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Programmable LED Sign Gets Board Approval

Programmable LED signs do have a way of attracting attention—even the unwanted kind.

In Gurnee, Illinois, officials have finally agreed to allow the Warren Township High School to erect programmable LED signs at the entrance of the O’Plaine campus with messages changing at a 15-minute interval. The LED sign was a gift from a recent batch of alumni.

In October, the village board rejected the school’s request to put up the programmable LED sign primarily because of the distraction it posed to drivers. The fact that the 11-square-feet LED sign could be a nighttime nuisance to neighbors was also considered. The decision came after a stalemate in which board members could not agree on the length of time between changing messages. The original request had been for 10 minutes but several board members at the earlier meeting wanted 15 minutes.

The programmable LED sign in question has the ability to flash up to five varying messages in two lines of copy for a length of five seconds to 99 minutes…

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Do You Like Vietnamese Food?

If you have a food establishment you want advertised through a programmable LED sign, you need to be witty, creative and straight to the point. Like this:

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Real Life LED Stories: Graphics-less Programmable LED Signs?

One of the main selling points of programmable LED signs is that you can post both text and graphics with minimal effort on your end. However, in St. Petersburg, Florida, an ordinance says that programmable LED signs can only have text, not graphics.
According to the report from ABC Action News, the owner of Northeast Animal Hospital, Dr. Mark Scribano, spent about $40,000 to put up his programmable LED sign for advertising purposes. The LED display used to show a kitty and a dog in need of dental work. Now, the LED sign only has text. It was earlier approved by the City of St. Petersburg but a new city ordinance declared graphics on programmable LED signs are not allowed because they are “distracting.” Non-compliance merits a fine.
Other affected business owners are also standing up against the ordinance. Pam Levitt had her programmable LED sign approved two years ago and she is not ready to turn off her $52,000 digital sign. A council member has expressed concerns that “St. Petersburg…

Programmable LED Signs For Your Car?

We’ve told you about the various uses and benefits of programmable LED signs—how you can use it to improve communication systems in schools, for businesses and even in churches. But have you ever thought of how a programmable LED sign might be useful for your car?
In Australia, a man named Gagandeep Singh has. He has found another way to communicate with other drivers while on the road. Instead of multiple car horns or rude hand gestures, he developed a new rear window LED system that “offers feedback to bad drivers” such as those who like to tailgate.
Singh’s very own programmable LED sign is home made out of LED lights and has pre-programmed messages such as “Driving slow!”, “Keep distance!” and “Keep right!” The LEDs (or light emitting diodes when spelled out) are spaced at 2cm intervals covering the entire rear window of his Volkswagen Polo. The space is just enough for short, two-word scrolling messages. Now for safety driving advocates, Singh says it doesn’t get in the way of his…