Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Six Easy Steps in Creating a DIY LED Sign

People want to do almost everything on their own nowadays. LED sign boards are no exception. LED signs for any business are decorative tools that simultaneously market a business’s products or services. With an added visual flair displayed on any establishment, business owners will witness an increase in foot traffic, customers, and sales. Affordable LED signs are easily available but for those curious enough to build their own LED sign boards, here are six easy steps.
1. First, prepare the following tools: Poster board, scissors, pencil, LED lights, resistors, soldering iron and solder, 9-volt battery and connector, wire, super glue, and tape.
2. The final design of your LED sign should be drawn or traced onto a poster board. Black poster boards give an added effect in the dark; so, in order to maximize your LED sign, purchase black poster boards or card stocks.
3. Measure the length of each line on your design and poke a hole every quarter of an inch along these lines with a scissor – be sure to provide enough space to where you can insert the LED lights. LED lights should be inserted from the back of the poster board.
4. With an LED calculator, which you can find online, calculate how you should wire the LED sign board. If you can’t find one online, just use the recommended values.
5. Using the soldering iron, solder the LED lights, resistors, and 9-volt batteries together. The longer wire is usually the positive end but consult the wiring diagram that’s generated by the LED calculator when in doubt.
6. Connect the LED sign to a battery and turn it on. If it doesn’t turn on, check for loose connections as these are the common causes of improper LED sign installations. If everything looks ok, finish off by gluing the LED lights to the poster board with super glue while taping the 9-volt battery to the back of the sign.

LED signs are easy-to-do activities. For more professional looking LED signs, visit AffordableLED.com, a manufacturer and wholesaler of LED signs, programmable business hour signs, scrolling LED signs, and open LED signs.