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How to Maximize the Use of Your LED Signs

A sign is only as good as how it can convey its message. Having a creative side is definitely a plus, but if it’s not able to get your customers' attention, it may be time to change things up. If you’re using LED signs to advertise your establishments, here are a few tips for you to consider so you can get the most out of your signage:
Make Use of Graphics Good text is always a must have, but sometimes people that pass by your signs might not have enough time to read the whole message. This is where graphics can be put to good use. Find a graphic that can reflect your brand and the message you want to convey, as this will help make your sign more noticeable.
Add Good Colors Having the right colors can add to the appeal of your signs. Single color signs might look boring so use signs with two colors that can complement each other well to add the appeal you’re looking for. Together with the right graphics, your sign can come alive.
Have a Clear and Concise Message When it comes to …

How to Choose the Right Signs for Your Store

Your storefront sign is what helps give your business an excellent first impression to passersby. Quality LED signs can do this day or night. If they are creative and big enough, you can ensure that your customers will get a lasting impression that reflects your business, brand, services, and products.
Given the importance of these signs, here are few tips that can help you select the right ones for your store:
Fabric Signs

Fabric signs are colorful and unique options for signage that may need more maintenance. These are a good option if you’re planning to use them for food kiosks or framed into a light box for a large retail store. The light box will help your sign be visible at night.
Plywood Signs
These are affordable signs that can offer a simple yet elegant appeal for your store. You can choose the finish you want as well as the size. These signs are ideal for restaurants or retail stores that have a rustic theme.
Metal Logo and Letter Signs

These are 3D signs that can add textu…

Store Signs You Need For Business Success

Signage remains to be one of the most effective marketing tools at a store owner’s disposal. LED signs can help sell your products and advertise your services. There are four kinds of signage that you need to take note of --- Inform, Sale, Educate, and Entertain. Let’s discuss each in more detail:
Informative Signs

These are the signs that help customers know where your store is and what you offer. This type can also direct customers to where your shop is should you choose to place them in high traffic areas away from your location. That said, it’s a good idea to put other relevant information on informative signs such as what products your customer can expect when they step into the shop.
Sale Signs
Sale signs advertise the special offers your store has every now and then. This type helps call attention to these exclusive offers, so they need to be as attractive as possible. They don’t necessarily have to be about the price of the products, you can opt to put convincing reasons as t…

Why You Should Continue to Use Business Signs

Store signs help people locate and identify your place of business whenever they pass by it. It goes without saying then that having attractive and effective LED signs is key to your store’s business success. These are the reasons why you should continue to invest in having good signage for your business:
Location Guide
For your shop, your sign is the most important indicator that your business exists. It guides customers to where your business is and can help in attracting new customers to the store. If you’re opening a new business, an attractive sign can help draw in people that want to try something new.
Brand Promotion

A sign should be able to promote your brand in neat and bright lettering. Your sign is your store’s symbol of the excellent quality of products and services your potential customers can expect from your shop.
Advertise Your Promos
Every now and then, your business is going to have promotions to draw in new customers and keep your return clientele loyal and interes…

Three Design Tips for Your LED Signs

With the trends in technology today, traditional advertising has somewhat taken a backseat to online marketing. But when you need to grab people’s attention on the street, a good sign can do the job just as well. So if you’re considering using LED signs for marketing and advertising needs, you need to know how to make your them more attractive.

The designs of your signs can have a significant effect on how it can influence and attract potential customers. Here are some designs that you should consider whenever you’re making use of signage for your store:

Choose the Right Colors and Lights
Choosing the right colors has a huge role in creating effective signage for your shop. As an example, when you think of Coca-Cola, you think of the color red; color can help identify a brand. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that 80% of brand recognition is because of the color.

Using colors that are trending can also help at a time. Another consideration you may want to make is your own persona…