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LED Sign Projects: Building a Large LED Sign

Earlier in this blog, we taught you how to produce your own LED sign with six simple steps. While that activity centered on creating small to medium-sized LED signs for your business, this time we offer you a larger DIY LED sign project – creating a large LED sign . Large LED signs are guaranteed to help attract potential customers’ attention or simply give your business added exposure. This may be moderately challenging but here are the steps to making your own large LED sign.

1. Prepare the following materials:
a. Poster board
b. Hole punch
c. Scissors
d. Craft knife
e. LED light bulbs
f. 22-gauge wire
g. Switch
h. 4 AA Batteries and holder
i. Wire cutters
j. Soldering iron and solder
k. Glue
l. Pencil

2. On a sheet of a poster board, draw out the shape of your large sign. Use illustrations, lettering, and art. Define the areas that will be lit by the LED light bulbs and then cut the sign’s borders out from the poster board.
3. Using small circles, draw the areas inside the shapes and lettering th…