED signs and open signs to advertise their services. Because of the large volume of foot traffic that these signs bring, a number of institutions have already realized the potential of outdoor signage attract more customers to their business. Listed below are the top institutions and industries that are now using LED signs to convey their messages and information.

Schools – Universities and colleges have been using LED signs to relay important information such as holidays, special events, and reminders for some time now. Because of the massive audience this kind of signs can reach, announcing certain occasions and notices through signs can reach students and faculty members easily and swiftly.

Hospitals/Clinics – Waiting for one’s turn has never been this entertaining. Through the use of programmable message boards, hospitals and clinics can display information such as busi…

Don't Let Your Store Turn People Off

Even if your store’s open sign brings a dismal number of figures, you do not need to panic. Observe your store and see where the problem lies. If your store has one of these, then you’d definitely need to re-strategize.
Cluttered displays  Why are customers turned off: Cluttered displays actually show sloppiness. Customers would feel that the employees of the store do not care about showcasing their wares. Who would buy anything with that kind of attitude?  What should be done: Less is more so practice putting together items that would go together well. There should be coherence in the display window. Having a theme would not hurt but would rather interest more people to visit the store.
Lighted signs that aren't working or written ones in poor grammar
Why are customers turned off: Most people secretly want to be a member of the Grammar Police. Seeing grammar mistakes is humorous as well as unprofessional.  What should be done: Proofread the signs before posting them. If you are using a…

What Your Store Should Never Be

A lot has been written about what your store should look like – what your display should contain, what font should be on your open sign, among others. But what things should you avoid? Read on and find out.

Unprofessional looking signs  Signs that look unprofessional may seem too tacky for customers. For a store who wants to attract more clientele, it is important to have signs that would be look welcoming and expensively made. A sign that looks like a child made does not look attractive at all. People may think you are skimping that may affect the way they think about the quality of your products. The best way to attract more customers is to have signs that are made by professionals. Use materials that look expensive, but not necessarily expensive to make.
Overly loud music Music is a delight but too much of it can be annoying. Some people may want to feel relaxed when shopping. Blasting music is not one to relax people. It may give some energy but it can exhaust other people as well. Pl…