Thursday, May 31, 2012

LED Signs: A Must Have?

Do you want PROFIT? Are you looking forward to CUSTOMER LOYALTY?  If you’re answer is a BIG YES, then LED signs are a must have!
LED signs come in different varieties that can help boost your business.  But before even thinking of purchasing a programmable message board or a scrolling led sign, you have to determine how much are you willing to invest and what will really suit your business requirement.  Who is your target market and what is the culture of the community that you’re into?  These are some of the considerations that you need to ponder upon.
scrolling LED sign
Budget is very important.  You can browse online for the best LED suppliers.  Don’t just look at the price but be more particular with the quality.  Join forums so would know where to buy the best for your money’s worth.  These lighted signs are also energy efficient so budget will never be a problem. In the long run, it will increase your savings.  If you’re willing to invest for your business’ future growth, then having a led sign is a must have!
Choosing the right led sign would largely depend on whom you are targeting.  Your targeted market will determine the size, colors and fonts of the led sign.  These signs will serve as your attention grabber.  It’s more eye-catching compared to a conventional sign board.  If you think that your future customers will be hooked by using these high quality scrolling led signs, then it is a must have!
LED signs have long been proven to be an effective tool for marketing.  These signs are visible in almost all busy streets of developed cities and states.  Whether your business is small, medium scale or a huge enterprise, these lighted signs will absolutely increase foot traffic.  This will eventually increase your sales and will result to customer loyalty.
LED Sign, is definitely a must have for your business. Go online and browse for the best scrolling led signs in the industry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Extreme Fashion: LED Eyelashes

scrolling LED sign
A few weeks ago, we talked about LED smiles and the wacky possibility of having a scrolling LED sign in your mouth.
Another extreme idea enters the fashion scene – LED eyelashes! Yes, these are tiny LED bulbs attached to one’s lashes so you can flutter your pretty peepers in style. Do you think it’s a sparkling idea? It could be something interesting but if you wear it with your LED smile, you risk looking like a glowing cyborg.
The iconic sense of fashion of people has gotten them in different forms of media. In the name of fashion, being extreme is now the same as being unique.  Extreme means going to exaggerated lengths. Have you ever thought that the generation today would come to this point of fashion sense? What’s next? Perhaps advertisers would have a scrolling LED sign on lashes next.
Imagine having eyelashes that will not only light up but will also have tiny LED letters displaying your name or a text that you want to express. This will not be a far cry from happening because of channel letter modules, which or letters lit by LED lights. Come up with a miniature version, then you have your LED sign lashes.
scrolling LED sign
Led technology has taken the fashion world in an extreme level. There are dresses that are made with led bulbs, shoes with bright led lights and led bulbs on bags (which is something to look for in future blog posts!).  This era is indeed has an extreme fashion sense.
Not talking about LED lashes and LED smiles, real scrolling LED signs come in various types and specifications depending on your requirement.  You can play around with the messages to suit your needs.  If you’re using it for fashion purposes, you can manipulate the colors and the fonts that you want to use.  A scrolling led sign can be good marketing tool for your extreme fashion ideas.  It can help you express and promote your unique concepts and take your branding to a new level.
Having lighted eyelashes can be extreme to some but can also be fashionable to others.  Maybe a high quality LED sign lashes will definitely change the way how people view this out of the box idea.
Image Credits: mayclover, askalexia, linkdelight, inewidea.

Monday, May 21, 2012

LED Lights Help In Decreasing Light Pollution

scrolling led sign
Take a look at the picture on the left. The sky bears an unnatural shade of yellow, caused by too much artificial light. That is light pollution in its finest – light clutter, glare, energy waste, and decreased night visibility.
We have talked about scrolling LED signs and its many benefits. These LED signs are made of LED lights. What benefits are there if we replace conventional lights with LED lights?
LEDs emit light in a more directional way compared to other light sources.  LED lights that direct all their output in one direction are more economical than either LPS or HPS lamps. Aside from its low maintenance cost, LED lights can be dimmed if the light requirement is also less, saving more energy and decreasing light pollution.  As LED signs can still be viewed clearly from the distance because of fewer glares, it goes the same with LED lightings. With more unvarying levels of light, hot spots and dark spots are greatly reduced.
These LED lights, if grouped together, provide light to a particular area of a street or a city during nighttime. What’s good about these is that it doesn’t have to warm up for a few seconds. It comes on instantly the minute you switch it on, therefore reducing wastage. 
scrolling led sign
Now let’s move on to energy wastage caused by light pollution.
With about 35 million streetlights in the US alone that uses conventional lights, it shows that there is a whopping $958,125,000 electricity wastage! 
These lights, compared to LEDs, does not only waste electricity big time but also damages clarity of vision. Light that is not directed downwards strikes the eyes horizontally, resulting in increased glare and reduced vision. Hence, there more accidents waiting to happen.
The rise in LED light usage and the replacement of conventional light bulbs on streetlights and buildings contributes to the elimination of light pollution.  With its high lumen per watt consumed, zero wastage, no toxic waste or mercury, directional lighting, longer life, low cost, low energy consumption, and better performance in cold weather, LED lighting is dominating the lighting technology.
And, oh! LED signs are dominating the advertising industry as well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How a Scrolling LED Sign Revolutionized the Piccadilly Circus

A round open space at a street junction now uses a scrolling led sign
A round open space at a street junction, Piccadilly Circus was originally made to link Regent Street with Piccadilly, which was once considered as one of the major shopping streets in London.  What was once just an open space, now it is a major advertising hub for big companies.  Neon lights and scrolling led signs are now visible in every building façade available.  It all started during the 1900s where electronic billboards were already visible in the London Pavilion.
The Shaftesbury Memorial is using a scrolling led sign
The Shaftesbury Memorial, Criterion Theatre, and London Pavilion are just some of the major tourist attractions surrounding Piccadilly Circus. People from all over the world visit this junction. On a business aspect, it is a very lucrative place for all the colorful advertisements and led signs.
London Pavilion with light emitting from scrolling led signs
These neon lights and scrolling led signs transform the façade not only of the building, but also the place itself.  These programmable message boards will not only drive traffic to one’s establishment, it can also drive branding and loyalty to a product or a service.  With a wide selections of led signs now available such as the scrolling led sign, open sign, animated led sign, indoor and outdoor sign, programmable business hour sign and a lot more, you easily choose depending on your advertising requirement.
Scrolling led signs come in different sizes and specs to fit various marketing strategies.  The colorful animations and fonts change the way you see advertising.  It enhances the beauty of the ad making it livelier and more eye-catching.
Criterion Theatre is now bursting with life through the scrolling led signs around the theatre
Piccadilly Circus is now atypical compared to what it used to look like before.  Just like New York’s Time Square and Akihabara of Tokyo, the Piccadilly Circus is now a place where busy people meet and where business is worthwhile.  It has become an advertising haven.
If LED signs can revolutionize a particular place, it is no doubt that you can revolutionize the way you communicate with your target audience.
What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LED Smile: A LED Sign Inside Your Mouth?

The glowing smile has taken an entirely different meaning. Pearly whites are no longer the factor for a glowing smile, but a LED light is!
scrolling LED sign
People in different parts of the world are becoming more innovative with all the resources that they have.  The Japanese are now using of LEDs as part of smiling. Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, the creators behind these LED smiles, make people look like they’ve chewed on glow sticks.  Surprisingly, it is now considered a fashion trend in Japan. 
Now that the LED smiles are a hit, don’t be surprised when you see people flash a smile with a scrolling LED sign in their mouth.  With a LED smile, a LED sign smile is not far from happening.
Thinking out of the box, a scrolling LED sign can be a source of income for individuals who are creative (or should I say wacky?) enough to think of new ideas.  Think about it: a scrolling LED sign featuring an ad for a particular company can be placed inside a mouth.  Every time a person smiles the logo, the name of the company, or a short message flashes. This will create curiosity amongst those whom they have contact with and in turn, may bring an increase in inquiry and sales to the company being advertised.  This is a unique selling proposition.
Now let’s step back and think what a good LED sign does for a business.
A scrolling LED sign is an effective way of marketing and selling a product or a service. One can choose from indoor or outdoor programmable LED signs, depending on their specific need.  It comes in different sizes and specifications.  You can also choose the viewing distance of the LED.  Messages on these programmable message boards can be updated from time to time without incurring any additional cost.  These bright LED lights requires very low energy that is why it can function even in longer period of time with minimal supervision.
So, if used inside a person’s mouth, this scrolling LED sign can increase foot traffic due to its uniqueness and creativity. You can tweak the message any way you want, and even adjust the brightness of the sign. Even from afar, people will be able to view your big, toothy, scrolling LED sign smile.
If you’re thinking of a new business idea, this one is exceptional. Do you think a scrolling LED sign smile will work?