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Get Your Store’s Lighting Right

In owning a successful shop, say a restaurant or a book store, the formula does not simply end in renting a place out, showcase all you merch, and switch on the good ol’ trusty open sign. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the interior. Make sure the aura shop is in line with the product or services you are selling (motif,  theme, color palette, tone, etc.).

This goes as well with your lighting scheme. Think of it this way: you wouldn't want to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses in a sketchy, poorly-lit optical clinic, right? Let your customers feel welcomed with a good lighting.

Here are some pointers on how to exude the perfect lighting for your store:

Store and Lighting is to Body and Soul

Lighting brings the life to your store by giving the right and ample illumination it needs to become more lively vibrant and inviting, literally and metaphorically. That’s why you need to study the right warmth, shade and tone of the light.

Hit the Spot

Now that you have the correct…

Better Lives With Digital Signs

Digital signs are the face of advertising today.
Though neon signs have served many diners well back in the day, it is high time that we embrace the cutting-edge technology and savings that a scrolling LED sign offer us today.
Digital Signage Today, leading online resource for the digital signage and digital out-of-home industries, has published a very informative visual on the presence and significance of digital signs today.

The digital billboards & signage industry is worth billions of dollars. At the time the infographic was published, the said emerging industry enjoyed a 23.2% increase in revenues globally. This amount easily translates to $ 1.41 billion. The United States is the largest global market for digital signs back in 2010. United Kingdom held the top spot in the European market for the same year. China was the fastest growing market globally in the same industry in 2010. Russia was the most promising European market at that time.
According to the infographic, 52% o…

Where to Display Programmable LED Signs

Programmable LED signs are both for indoor and outdoor usage. The main difference between indoor and outdoor programmable LED signs is that outdoor LED signs are often more durable than indoor signage. This is because outdoor programmable LED signs should be durable and resistant enough to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. However, the choice between indoor and outdoor programmable LED signs ultimately depends on the type of business establishment that will use it. For starters, when deciding where to place programmable LED signs in your building, here are some options to consider:

Building facades – High-rise structures are often the first choice among advertisers when it comes to selecting the best and most effective place to display a programmable LED sign. Building facades offer great visibility especially from longer distances. Keep in mind though, that the higher a programmable LED sign is display, the less it becomes visible to the audience, rendering it in…

Make a Splash With Your Trade Show Participation

Earlier this week, we taught you a couple of pieces of advice regarding trade shows. let's round off the list with three more. Make your presence felt and make a different when attending trade shows with these:

Make sure toget comfortable.  Tradeshowevents can be really tiring with allthedemonstrations and seminars available. Since you would most likely be walkingaroundfor a couple of hours, dress in smart casual to stay at ease. Simplypairyour dark blue or khaki jeans with polo to keep your professional look. You may wear this ensemble with any pair closed shoes. Just keep in mind thatindressing for an industry event, your primary concerns should becomfortandcreatinga professional look. These two factors can surely keep you goingforhoursat the event.   
Never forget topromote your businessduring industry gatherings.  Since you are attending an industry event, bepreparedto rub elbows with industry leaders, manufacturers andotherindividualsinvolved in the digitalsignageindustry. Make…

Get Your Trade Show Groove

With so much to do forthiscoming second half of the year, what else would you like tomakebetter so that your business can shine?

Many business owners would surelysaythey would like to increase their profit or outsmart their competitors inthegame. In a bit, we’ll with you one of our recommended ways for doing so. Ifyouneed to boost the performance of your scrolling LED sign or the other areasofyour business, we are suggesting you attend trade shows and industry events. Today, we are sharing with you effective trade show tipsthatwould help you maximize your trip and stay informed.
First,bean early bird. 
From pre-registering up until arriving on the dayofthe event, make it a habit to be ahead of time. Going right ahead of theschedulehas a lot of perks including huge discounts on hotel room bookings,choosingyour preferred seat on a seminar and meeting a couple of people tonamea few.

Make listsa list as well.
Maximize your participation in any trade show by beingspecificwith what you want …