Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Local Business Spotlight: Small Business Café Portofino Witnesses Increase in Sales Through Programmable LED Signs

Many business establishments, especially local and small businesses, take advantage of programmable LED signs to boost their sales. This is because programmable LED signs help drive traffic towards an establishment, in this case, a quaint restaurant located in Hiawassee, Georgia.

Café Portofino owner Ken Merritt has noticed an increase in its sales as people immediately began to flock the restaurant, especially during Fridays and Saturday nights. The primary reason Merritt opted for programmable LED signs is because the location is somewhat hidden, nestled somewhere in Dogwood Lane as one drives by Highway 76. The location is itself a challenge, which is why Merritt turned to non-traditional advertising tools to boost his café’s sales and visibility.

Now that the restaurant displays its products, events, and new menu items through the use of programmable LED signs and illuminated LED displays, people instantly recognized Café Portofino, even from a distance. Those driving by Highway 76 are treated to scrumptious views of Café Portofino’s best-sellers such as Chicken Marsala, Lobster Ravioli, and Filet Mignon.

Thanks to programmable LED signs, people are now aware of the existence of Café Portofino along Highway 76, despite being in existence for over two years.

This is just an example of a success story brought about by the installation of programmable LED signs and other digital signage. Programmable LED signs are invested upon by business owners because of these outdoor signs are bright, energy-efficient, and attractive. Additionally, programmable message boards have animation features that will entertain its readers, aside from the fact that these LED signs can display a variety of messages such as business hours, promotions, events, and new items.

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