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Get the Word Out About Your Restaurant With LED Signs

So, you’ve opened a new restaurant? Congratulations! Since food is a basic human necessity, you can be sure you’ll never run out of customers. However, the restaurant industry is already a crowded arena with way too many players. Even if you are serving top quality food, newcomers, like you, need to have a distinct marketing and advertising strategy to stand out. Our suggestion? Go for LED signs.

LED signs have been around for quite some time and are continuously gaining popularity. It is fast becoming the hottest out-of-home advertising tool for entrepreneurs because it is effective, cost efficient and even environmentally friendly. LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes, which, in a nutshell, are ultra tiny light bulbs that can be animated. They are the brightest lighting available and one of the most durable too. They do not fade or flicker even when used for a long period of time and use up only half of the electricity that neon signs and incandescent bulbs do.

Today, restaur…

Save Money, Save Nature With Your Business

Running your business can be both liberating and exciting at the same time – until you are reminded of the bills and all other expenses related to keeping your venture profitable.

Many business owners equate cutting back on production costs and expenses to the decline of quality. This holds true not only for retailers and manufacturers but for professionals who offer services as well. Many have been raised with the notion that the price tag is the best indication of quality. Expensive products and services are thought to deliver better performance than their less expensive counterparts. But such is not always the case. High costs, especially for raw materials and basic utilities, translate into higher production and operating costs. As a result, many business owners are forced to pass on this weight to their consumers thus increasing prices to the point of scaring them away.

Don’t allow this to happen to you and your business.

We have gathered a number of simple tips and tricks that y…

Sprucing Your Brick and Mortar Store With a LED Open Sign

Business owners as well as start up entrepreneurs are bringing their ventures online. And they are leaving you behind – fast! With websites having the ability to reach every corner of the world with access to the internet, online shops are like store clerks who can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week minus the steroids. Having a virtual store has proven to be more cost-efficient in every way. From maintenance costs to salaries and wages, online stores allow business owners to save a huge portion of their budgets without sacrificing their reach.

Do you still really need a brick-and-mortar store?

Of course! The digital age has not fully catch up on humanity yet to allow anyone to eat right off their computers screens. We might be well on our way to living like the Jetsons, but don’t sell your retail store just yet.

Not quite convinced? Here are 2 reasons why your real store is better than a virtual one:

Real time interaction
Having customers see, feel and experience your offerings first ha…

Is Your Business Getting the Most of Your LED Investment?

In one of our previous posts, we shared how you can maximize business profits using a scrolling LED sign. We stressed that goal setting is necessary right from the beginning. That is, before you plug in your open sign to announce your business to the world, you should be able to tell clearly why you are doing so. Know why you are in business and identify how an open sign can help achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Having a clear understanding of your goals will definitely help you decide on the right steps to take which includes creating a sound advertising and marketing strategy that puts your LED equipment to good use.

Follow these 3 steps to get an accurate evaluation of your LED open sign investment:

Did you know that it’s possible to stare without actually looking? Yes, that’s right! It may seem impossible but it’s very true – especially for businesses who are trying to get to know their clients. Staring at one thing can make you see right through thereby not allowing you to…

How a LED Sign Can Save a Life

Vehicular accidents are most likely to happen when there is poor visibility and poor road signs.

Road signs are very important especially when you have a very limited view of what’s ahead and the road is unfamiliar to you.  Imagine a road sign that is not lighted up and at the same time old and fading.  Accidents will surely happen.

I was driving the other night and I could hardly see the road ahead of me.  I was running at 50 miles per hour and I was just hesitant to drive faster because of visibility issues.  I was only depending on road signs that are powered by LED bulbs.  There were scrolling led signs displayed on signposts, which also helped me directions.  That same signposts would usually tell you traffic updates that can help you with your driving.

In the US alone, vehicular accidents that were recorded last 2009 reached a total of 10 million.  Road design and road signs may not be a big factor but it does contribute to the numbers.

There are different factors that can be co…

How to Get the Right LED Sign for Your Business

Advertising has been a vital leg of a business as it can shape that business’ outcome. Poor advertising will result to poor sales while on the other hand, creative and high impact advertising campaigns will result to customer loyalty and attract new customers.  A scrolling LED sign will definitely be a good partner in advertising.   Choosing the right scrolling LED sign is as important as choosing the target market of your product or service.  Below are some tips on how to choose the best sign for your business. 1.     Set aside a budget.   How much are you willing to spend in advertising your product or service using a scrolling LED open sign?  This will determine the next steps in choosing the right sign for your business. 2.     You have to know who your target market is.   Knowing this will save you time and money.  Disregarding this first step will cost you money in advertising and you will never get the right results.  You don't have to target everyone, just focus on the right ma…

Why Scrolling Signs Work

Our eyes are scientifically attracted to gleaming or moving lights; hence a scrolling LED sign will definitely draw a better amount of people to look at small businesses instead of just passing it by.  Huge billboards and posters have long dominated the outdoor advertising but now we can already see the rising need for LED signs.

A scrolling sign is now more visible than ever.  Businesses are now using different types of animated lights as promotional material or even as an open sign. Lighted signage creates an additional visual effect, adding more value that distinguishes itself from traditional signs.  Outdoor signs such as LED displays, electronic signs, custom signs, and channel letter signs are just some of the many varieties of LED.

Since this is now becoming an alternative tool for outdoor marketing, scrolling signs are also in a process of improvement and evolution.  From words that are running in a readable speed, now you will see different types of animations that make it mo…

Should You Go With Neon or LED for Your Open Sign?

The advantages of having an LED open sign are twofold:

(1) Its glimmering brightness will dispel doubt from customers wondering if your store is open, and

(2) Save money on operation costs as LED open signs use less electricity than their neon counterparts.

LED open signs are brighter than their neon counterparts and customers walking in will never have to wonder if your store is open. Whether you’re a pizza parlor, barber shop, or jewelry store,’s variety of LED open signs has something for everyone. Our wide collection of LED open signs include multicolor, flashing lights; scrolling ‘OPEN’ letters that come in different fonts; and whimsical borders and underlines. Indoor and outdoor LED open signs also come in Spanish to welcome your bilingual customers. And if you have a specific design in mind to fit the personality of your business, is happy to announce that we do custom designs.

LED open signs are more cost-effective than their neon counterparts…