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Christmas Messages Ideas for Your LED Signs

Instill the holiday spirit to all your customers.If you have writable LED boards or scrolling LED signs displayed inside your business, then it’s best to write or program holiday messages in them now that Christmas is just a few weeks away. Not only will your store be in the holiday mood, but you will also get to liven up the spirit of anyone who comes inside. So for this week, we made a list of the best uplifting Christmas messages you can display in your LED signs. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Christmas song lines
What else can get you in a holiday mood than Christmas songs! Pick a favorite line from your favorite song, just like the one in the photo. You can also go with the upbeat, “Joy to the World” or the more mellow “White Christmas.”

Sweet holiday quotes
This one’s perfect for coffee shops and restaurants. Hot cocoa with marshmallows is perfect to drink this time of year, so make the experience more romantic and fun for your customers. Flash this message in your program…

Why Choose LED Christmas Lights

This Christmas, it’s better to go with LED string lights than the incandescent ones. It’s just a few weeks to go before Christmas! If you have not started decorating your home for the holidays yet, then you reading this article came in perfect timing. Are you still using incandescent fairy lights? If you are, it’s time you upgrade to LEDs. This week, we have listed down the three top reasons why LED Christmas lights are the best holiday decors to invest in.

1. Save on power bills Just like store LED signs and grow lights, LED Christmas lights use less power than any other type of lighting. As per the US Department of Energy, light emitting diodes use up to a whopping 75% less energy. Aside from that, these lights last 25 times longer. Using less power doesn’t affect their brightness as well. In fact, LEDs give off the brightest light, which makes them very efficient in indoor growing. With LED string lights, you are sure are going to light up your home without worrying about the rise i…

Money-Saving Tips for the Christmas Season 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not so much for your pockets. Time flies faster when you’re busy with work and life. And the same goes for money; one moment you still have a few hundred dollars in your wallet, the next second, you got just a few dollars left. This is especially true now that the gift-giving season is a little over a month away. To avoid becoming penniless in January, here are a few money-saving tips that you can try.

Recycle the previous year’s decors. You don’t need to buy new sets of Christmas balls for your tree or get a new wreath for your door. To make your decors looks different from last year’s, you can opt to change their placements in your house or create DIY accents instead of buying new ones. Plus, it’s fun to make DIY decors with the kids!

Only use LED string lights. Throw away your old string lights and instead invest on LED ones. These lights use less energy, so you don’t have to worry about your power bills when you turn them on all night long.…

8 Marketing Strategies for Coffee Shops

Be the coffee place everyone in your area is talking about. People love coffee, and many drink two or more cups in a day. Because of the demand for this aromatic caffeinated drink, coffee shops have opened in many places. This is especially so in areas where people work overtime or work the graveyard shift. If you are a coffee shop owner, this means a lot more competition for you. That said, it’s time to work on some strategies to make you stand out from the others.

Here are eight strategies that can help you be the coffee shop people would love to go to and chill.

Make WiFi and electric outlets available. Unless you are Luke of Luke’s Diner (Gilmore Girls), it would be a sin to forget not to have free WiFi available in this age. There will be customers who will read e-books and require an internet connection, and there will also be ones that are aching to post a photo of their morning cup of coffee on Instagram. Electric outlets, on the other hand, are for your customers with laptops wh…