Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Places for a Programmable LED Sign

Top quality LED signs don’t come cheap, but you will notice that more and more of these digital outdoor advertising tools are popping up. That’s because a programmable LED sign is an effective advertising and marketing tool that gives instant results. In comparison to more traditional forms of advertising, LED signs have also proven to be more cost-effective in the long run as it is easier to maintain and is more durable.

Of course, purchasing a LED sign is just the beginning of the process. The next important step is to place the sign in an area where it will be most visible to the largest number of people. A programmable LED sign, no matter how vivid the colors are or how complex the animation is, will be useless in the wrong location.

As a leading supplier of these digital signs, Affordable LED shares quality tips on the best places for putting up a programmable LED sign.

1. Do not place your LED signs and digital displays on the upper part of a tall building. The higher they are from the ground, the smaller they appear, thus making them less effective in delivering your message. Putting up your programmable LED sign in a higher location is also more expensive because of the additional equipment needed to install the LED walls, so you can imagine how much money, effort, and potential business you will lose with just one wrong strategy.

2. Screen poles are LED sign-friendly. It is relatively easier and cheaper to install a programmable LED sign on screen poles. Some companies even offer the metal structure (either a single or double pole) that supports the sign up for display.

3. Trucks and other moving vehicles are also LED sign-friendly. It is also a smart advertising investment because moving vehicles reach a wider market and logistically, you will not have to worry about building permits. Plus, the space on a truck or a bus is cheaper than a space on a building. Check with local authorities for traffic laws regarding LED signs on vehicles.

4. Indoor programmable LED signs are a good way to attract customers from the inside. The additional brightness provided by the LED signs call attention and is a quick way to draw passersby to your establishment.