Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maximizing Profit from LED Signs, Open Signs, and Programmable LED Message Boards

Early in childhood, people have been influenced by the power of the television. Taking this phenomenon further, just imagine the power LED signs, open signs, LED message boards, and all LED displays can bring. These signs hold within itself the power to attract a certain type of consumer behavior. The trick is to display these LED signs the right way. 
LED signs already help save thousands of advertising dollars with its high visibility, attractiveness, and low electricity costs. Then, how can a business maximize the profits LED signs bring?
Set your goals. Know what you want to achieve with your LED signs. Is it to increase a sale of a particular product? Or increase foot traffic by the next holiday season? When you know your goals, it is easy to determine which LED signs, open signs, or LED displays to use.
Understand your equipment. Each type of LED sign has its own advantages and its own limitations. Know all factors behind your LED signs so as it can be easier to plan your marketing or advertising strategy.
Know who your audience is. LED signs are seen all over and people are just bombarded with media blitz everywhere they go. The key is to let your LED signs display stand out. An establishment must know how to interact with its audience by knowing their desires. For programmable LED message boards especially, the content must be fresh. Otherwise, passersby will just get used to your message and ignore it the next time they walk or drive by. With fresh content, the message should also be relevant to the needs of your audience. Observe their behavior and you will surely come up with timely messages for different scenarios and moments.
Come up with different display modules. This works best with programmable LED message boards. Brainstorm on ideas to come up with messages relevant to as many situations as possible. A lot of events such as the weather, holidays, drive home, etc. can already be predicted. Knowing these events allow you to come up with messages that will elicit the response that you want from your audience. Allow your creativity to make as many situational responses as possible through LED signs. 
Evaluate LED signs, then re-evaluate. Take time to consider what LED signs or messages work and which do not. Ask your customers if it was your LED sign that made them interested in your shop. Do a survey. Keep tabs of all the marketing messages used in LED signs. By evaluating and re-evaluating your LED signs, you can come up with the best marketing mix possible. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LED Sign Tips for Restaurant Owners

For those who plan to open a café, bistro, or a small restaurant, one of the first things you must invest in is a high quality LED sign or LED open sign. While there are other means of marketing, such as flyers, ads, and such, a catchy LED sign or open sign is constant promotion, allowing you to market your establishment aggressively. 
First of all, LED signs for restaurants must be carefully chosen. An open sign bearing the image of a coffee immediately tells passersby that you are a café who is ready to serve them. Similarly, a pizza open sign immediately entices people to check out your pizza joint. Because LED signs are attractive and are noticeable, even from a distance, it’s important to choose restaurant LED signs that immediately speak of what your restaurant is all about.
Window LED displays are also a constant advertisement. Having an attractive LED display sign on a window that portrays what you are serving, be it ice cream, sushi, tacos, or a restaurant LED sign, immediately gives customers an idea of the kind of food your bistro is offering.
Another sign that could improve not only the aesthetics of your store, but help you distinguish yourself from others, is programmable LED message boards. This allows you to speak to your customers and let them know what makes your restaurant a cut above the rest. Putting in a catchy phrase or two can immediately grab the attention of the diners as well. Also, a high quality programmable LED sign instantly denotes class, heightening up the ambience of your establishment.
LED signs that can immediately make you stand out are illuminated LED signs. This new and innovative LED technology gives you a free hand to showcase your creativity. Equipped with an illuminating marker, you can easily write down your daily specials, put in some graphics, and inject your style and personality to your handiwork. Be sure, however, that your work remains tasteful, classy, and professional.
Let the LED signs and open signs do the work and the promoting for you and enjoy the benefits it reaps. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Reasons Why Small Businesses Need LED Open Signs

There is a long time adage in the signage industry that goes, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Think about this short, yet striking line, and you will realize that it holds a certain amount of truth in it. Not letting people know that your establishment is open means that you are slowly letting passersby trickle away, not maximizing the potential customers that could enter your store.
Hence, the top two reasons why small establishments need a LED open sign:
Having an Open Sign lets all customers know that your business is open. 
Think about this: How many times have you passed up the chance to go inside a store simply because you do not know that they are open? You just stay in your car, too lazy to go down to check and see if the store is open. If you are like this, think of how many other people think the exact same way? These people are your potential customers. It is human nature for people to want what is convenient for them. Getting out of a car to check if a store is open or not is an inconvenience. Having an open sign, especially if it is a brightly lit LED sign, takes away that guessing game. Open signs immediately let drivers and passersby know that your establishment is open.

Open Signs are Open Invitations.
Having a brightly lit Open Sign with attractive colors immediately gives customers a welcoming feeling once they step into your store. High quality LED signs that can be seen from a distance instantly say, “Come right in where you are most welcome.” It is very warm and inviting, making customers feel good upon entering your store. When a customer encounters a good experience, he or she is more likely to come back and even tell his network of friends about your store.
For small establishments, open signs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, attracting and enticing people to come and enter your store. It is a worthwhile investment that will have you reaping in long-term benefits.