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Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting

Maybe it’s time you make the switch too. We've discussed so many times how LED lighting gives so many benefits to everyone, how energy-efficient these lights are. It may be a big investment, but the returns are much, much bigger. More homes have made the switch, and so are the workplaces. Wondering why this is becoming a trend? This week, we’ll discuss why more and more offices are upgrading their lighting to LED.

Health Not all people know that lighting actually affects health. If the light in your work area is poor, it can cause eye discomfort and to some, lethargy. Some may also get headaches, dizziness, and even develop a type of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by the seasonal change which usually occurs in fall and winter. The symptoms of this depression can be lessened by light therapy boxes.

Safety Because LED lights emit a very bright light, they remain visible even when there’s fire smoke. That is why it’s highly advisable to get emergency LED signs in the w…

Different Types of Storefront LED Signs

There is a LED sign for every business. Today, there are many types of LED signs available in the market. We are far more energy-efficient now than we were decades ago when neon signs were the most used ones. You can get signs for outdoors and ones for indoors, as well as programmable scrolling signs that are of different sizes. And because not all businesses may be aware that there are many storefront LED signs available now, we decided to turn the spotlight on them. Here below are the different types of storefront LED signs available in our website:

Coffee Shop Signs
Make your restaurant or coffee shop even cozier and welcoming with a coffee shop sign. You can choose from one that says Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, or Open with an animated cup of coffee. Their animations will sure catch the attention of any person craving a cup any time of the day.

Restaurant Signs
Make people hungrier and crave for more food with your animated LED signs. Choose from a variety of units such as Beer, Chi…

Why Salons Need LED Signs Too

Make it an unforgettable experience for your customers by installing LED signs inside your salon.
Salons are places of refuge for people who want to de-stress or who want to achieve a whole new look. They are willing to pay for expensive services just to get what they want with their hair, nails, and skin. That said, salon owners should make it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for their customers. Making trips to the salon should be worth their time, effort, and money.

One way to make your salon a fun place for stressed out people is to install LED signs. These signs won’t only benefit your customers but also you as the owner. So, what should you display in these signs? Aside from displaying a salon or an open sign at the front door, here are some messages that you can program in your scrolling LED sign:

1. Services and pricesTo save your customers the trouble of asking what your services are and their rates, display them in your sign. The best one to use for this is the unit th…

Common Mistakes to Avoid with LED Signs

There are things that you should not do with your signs to avoid deeming them ineffective. We all know that LED signs do well with catching passers-by’s eyes because of their brightness and color. However, if you have not noticed any changes in your sales even after installing one, you might be doing something wrong. To identify the problem, we listed down the common mistakes people make with their business LED signs.
Getting the wrong size. A LED sign with a four-inch-high size can be seen or read up to about 160 feet away, while one with a two-inch-high size can be seen about 80 feet away. That said, if you are placing a sign in a lobby or the office hallway, a two-inch-high one is perfect because the four-inch one may be too large. However, if you plan on placing an open sign or a programmable LED sign at your storefront, get one that is about six inches high or bigger.
Installing the sign at an angle. Some people may install the sign at an angle to catch more attention. However, this…