Monday, April 30, 2018

Reasons Why You Should Get a Scrolling LED Sign

Learn why these signs are worth the investment for your business.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Scrolling LED Sign | Affordable LED

Scrolling LED signs are mostly seen in sporting arenas, churches, and bars. However, these type of signs can also be used in other businesses as well. Whether you are a retail shop or a medical clinic, these signs are a great way to market your business and products or services. Here are the reasons why scrolling LED signs are beneficial to your business.


Item # TBR-1343 - Tri Color Indoor Window Scrolling Sign (Size: 13"H x 43"L x 3 1/2"D)

These signs are such attention-getters, they don’t need to be big to be seen. And this is true whether the sun is up or down. The LED lights are so bright they can still grab attention during the day. The movement of the words on the sign catches passers by’s eye more effectively as well, versus a static sign.

Great for many messages

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With these signs, you can display as many messages as you like in succession. You will be able to deliver your message quickly in such an efficient manner. Adding, removing, or changing the messages is an easy feat as well. This means that you can keep customers up-to-date with new product/service announcements like flash sales, price changes, and other important messages easily.

No big space needed

Item # CNT-1666R -  Red Indoor Programmable Scrolling Sign (Size: 16"H x 66"L x 3 1/2"D)

Unlike a giant static billboard, scrolling signs do not require a large area. You also have the option to suspend them in the middle of the room if you do not wish to mount them on the wall. It’s definitely a blessing to shops that do not have much space or to businesses who like to keep their shops clutter-free.

No need to buy space

Item # CNT-941B -  Blue Indoor Programmable Scrolling Sign (Size: 9"H x 41"L x 3 1/2"D)

And because you do not have to buy advertising space, you save a whole lot of money. Advertising spaces require you to pay energy fees and other additional costs, and you can only have the time your budget allows you to. With scrolling LED signs, space is all yours without any monthly fees. LEDs are energy-saving lights, so you don’t need to worry about your electricity bills.


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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Different Uses of Writable LED Boards

Get to know the different ways you can use these boards.

Shop Affordable LED Writable Illuminated LED Board - Black Surface

LED signs are one of the ways to convert passers-by to potential customers. Because aside from being an effective advertisement, these signs can also entertain and inform. There is also no need to pay for advertising space, and the message can be changed at any time. The writable LED boards, for example, has many other uses. If you’re planning to get one for your store or your home, you’ve landed on the right article. Here are the many different ways you can maximize the use of your writable LED boards.

Announce promotions and special offers

Announce promotions and special offers led signs

If you want your customers to be informed of your new offers such as discounts on select items or a grand opening, announce them all on your sign. The different colors will attract more people versus a simple handwritten sign on cardboard. You can use the board in tandem with programmable LED signs for better effectivity.

Special menu

Shop Affordable LED Writable Illuminated LED Board

For bars and diners who have a special menu that gets changed daily, a writable LED board is a necessity. There is no need for restocking chalk or brushing off chalk dust with this board. Plus, it’s more eye-catching than a traditional chalkboard. For homes, this is a great way to encourage young children to eat by letting them choose healthy food from the “menu.”

Products or services you offer

Products or services you offer in led sign

Are you a newly-opened business? Do you have new items to offer? Announce to the world the products or services that you offer so passers-by would know what you are all about. You can also include the prices, so they'll see that you are selling them at the best price possible.


Can use led sign for direction

If your store is located far from the main road and is a bit inaccessible, you can direct your customers to your shop with your board. It’s as easy as drawing an arrow and writing some straightforward directions or description.

Spice up your bedroom

bedroom led sign

Just like neon LED signs, writable boards are a great room decor too. You can let your creative juices flow and draw pictures or write daily inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. It also a personal reminder board for easy to forget dates and events.


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Monday, April 16, 2018

How to Clean and Maintain LED Signs

Here are a few tips on how to give your LED signs the tender loving care they need.

How to Clean and Maintain LED Signs by Affordable LED

A LED sign give many benefits to any business, as it can attract more potential customers. But as time goes by, your lights can get dirty and dysfunctional, especially if you do not maintain it. If you allow this to happen, they would not be able to lead customers to your customers. No idea how to clean the lights? Then you’re in luck. Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your signs.

Wipe the dirt with a microfiber towel.

A microfiber tower will eliminate dirt and dust easily and effectively

For simple dust, a microfiber towel or cloth would do. But if it has water stains, use a mild soap water solution. The water should also be a bit warm. Scrub the stains gently using a clean microfiber cloth or a soft-bristle brush. Rinse with clean tap water and use a soft cloth to dry. Make sure you keep it dry to avoid getting water spots. Do this regularly to keep the lights always looking brand new and bright.

Remove stubborn dirt or graffiti with alcohol.

Alcohol can effectively remove dirt and paint in your LED signs

If your sign, unfortunately, fell victim to unwanted graffiti, you don’t have to worry as much. Spray paint or permanent marker is not that tough to remove. You can remove the defacement with household products, one of which is isopropyl alcohol. You can also opt to use fast-drying thinner like VM&P Naphtha or air dry acrylic lacquer such as Lacryl as well. All you have to do is apply the product directly to the affected area and gently wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Allow them to take a rest.

Plan to have a cool time for your LED sign to prolong its life

If your shop isn’t open for 24 hours, you can turn off your outdoor or indoor scrolling LED sign. Turning it off regularly not only saves energy but also spares it from working unnecessarily. It will also allow it to have a longer life if you let it rest. On the other hand, if your shop is open 24/7, you can get two of each sign so you can power down one while the other is on.

Do routine checks.

Always check for your LED lights and wiring to prevent accidents and it gives energy efficiency.

Routine checks will prevent problems from arising in the future. Check for weather damage, sub-par performance, and whether the cords and wires are still intact. Keep an eye out for open wires to prevent electrocution or fire.

In summary, clean your LED signs or a regular basis. This is especially the case if your shop is located in desert areas like California and Nevada where signs will likely be covered in dust and dirt. Proper maintenance will also lengthen the life of these signs.

Monday, April 9, 2018

How to Brighten Up a Dull Bedroom

Here are five tips to transform a boring room into a place where you’d like to stay forever.

How to Brighten Up a Dull Bedroom | Affordable LED

The bedroom is supposed to be your happy personal space where you feel comfortable doing whatever you like. It should reflect your personality and have all your favorite stuff in it. However, there might come a time when you are too busy with work, school, or life in general, that you forget all about it as such. It now becomes a place decorated with dirty clothes, paper receipts, and maybe some food wrappers. In short, it’s just now a space in your home where you sleep.

If your bedroom feels this way, then it’s time to spice it up! Here are a few things you can do to spruce up a dull bedroom this spring.

Brighten the room up with lights.

Using LED lights to make a definition for your dull bedroom

Yes, brighten the room up literally with lights. And no, we're not talking about lamp shades or floor lamps, we’re talking about LED signs. If you like having a bar or a coffee shop ambiance in the bedroom, then this is the way to go. You can get yourself a scrolling one where you can program your favorite motivational quote or the typical flashing sign.

Create an indoor garden.

Putting some fresh plants, making so relaxing and helps fresh air flowing to your room

Aside from beautifying your bedroom, indoor plants also filter the air around them. Studies have also shown that having a connection with plants help improve your mental well-being, as well as productivity levels. Choose an area in the bedroom where you can set up a small table. Go with easy-to-grow plants such as orchids, snake plant, pothos, aloe vera, and other succulents.

Get some accent throw pillows.

Like LED lights, putting some accent colored coves and pillow will make your room more define

If your bedroom as a monochromatic color scheme, you can liven it up with some brightly-colored throw pillows. You can have two to four of them on your bed, or if you have a couch or an accent chair, you can put one to three on them too. Go for the wild patterns or those with bright colors. Don’t be afraid to get ones that do not match your current color scheme; the goal is to make them stand out!

Have an accent wall.

Adding accent color also to your wall

Speaking of accents, you can also have one accent wall. Turn one side of your bedroom into a wall that can brighten up your spirit. You can go with bright colors like yellow, orange, and red, or you can also opt to go with dark ones like brown, navy blue, and even black. You can also base the color of your throw pillows to your accent wall. If your creative juices have not stopped flowing, you can also create some designs on it as well, or turn it into a mural.

Decorate with some artworks.

Artworks will help you to unleash your artistic imagination to your bedroom

Mount some artworks on the walls of your bedroom, or you can concentrate on just one. It could be a painting, a poster of your favorite band or movie, or even picture frames. You can either buy them or create them; it’s all up to you. If you’re an artist, you can transform the wall into a mini art gallery.


Which one of these would you do to your bedroom? Would you add some LED signs? If yes, do check out to see a wide collection of these lights!