Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Custom Open Signs for Your Business Establishment

Customized and programmable open signs help increase foot traffic to your business establishment. Programmable business hour signs, for example, inform passersby of your operating hours while led open signs make your clients feel welcome and appreciated by inviting them inside. When preparing custom led open signs to be displayed in your store, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

• Specify your operating hours by differentiating between the mornings and afternoons. Some establishments such as bars and restaurants start business hours in the early afternoon up until midnight while most shops open early in the morning and close at night. By distinguishing between morning and afternoon operating hours, you avoid confusing clients, which can lead to losing customers in the process.

• Tue – Thur is different from Tue, Thur. Tue – Thur means your store is open from Tuesdays until Thursdays while Tue, Thur means that you only operate every Tuesdays AND Thursdays. Again, by clearly stating your business hours, you inform your clients when they can come and visit your store.

• When hanging open signs with business hour signs, alternate the days and times consistently. Avoid changing styles to prevent passersby from getting confused. They will probably only glance at your open sign, so you only have seconds to get your information across. For example, say “M-F from 9-5, Sat-Sun from 10-4” every time.

• Exceptions will only lead to more confusion. Be brief and concise with your open signs and business hour signs. Instead of displaying “Open Daily Except Sundays”, say “Open Mon-Sat”. That way, customers don’t have to think about whether or not you operate on a certain day. Additionally, exceptions on operating 24 hours a day on certain days aren’t possible. If you are open 24/7, then your business is open Mondays to Sundays, even on the holidays.

• “Closed” days and times need not be displayed. Simply displaying your open times with open signs is enough for clients to be informed.
By keeping your open signs and business hour signs simple, potential customers will have an easier means of understanding the information you want to impart. Avoid confusion by being brief and concise.