Monday, June 18, 2018

Why You Need an Open Sign

Here are the benefits of having a LED open sign in front of your shop.

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The open sign is put up outside the store to well, quite obviously, let people know that you are open for business. But it doesn’t stop there. That little lit sign actually has a lot of benefits for your business, from savings to aesthetics. If you do not have one yet for your shop, it’s time to reconsider. Here are the reasons why.

It attracts more potential customers.

Why You Need an Open Sign | Affordable LED

Because LED lighting is very bright and eye-catching, these signs can better affect passers-by’s buying decision. They are also usually mounted at eye-level and easy to see, making them the most powerful visual feature of your shop.

These signs are energy savers.

Why You Need an Open Sign | Affordable LED

We all know that LEDs consumes way less energy than the fluorescents and neons. That said, getting an open sign that utilizes LEDs is a great investment, You can turn the sign on for hours and hours without having to worry about breaking the bank.

LED open signs give you versatility when it comes to display

Why You Need an Open Sign | Affordable LED

The new open signs today offer so many features such as color changes, animation, and flashing and scrolling features. This maximum versatility allows for better visibility further increasing the chances of getting new customers.

It offers you safety.

Why You Need an Open Sign | Affordable LED

Thankfully, LEDs do not have the risk of gas leakage as do neon signs. Gas leakage poses fire and explosion hazards which of course could end your business. Small neon gas leaks may not cause deadly explosions but may pose health risks.

There’s just something about that red light that is inviting.

Why You Need an Open Sign | Affordable LED

Even if you do not use any animation feature of your sign, it can still effectively do its job. According to color psychology, red evokes a visceral response, increases your heart rate, and activates the pituitary gland. In other words, red excites you. That is why most signs seem to be of this color, as well as interiors of food businesses.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Reasons Why People are Ignoring Your LED Sign

Find out why your signs do not seem to attract customers.

Reasons Why People are Ignoring Your LED Sign | Affordable LED

LED signs are more effective than static billboards because they are flashier and more visually stimulating. However, it's not all the time that they are able to deliver the results that you want. Whatever the reason is, you should start identifying the problems now so you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be losing money through failed opportunities.

To help you find these problems out, we have listed three factors that may be contributing to the ineffectiveness of your LED signs.

Outdated information

LED sign Outdated information

If your scrolling LED sign is displaying a message that is irrelevant, chances are, your potential customers will lose interest in a second. Remember that customers’ attention span is getting shorter, so the first few seconds are crucial. If they read something about an exclusive sale that has ended already, they are more likely to discontinue reading the other messages programmed in your sign. That said, it is necessary to always update information and only input relevant messages.

Boring messages

LED sign Boring messages
How can you catch customers’ attention with dull content? One mistake businesses make is that they rely on the flashiness and bright colors of their programmable LED signs that they forget about making their messages creative. Based on your thorough research on your target audience, input messages in the voice and tone that will attract them. Aside from that, a great call-to-action will also do the trick.

No engagement

No engagement on your LED sign

Messages that are lacking in engagement contributes to a sign’s ineffectiveness. One quality your sign should have is that it should be able to keep people’s eyes glued to the messages. This can be done if your content is engaging and encourages people to interact or take some action. Input questions or challenge customers. It’s all about being creative and entertaining while staying relevant.

Whatever you think the problem is with your signs, research can help you pinpoint which factor or factors contribute to it. Hold surveys to find out directly what your target audience wants and needs. You can do these online or directly ask customers who come to your business.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in LED Signs

Here are the top benefits of LED signage for small players.

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in LED Signs | Affordable LED

To stand out from the crowd, a business must implement marketing strategies. This is especially true for companies who have just started. Along with traditional advertising, one efficient way to get the word out there is is to invest in LED signs. These signs are not just lights, they significantly impact and influence customers. If you’re a bit hesitant on investing on these lights, read these benefits small businesses get from LED signs.

Really stands out

LED signage is really stands out compare to regular sign

LED signage is much more attention-grabbing than a regular static sign. Even during the daytime, they tend to draw more attention, especially if the lights are flashing. Some signs also have animation settings that can emphasize your messages. These include scrolling, twisting, zooming, and waving. You can also test which setting is the most effective to your customers.

Easily measure effectiveness

LED signage can easily measure effectiveness to customers

Aside from testing which animation setting is the most compelling, LED signs also allow businesses to test different messages on customers. Doing so will allow you to measure foot traffic and other necessary customer data. What's great about this is that you can get these results quickly. Changing your message or animation settings based on these results are also easy and hassle-free.

Easy to acquire, easy to install

LED signage is easy to acquire, easy to install

Unlike other signages, you don’t need to create a graphic, wait for manager approval, send to a printing company, and wait for weeks on end before it arrives. With a LED sign, all you have to do is purchase one then set up and install. LED signs do come with an easy-to-understand manual as well, so installing would be a piece of cake.


LED signage is cost-effective and energy-efficient

LED signs are more cost-effective than traditional signs as you do not need to spend so much on printing companies and ad agencies to have one put up. You don’t need to spend on advertising space as well. With LED signs, you only have to pay just once. Energy bills won’t also be a pain, as they are energy-efficient. Lastly, they are made of high-quality materials, and light emitting diodes have a lifetime of 50,000 hours at the least.


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Monday, May 28, 2018

How Electronic Signs Changed Advertising

These signages leveraged advances in advertising and marketing, boosting businesses.

How Electronic Signs and Displays Changed Advertising | Affordable LED

More and more businesses across the globe are investing in LED signages today. And although traditional advertising is still needed for companies to thrive in the industry, you can’t deny how these signs have changed advertising today. With that said, here’s how these signs leveled up advertising and marketing.

Electronic signs are smarter.

Unlike static billboards and posters, LED signs are programmable, customizable, and manageable. You can convey your message to your target audience by programming it and customizing it based on your business’ current needs. If there’s an error with the content, you can easily change it, unlike with billboards where you’ll have to recall all the promotional material you’ve already sent out.

Electronic signs are smarter

These signs cut costs.

Because these signs are able to convey your message efficiently, you don’t need to hire more staff. The communication between your business and the customers will be done via visual displays. Also, there is no need to rent advertising space if you need to let your target audience know about your new promos, discounts, or new products. All you have to do is program your LED sign with a message that says so.

How Electronic Signs and Displays Changed Advertising | Affordable LED

Electronic signs engage customers.

LED signs have better chances of converting, versus static signs. This is because they are able to engage potential customers through targeted messaging, enticing visual calls-to-action, and integrated social media. And as we have always mentioned, visual is better than text.

Electronic signs engage customers

LED displays provide lighting at night.

A bright flashing open sign is enough to make people know that you are open for business even at night. Without it, people would assume that you are closed for the night. Having lighting at your store, whether you are open 24 hours or not, can also help with lessening the chances of getting broken into.

LED displays provide lighting at night

Through the years, there has been an increase in popularity and a wider usage of these electronic signages. Hence, LED signs are now becoming more affordable. So if your shop doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to consider investing in at least one and see for yourself the benefits it can give your business.


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Monday, May 21, 2018

Best Tips to Maximize the Use of LED Signs

LED signs are quite an investment, so get the most out of your signs with these few tips.

Best Tips to Maximize the Use of LED Signs | Affordable LED
Source: | @julien.tang

LED signs are silent salespersons of businesses. They are eye-catching sales boosters that can double as illumination at night. And because they are quite the investment, you need to maximize their use. If you’ve just bought a sign for your business and looking for tips on its usage, you’ve landed on the right article. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your LED signs.

*Research on the area and your audience.

Research on the area and your audience

Your store’s location, as well as your audience, are the basis for the messages that you will input in your programmable LED signs. Here are some of the questions to consider:

- Is your store along a busy street?
- What is the speed limit of the road where you are located?
- Are there many pedestrians?
- Are you targeting a specific demographic?

Your answers will determine the type of messages you will program in the signs, the length of these messages, and whether there’s a need to scroll or flash these messages.

*Choose the right message.

Choose the right message for your scrolling led sign

By doing your research, you should be able to choose the right content for your signs. There are two aspects that you need to consider, the length and the tone.

  • If you are located in a busy street, the shorter the message, the better. That is why you need to be straightforward with your content. However, if your business is in a quiet area where it is not passable by cars, you can make your messages a bit longer, but still straight to the point.

  • There are many tones of voice in advertising. These include energetic and upbeat, light-hearted and wholesome, helpful and sympathetic, dark and scary, and sad and harrowing. So if your message is about limited promotions, discounts, and the like, the tone should sound upbeat enough to urge people to check out your store.

*Schedule messages at the right time.

Schedule messages at the right time

This tip applies to businesses in the food industry. If you are flashing menu content, make sure that you have scheduled the right ones. You may be offering coffee any time of the day, but it’s best to show this message in the morning when people are in dire need of a cup to start their day.

*Do not forget to update.

Do not forget to update

Forgetting to update messages is a common mistake most businesses make. Remember that stale content will make people less interested in your store. No one wants to see an event invitation dated a day ago, or expired special offers. Being up-to-date with your message is the key to keeping your target audience interested in your business.


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