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Scrolling LED Signs in Transportation

Find out why programmable LED signs are needed in public transportation vehicles.
Buses, trains, and taxis already have signage because commuters will have no way of knowing the routes and trip schedules without it. These signages that they have are usually the traditional static ones or are already printed on the vehicle. If you own a public transportation vehicle, why not upgrade to a scrolling LED sign? Scrolling or programmable LED signs are available in two types, outdoor and indoor. The indoor type is recommended for vehicles, and they are usually placed on the dashboard and rear window. These LED signs may be quite an investment, but they can definitely help you stand out from your competitors and improve your service. Here are other benefits of installing programmable LED signs in transport vehicles:LED’s bright lights will make the vehicle easier to see.Because light-emitting diodes are very bright even during the day, your vehicle will easily be seen and literally stand out fro…
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How to Make Your LED Signs Stand Out

Helpful tips to make your digital signages pop.

In every city, big or small, all sorts of signages vie for the public’s attention. If you are the owner of one then you surely must want the same thing. 
This article will show you some essential practices every digital signage owner would want to apply so that his/her advertising investment doesn’t go to waste. 

Choose your signs wiselyToday’s digital signages offer a wide variety of options for interested buyers to choose from. From programmable LED signs to touchscreens, there’s plenty to explore thanks to advancements in technology. There are also those that are able to run HD videos which are perfect for exploring your creative juices when it comes to content. Your choice of digital signage is determined by what you would put on them and where you would be placing them, so it is important to figure out these factors first before buying right away. A well-thought-out campaign will be more impactful than one that’s done in haste. 


Uses of Single Line Programmable LED Signs in a Pandemic

A scrolling LED sign is useful for business establishments because it can attract attention up close and meters away. There are two common types of this LED sign -- the single line and the double line. But for today, we will be focusing on the former and its possible uses during a pandemic.
Single line programmable LED signs are favored by many businesses because it can get the message across without taking too much space. It comes in various sizes, LED colors, and animations. In a pandemic, these signs can be used in other ways, aside from advertising a brand or product. Make the most out of your investment; here are some ideal uses of single-line scrolling LED signs today.
A single line programmable LED sign can welcome your customers.
Because of social distancing measures, you can replace staff on the front door with a LED sign. Flash a welcome sign using multiple colors to make it more friendly and fun and use various animations as well. A LED sign can keep your staff safe by allowin…

Why Churches Should Go for Outdoor LED Signages

The right type of signage helps in spreading the good news.

Like any other community establishment, churches or any place of worship, in general, can benefit greatly from using signages. Anything that serves the public in fact has a use for them. Think of it this way ─ restaurants’ purpose is to feed customers and they announce it through outdoor advertisements. Churches do the same except it is too nourish their members’ souls. One way they can reach more people with this mission is through signages such as a digital screen or scrolling LED sign. In this day and age, doing without them is simply out of the question. Let us show you why:

They help to reach more people Having LED signages outside church premises lets the faithful know the schedule of worship services. This is especially helpful for newcomers in a particular community, as well as people who are just passing by the town but would like to attend services.Likewise, signages also help promote church activities such as Sunday …

How to Decorate a Video Game Room

Make your gaming room even more entertaining with these decorating tips. Source:
People playing video games rose in 2020 because of stay-at-home measures; the number rose to over 2.5 billion this year. If you have a gaming room or play in your bedroom, you would want an ambiance that would make playing even more enjoyable.Transform your space to make the play experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some decorating tips that will arouse the gamer in you:Install a scrolling LED sign.
DO-Series Tri-Color Double Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign from Affordable LED
Programmable LED signs give off a retro gaming feel because of the pixels. And because they are bright, they double as room lighting as well. The light from these signs also matches the RGB lighting of most gaming keyboards and gaming mice. For video game vloggers, they can install a scrolling LED sign as part of their background and flash the name of the game they are currently playing. They coul…

The Role of LED Signs in Managing Client Wait Times

Falling in line doesn’t have to be dull, thanks to digital signages.

While there are certainly worse things than standing in a queue, we’re pretty sure it’s not high up on anyone’s list of favorite things to do. It is, however, a natural part of society in an effort to keep things orderly. They don’t have to be tedious exercises that people just have to put up with though. Entrepreneurs and managers can do things to make the waiting game more tolerable with the use of LED signages.

For retail shopsHaving a hit product is what every business owner aspires for. We see it from time to time on the news ─ the long lines snaking down the street of people waiting for the LED open signs to light up and signal the start of a big sale or the release of a new book. As good as that situation is for the store’s earnings, things can get easily heated and rowdy if lines are not managed properly. At this point, LED signs can be tapped to maintain order by telling people where they can sit or stand, eve…

Effective Types of In-Store Promotions

Learn how to encourage people to visit your shop and buy your products.
In these trying times, social media marketing is a popular and useful tool for most businesses. However, traditional marketing is still as effective, especially if you want to promote your products exclusive to your shop. In-store promotions, for one, remain a great way to encourage walk-in customers to buy more than just what they came for.  Check out these tips on how to promote your products in-store amidst the pandemic.
Make use of programmable LED signs.A scrolling LED sign is an effective promotional tool that can immediately catch people's attention. These signs are bright, can display multiple colors, and have different eye-catching animations. Program your promotional messages on one and animate each message to encourage customers to read them. The size of your programmable LED sign should be considered. If your shop space is small, a 4" X 26" sign is the ideal size, and if your store is spaci…