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Best Spooky Greetings to Display in LED Signs

Turn up the Halloween spirit in your business with creepy messages in your signs.
Halloween is fast approaching! And if you are as excited as we are, you are probably now thinking of unique ways to get into the spirit of Halloween in your business establishment. Aside from decorating both the exterior and interior of your shop, why not display spooky messages in a scrolling LED sign as well?

This week, we will be sharing with you some of our favorite Halloween greetings that you can program in your LED signs. We got them from scouring the interwebs, and some came from our Halloween-excited selves. We guarantee that these messages below will certainly give your customers a spooktacular good time on Hallow's Eve!

For the Parking AreaYes, the parking area is the first place customers will see. So the spooking should start right there!

"Broom Parking – $3" Yes, even witches are invited, so they need a place to park their brooms.

"Park your brooms and come sit for a spell.&quo…
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How to Promote Products In-Store

Find ways to encourage shoppers to buy your product right inside your shop.
Digital marketing, specifically social media marketing is a popular tool for business today, regardless of type and industry. However, it is recommended that traditional marketing should not be forgotten. In-store promotions, for one, is still an effective way to pique the interest of people, especially ones that are already inside your shop. It can effectively build brand and product awareness, as well.

If you want to increase the chance of people buying your products, you should make use of digital marketing strategies simultaneously with in-store promotions. Here are a few tips on how to promote your products in-store.

Use programmable LED signs.
A scrolling LED sign is a beneficial medium if you immediately want to catch your customers' attention. They are incredibly bright, come in many colors, and have various animations. Simply program your promotional messages on one and using eye-catching animations…

Why Buy a Writable LED Board

Here are five reasons why a writable LED board is worth the investment for your business.
Businesses, as we have always said, greatly benefit from LED signs. Programmable LED signs, in particular, can catch anyone's attention from a distance, warn people in case of emergencies, and inform them of your new products and services. Writable LED boards also have their own share of advantages. This week, we are going to convince you why these boards are an excellent investment for any business.

Highly customizable
Instead of programming messages, all you have to do is write down on the board itself. It's as easy and simple as writing on a chalkboard or a whiteboard, and you can doodle on it too. If you made a mistake, you'd just have to erase it and rewrite your message.

Very eye-catching
As with any LED sign, a writable LED board is very attention-grabbing. Its colors and brightness easily capture passers-by's attention any time of day, compared to a regular chalkboard sign.  Pl…

Advantages of LED Signs to Bars

Here are the reasons why bar owners should invest in LED signs.
Most businesses benefit from having LED signs outside and inside their shops, including 24 hour-businesses like bars and restaurants. This is because they need to continually attract customers to come inside, especially if the business is situated in an area or street where there are other restaurants and bars. This week, we will discuss the advantages of having a scrolling LED sign outside and inside the establishment.

Attracts more people.
If there is a lot of competition in the area, you must be able to attract people to come to your bar and nowhere else. That said, piquing their interests should be your main priority. A flashing LED sign can effectively do this, as well as a LED open sign to let passers-by know you are open for business. 

Greets customers.
Greeting customers with witty or heartwarming messages on a programmable LED sign can make their spirits lighter. Good moods can also encourage them to order more drinks…

Reasons to Get a Modern LED Open Sign

Still contemplating on whether to get an open sign for your shop? Here are some reasons why you should. 
Owning a physical store means you should also take the time to beautify the exterior of your shop. Your products may be of high-quality and offer excellent customer service, but if your store looks cluttered outside, chances are, you are losing potential customers. That said, investing in how your shop looks from the outside is a must.

One of the ways to attract potential customers to check your shop out is by installing LED open signs. The modern LED open sign, in particular, is a great choice. This week, we're listing down the top reasons why this sign is a good investment for your business.

It has a more eye-catching look.
This sign has aesthetics that are different from the traditional open LED sign. Instead of having border made of dotted lines, this one has a smooth oval outline, and the letters have a more seamless style as well. The colors of the LEDs register differently f…

How to Survive Business Downtime

Here are a few tips to give your business a bit more boost during downtime.
Some products are seasonal, and businesses suffer downtime during off-peak season. One good example is sunglasses, as they are tied with summer. If you are like sunglasses retailers experiencing downtime now, it's best to take some measures to boost your sales. There are still ways to keep customers coming to your store and purchasing your products, even if they are seasonal.

This week, we will be giving you a few tips to help reduce downtime during your off season.

Keep your store exterior organized.
If your storefront looks cluttered and disorganized, potential customers will be immediately turned off. You should be able to catch their attention a few meters away with an organized exterior. Install programmable LED signs that can pique their interest; such as one that displays your current promos or simply one that shows your store hours.

Keep your interior clean as well.
Of course, you shouldn't forget t…

Different Types of Programmable LED Signs

Get to know which type of scrolling LED sign your business needs.
Every business, we believe, needs a unit or two of LED signs. This is because they give various benefits to any shop, and these include boosted exposure and an increase in the number of new customers. But are you sure that you purchased the right sign for your store?

This week, we will be discussing the different types of programmable LED signs to help you figure out which type is the perfect one for your business.

Indoor scrolling signs
The indoor types are best for businesses with a waiting area. They can provide helpful information to customers so they won't need to ask your staff. Indoor signs also come in different sizes, so if your area is a bit cramped, go for a small one with a single line. Whereas if you have a big office like a warehouse, a bigger unit with double lines are recommended.

Semi-outdoor scrolling signs
A semi-outdoor sign, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you are not sure where to inst…