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Why Businesses Need LED Open Signs

Much has been written about the advantages of LED signs over neon signs and how using LED signs can be used to maximize business profits. However, not much has been said about an LED open sign. One may ask, “what is the use of having a LED open sign if my store hours are posted or painted on my door?” The answer is simple: to show people your business exists.
To further explain the need for LED open signs, below are certain examples of how these LED signs with a seemingly inconspicuous word such as ‘open’ may do wonders for a small business.

Imagine people walking or driving by a neighborhood in the wee hours of the night. The brightly lit and flashing LED open sign of your coffee shop immediately urges and invites people to warm up and pill in for a quick cup of espresso. Had a LED open sign been unavailable, the parcel of light coming from your shop would not have drawn people near.Your little diner is located along the highway. People drive by quickly without taking a second look at …