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Suitable Scrolling LED Sign For Your Business

Advertising has been a vital leg of a business as it can shape that business’ outcome. Poor advertising will result to poor sales while on the other hand, creative and high impact advertising campaigns will result to customer loyalty and attract new customers.  A scrolling LED sign will definitely be a good partner in advertising.  
Choosing the right scrolling LED sign is as important as choosing the target market of your product or service. Below are some tips on how to choose the best scrolling LED sign for your business. Set aside a budget. How much are you willing to spend in advertising your product or service using a scrolling LED sign? This will determine the next steps in choosing the right scrolling LED sign. You have to know who your target market is. Knowing this will save you time and money. Disregarding this first step will cost you money in advertising and you will never get the right results. You don't have to target everyone, just focus on the right market for y…

LED Lighting On Specialty-Crops

Using LED lights on plants will enhance photosynthesis and flowering thus improving produce is the heart of Cary Mitchell’s research in Purdue University.  Cary and other horticulturist from Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, Michigan State University and Orbital Technologies Corporation will work together on a 4 year project which will evaluate and test the effect of LED lighting on plants in greenhouses aiming to lower the energy costs and increasing the produce. 

Specialty crop industry is very valuable to the American Agriculture that is why tests and evaluations of such studies are well invested.  With the $4.88 million grant given to Purdue University by the Department of Agriculture, this research will surely change the face of the agricultural industry.  This project was titled "Developing LED Lighting Technology and Practices for Sustainable Specialty-Crop Production."