Monday, September 24, 2018

Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting

Maybe it’s time you make the switch too.

Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting | Affordable LED
We've discussed so many times how LED lighting gives so many benefits to everyone, how energy-efficient these lights are. It may be a big investment, but the returns are much, much bigger. More homes have made the switch, and so are the workplaces. Wondering why this is becoming a trend? This week, we’ll discuss why more and more offices are upgrading their lighting to LED.


Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting | Affordable LED
Not all people know that lighting actually affects health. If the light in your work area is poor, it can cause eye discomfort and to some, lethargy. Some may also get headaches, dizziness, and even develop a type of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by the seasonal change which usually occurs in fall and winter. The symptoms of this depression can be lessened by light therapy boxes.


Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting | Affordable LED
Because LED lights emit a very bright light, they remain visible even when there’s fire smoke. That is why it’s highly advisable to get emergency LED signs in the workplace, exits, and stairwells. In a typical workday, having these lights will allow workers to be fully aware of their surroundings and prevent the chances of them tripping or bumping into equipment or furniture.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting | Affordable LED
Switching to LED lighting in your office is definitely a corporate social responsibility effort. You get to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This is something to be shared with the industry of your business so more and more offices would do the same.


Why More Workplaces are Switching to LED Lighting | Affordable LED
For some people, poor lighting highly affects their productivity. For example, a production room should have really bright lighting to ensure that all work is done correctly. This is very much the case in some factories where the work is done by hand. According to studies, cooler blue light makes people more productive. Aside from productivity, proper lighting can also improve one’s mood, alertness, and energy.


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Monday, September 17, 2018

Different Types of Storefront LED Signs

There is a LED sign for every business.

Different Types of Storefront LED Signs | Affordable LED
Today, there are many types of LED signs available in the market. We are far more energy-efficient now than we were decades ago when neon signs were the most used ones. You can get signs for outdoors and ones for indoors, as well as programmable scrolling signs that are of different sizes. And because not all businesses may be aware that there are many storefront LED signs available now, we decided to turn the spotlight on them. Here below are the different types of storefront LED signs available in our website:

Coffee Shop Signs

Shop the Espresso Sign at
Make your restaurant or coffee shop even cozier and welcoming with a coffee shop sign. You can choose from one that says Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, or Open with an animated cup of coffee. Their animations will sure catch the attention of any person craving a cup any time of the day.

Restaurant Signs

Buy the Donuts Sign at
Make people hungrier and crave for more food with your animated LED signs. Choose from a variety of units such as Beer, Chinese Food, Burritos, Tacos. Hot Dogs, Sushi, Donuts, and more. People would not need to wonder what food and drinks you are offering with these signs.

Beauty Shop Signs

Buy the Massage LED Sign at
Salons and barbershops today offer not just haircuts but a whole variety of services. One way to let passers-by know is to show your other services via these LED signs. You can get one that says Hair, Massage, Facial, Nails, Skin Care, Tattoo, or Spa. These flashing signs can also encourage your current customers to avail of another service.

General Store Sign

Buy General Store LED Signs at
Lastly, we also offer general store LED signs. These include ATM, Mailbox, Shoes, Dry Clean, Pharmacy, Cleaners, Tobacco, Cigars, Liquor, Jewelry, and more. You can also get one that says Drive-Thru if your business does have a drive-thru window and Wi-Fi if you have free Internet in your shop. In case you can't find one that fits your business, you can always get an outdoor scrolling LED sign which you can customize with any message.


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Monday, September 10, 2018

Why Salons Need LED Signs Too

Make it an unforgettable experience for your customers by installing LED signs inside your salon.

Why Salons Need LED Signs Too | Affordable LED

Salons are places of refuge for people who want to de-stress or who want to achieve a whole new look. They are willing to pay for expensive services just to get what they want with their hair, nails, and skin. That said, salon owners should make it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for their customers. Making trips to the salon should be worth their time, effort, and money.

Why Salons Need LED Signs Too | Affordable LED

One way to make your salon a fun place for stressed out people is to install LED signs. These signs won’t only benefit your customers but also you as the owner. So, what should you display in these signs?
Shop Scrolling LED Signs at
Aside from displaying a salon or an open sign at the front door, here are some messages that you can program in your scrolling LED sign:

1. Services and prices

To save your customers the trouble of asking what your services are and their rates, display them in your sign. The best one to use for this is the unit that can display up to three lines of messages.

2. Schedule and availability

You can also program the availability of your stylists into the signs, as well as the services that they are responsible for. You can also display the services your salon offers and whether they are available for the day or not.

3. WiFi password

Since you offer free WiFi to your customers for their ultimate entertainment, you should as well flash in a LED sign the password for your WiFi. That said, they wouldn’t have to leave their seat and ask the front desk for it.

4. Social media accounts

Urge your customers to check out your social media accounts and to give you a follow. Constantly flash them in your sign so they won’t forget. Who knows, they can also give you a review right then and there!

5. Customer’s name

If your salon is jam-packed, and many customers are waiting to get served, you can use a LED sign to flash the name of the next customer. There is no need for the receptionist to call out a customer’s name and disrupt the peaceful ambiance of the place.

Buy Storefront Beauty Shop LED Signs at

Who knew that LED signs could benefit salons? Aside from impressing your customers, you also make the job easier for your staff and allow work to flow smoothly.


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Monday, September 3, 2018

Common Mistakes to Avoid with LED Signs

There are things that you should not do with your signs to avoid deeming them ineffective.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with LED Signs | Affordable LED
We all know that LED signs do well with catching passers-by’s eyes because of their brightness and color. However, if you have not noticed any changes in your sales even after installing one, you might be doing something wrong. To identify the problem, we listed down the common mistakes people make with their business LED signs.

Getting the wrong size.

Getting the wrong LED sign size is one mistake to avoid | Affordable LED
A LED sign with a four-inch-high size can be seen or read up to about 160 feet away, while one with a two-inch-high size can be seen about 80 feet away. That said, if you are placing a sign in a lobby or the office hallway, a two-inch-high one is perfect because the four-inch one may be too large. However, if you plan on placing an open sign or a programmable LED sign at your storefront, get one that is about six inches high or bigger.

Installing the sign at an angle.

Installing your LED sign at an angle is one common mistake to avoid | Affordable LED
Some people may install the sign at an angle to catch more attention. However, this is actually doing more bad than good. Passers-by will find it uncomfortable to read diagonally-placed scrolling signs because the human brain is programmed to read horizontally and not at weird angles.

Not using the right color.

Not using the right color of text is one mistake to avoid | Affordable LED
Red is the color of extremes and symbolizes passion, love, adventure, sometimes anger and violence. In businesses, red is also the perfect color if you want to get attention. Red stimulates excitement, especially in food industries. That said, it’s best to use red rather than green or blue. However, you can also use a combination of colors to add more excitement, especially to a scrolling LED sign. It’s perfect for schools, waiting rooms in children’s clinics, and other offices with a fun environment.

Multiple scrolling lines and mixing scrolling with stationary.

Avoid multiple horizontal scrolling lines with your LED signs | Affordable LED
Another thing to avoid is programming two or more lines scrolling from left to right at the same time. This is because human brains find it hard to read multiple scrolling lines all at the same time. You can have multiple lines scroll vertically if having more than one line is unavoidable. On the other hand, mixing two formats are also not recommended. A LED sign with a stationary and a scrolling one will make it confusing for people to read.

Using lowercase letters.

Generally use capital letters for your text | Affordable LED
Lowercase letters do look more fun and light compared to capital letters. However, capitals are more noticeable than lowercase because they are much smaller and have more curves. You can still use them though, if your sign is installed in a small area, such as small waiting areas where people can read the sign at a few feet away. Generally, always use capital letters for people to notice your signs and easily read them.


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