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Best Father's Day Messages to Display in LED Signs

Make dads feel even more proud on their day.
Time flies fast; it's Father's Day again next week. It's that time of year to make fathers feel that you appreciate their sacrifice and hard work. So aside from giving special discounts for dads, why not display Father's Day messages in your scrolling LED sign too?

This week, we picked five heartwarming messages from different sources on the internet, and of course, from us, that we think will make your customers who are proud fathers feel even more proud on their special day. Make every dad who comes inside your store with these messages!

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.
This quote by Anne Geddes is absolutely true. Any guy can father a child, but only the special ones can become a dad -- someone who will be there to support their kids whatever they want to do in life, someone who picks them up when they fall down, and someone who will let their kids find their own way.

You are my hero, Dad. Ha…
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Why Businesses Need LED Signs

It's time you invest in LED signs, and we provided the reasons why.

Our brains are programmed for motion; we are more attracted to moving objects than static ones. This is mainly the reason why LED signs attract more passers-by than do traditional plastic or wooden signs. And aside from increasing a business' visibility, these lit-up signs have a lot more benefits for all types of business, from humble start-ups to big known companies.

Here are the reasons why businesses, regardless of their size, need to invest in LED signs.

Saves time, saves money, and makes money
Creating a traditional static is requires a lot of time and is expensive. With a scrolling LED sign, the same message can be displayed far more quickly. And, you wouldn't need to constantly shell out money to replace your static signs. Aside from that, you can also make money through these programmable signs by advertising your other products and services.

Helps customers
These cost-efficient lit-up signs help your c…

Best Places to Put Up LED Signs

Placing your sign in a strategic place sure will boost your business more.We've mentioned many times before that investing in LED open signs and scrolling LED signs is a profitable move. This is because they are effective tools for marketing and keeping your business visible. Aside from that, they are easier to maintain and are more cost-effective than traditional static signs.

However, the placement of a LED sign plays a significant factor in its effectivity. You should make sure that it is installed in an area where more people will get to see it. Otherwise, you won't be making the most out of your investment, or worse, your sign might not pique the interest of any passer-by at all.

Here's a simple guide on where to install your LED sign:

Install it right on the door.
LED open signs are ideally installed at the storefront, right on the door or on the wall beside it. Placing it in an area far from the entrance of your establishment will get people confused as to where to ent…

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Business

Take note of these tips to boost your exposure and sales.
Competition is one of the reasons why businesses invest in marketing, whether digital or traditional. However, did you know that you need not cash out that much money to do so? If you are a small business or a startup, you've landed on the right article. Because today, we will share a few tips on how you can market your business without breaking the bank.

Make your business visible on social media.
Social media is the most powerful medium today. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, a tablet, or a PC. So being socially visible is one of the best ways to market your business. Post regularly on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business accounts to maximize exposure. Host promotions exclusively to your followers as well. Not only are these for free, but they are also easily accessed by many users.

Send out emails or newsletters.
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Things to Avoid When Using LED Signs for Marketing

Here are some helpful guidelines for marketing with your signs.
LED sign marketing can make or break your strategy. Although these super bright signs guarantee more exposure and drive foot traffic to your business, one wrong move can drive away potential customers instead. That is why it's best to follow some guidelines for effective marketing measures.

This week, we made a list of all the things to avoid in LED sign marketing:

Always get the right size. For indoors, it's always best to get a LED sign that is small, preferably a two-inch-high sign. It is totally unnecessary to get a large scrolling LED sign for a small coffee shop. This is unless you own an arena, a factory, or a large retail store; the larger ones are best used for these places. As for outdoors, it is recommended to purchase a sign that is big enough to be seen from hundreds of meters away. Getting a small one for outdoors will do no good, as it won't drive enough foot traffic to your shop.

Do not use lowerca…

Best Mother's Day Messages to Display in LED Signs

Make the day even more special to mothers on their day.
Mother's Day is next week! Aside from giving special discounts or promotions to moms on that day, you can also flash heartwarming messages in your LED sign. We've discussed earlier this year the importance of displaying positive quotes in your signs, and it shouldn't stop there!

That is why for this week we picked out five messages from various sources on the web (and from our hearts) that we think will make your customers who are moms, whether biological or adoptive, even more delighted on their special day.

You don’t just give love, you are love. Happy Mother's Day!
Don't we all agree to this? Moms are the symbol of selfless love, and they should always be proud of that. Remind them that they are always special.

There is no one quite like you, thanks for all the things that you do. Cheers to you, Mom!
Every mother is special in her own way, and they deserved to be thanked. Especially if they have gone through har…

Reasons to Offer Free WiFi to Your Customers

Boost your business by offering a free internet connection.
Whether you are a coffee shop owner or a repair shop, offering WiFi is necessary to attract more customers. Although it would be best that people interact with themselves personally, we cannot deny the fact that we are in the digital age. Plus, offering WiFi has great benefits for any business.

This week, we created a list of reasons why allowing customers to connect to your WiFi for free is a profitable move.

Paves the way for customer retention.
Once your customer finds out that you are offering WiFi for free, there is a bigger chance of them coming back to your business. This also allows them to stay even longer and order more food, or increase customer patience as they wait for their turn. So always make sure that you put up a sign that says your WiFi is for free. It is recommended to use a LED sign because it is more eye-catching than a simple static sign.

Allows people to immediately upload photos of your products.
If you a…