Monday, August 22, 2011

Programmable LED Signs for Your Business

LED signs come in different technologies. Nowadays, businesses prefer to invest in programmable LED signs because they can be easily operated and programmed to perform a variety of functions and display a number of messages without being manually operated all the time. This way, establishment owners can devote more time to other aspects of their business. Programmable LED signs are manufactured in three basic types. Choosing the right type for your business is crucial for its success in bringing more customers and increased foot traffic in general.

Here are the basic types of programmable LED signs manufactured by LED manufacturers nowadays.

1. Indoor programmable LED signs – Programmable LED signs manufactured for indoor use are not as bright as those displayed outdoors or semi-outdoors. Indoor programmable LED signs are what you call a “matrix” display and are readable when displayed indoors. Because they are meant to be displayed indoors, indoor programmable LED signs are not as weatherproof as outdoor signs. They are, however, cheaper than other digital signage products.

2. Semi-outdoor programmable LED signs – Thinking about outdoor signage, semi-outdoor programmable LED signs may be a bit confusing. What differentiates it from outdoor LED signs is that these programmable LED signs are bright enough to be displayed outside, except they are not as weatherproof and durable as outdoor signs. Typically, semi-outdoor programmable LED signs can be viewed outdoors by placing them indoors, facing towards the window where passersby can easily read them.

3. Outdoor programmable LED signs –As the name suggests, these programmable LED signs are manufactured for the sole purpose of being displayed outside business establishments. Not only do they have the “lamp” display that semi-outdoor programmable LED signs have, but they can also withstand harsh temperatures and weather fluctuations. Outdoor components typically seen in these types of programmable LED signs are waterproof enclosures and outdoor rated power supplies.

What programmable LED sign you choose is up to you. You only have to make sure that it fits your objective and target your desired audience to make programmable LED signs work for you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Benefits of Investing in Programmable LED Signs

Programmable LED signs serve a number of functions, the chief purpose of which is to advertise. While some establishments and small business owners display programmable LED signs on their windows, major advertisers and even malls, nowadays, use digital signage to promote other business establishments located in the area. Other entrepreneurs also take advantage of programmable LED signs by buying space in major traffic locations.

Programmable LED signs start at relatively low prices, especially if purchased from reputable LED sign manufacturers who offer discount and wholesale prices. This is one reason why small businesses invest in programmable LED signs. Managing programmable LED signs are also inexpensive, especially if you use it in the long run. This is because programmable LED signs are flexible, which means that they can be programmed to operate only for a certain time and messages can be modified at will. Additionally, programmable LED signs offer a number of animations. Owners can choose among scrolling, twisting, zooming, and other types of brilliant movements to keep the readers entertained.

To operate programmable LED signs, one simple tip is to plug-and-play the digital signage as soon as setting the mount. With the right instructions, you can immediately start increasing brand awareness among your customers. Of course, to get programmable LED signs going, a computer must be available so the signage can be operated remotely. Through the help of a computer, programmable LED signs can be pre-programmed at different times to display a variety of messages with an assortment of animations. By doing so, specific audiences are being targeted directly throughout the day.

Aside from programmable LED sign’s animation features, owners can also maximize its usage indoors or outdoors. Outdoor programmable LED signs are also manufactured to withstand not only harsh temperatures but vandalisms as well. Because of the LED technology, readers from hundreds of meters away can easily read the message displayed in programmable LED signs. Some manufacturers also offer the option of displaying the time, temperature, and date functions.

Programmable LED signs are not only beneficial for businesses in terms of marketing purposes, but these products are also energy efficient and long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.