Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Global Spotlight on LEDs for Street Lighting

Confirmed: LED signs are the wave of the future!

The Climate Group, with the help of Philips Lighting and the HSBC Climate Partnership, recently released a study entitled Lighting The Clean Revolution: The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities. As part of The Clean Revolution initiative, the study aimed to asses the readiness of key cities to use LED fixtures for outdoor lighting. It also aimed to highlight the environmental and economic advantages that can be gained from the use of LEDs as opposed to traditional lighting means.

It was the partnership of these institutions back in 2009 that gave birth to the LightSavers program. This global initiative wishes to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting and smart light controls for outdoor use. From a pilot model in the City of Toronto, LightSavers was able to enjoin the help of 12 more cities. The study was carried out in different metropolis around the globe including Hong Kong, New York, Toronto and Quezon City in the Philippines. Adelaide as well as Sydney in Australia also participated in the study. As for India, multiple cities were observed including Haldia, Kolkata and Thane. Guiyang and Tianjin, China were also observed.

“The results are very encouraging.” wrote Mark Kenber on the published output. The Climate Group CEO is very thrilled of the positive response from participating cities. He cited that Central Park in New York and social housing garages in Toronto are performing more trials. Streets and roads in Haldia, Kolkata, Quezon City and Sydney are also doing the same.

Notable findings of the study include:

Lighting accounts for 19% of global electricity use

LEDs achieve the expected 50 – 70% energy savings. This saving can increase up to 80% if coupled with smart controls.

Greenhouse gas emissions attributed to lighting are equivalent to 70% of the emissions from world’s passenger vehicles.

The public prefers LED products. Around 90% of survey respondents support a full rollout of LEDs across city street lights

China now leads the world in the deployment of LED street lights with 74% of the global total

The study concludes that LEDs are ready to be utilized for large scale outdoor applications. Both the independent and verifiable results of the LightSavers trials give this conclusion a solid basis. Public surveys that were conducted together with the study echo the voice of citizens around the globe.

LED use is going large scale and globe. What are you waiting for? Hang your scrolling LED sign and do your part in lessening the carbon foot print of massive energy consumption.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Extreme Fashion: LED On Your Fingertips

Welcome to the FUTURE.  Extreme is the next black.  If you’re into extreme fashion, you will definitely enjoy this article. 
Enter the world where futuristic ideas and creativity intertwine.  If you have followed my previous articles on scrolling led signs and other led sign ideas, you may want to recall on our article about led inside your mouth and led on your eyelashes.  This new idea that I am about to present to you may have been already used and seen publicly but brace yourself to a new era of fingertip fashion.
This may sound absurd but its true.  People are now into this type of fashion.  You would usually see this idea inside clubs used by people who like partying and raving.  It’s not actually placed on top of your fingertips, but it is a part of a glove that is designed with different colors of LED bulbs.
Yes, you’re right.  Fashion has gone to the extremes with the use of LED bulbs.  This small bulb increases the excitement and the fun that it offers the user. 
Contrary to popular belief, LEDs are not just for marketing and advertising.  It can also be used for recreation and fashion.  With this new era of light and technology, LED has become more popular especially to those who crave for attention and applause.  I have heard that even with lingerie, LED bulbs are now being embroidered to capture attention especially of the opposite sex.  Truly extreme.
Whether you’re into fashion or marketing, you have to be extreme sometimes to get the attention of your market.  Be open for out of the box ideas and inputs.  Be exciting and be fun.  Go for LED extreme ideas.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Savings By Using LED Lights

scrolling LED sign Bottom-line: Huge Savings!

No matter what you say, whether the color is attractive or the animation is eye-catching, it boils down to one thing: SAVINGS!  Using LED such as the scrolling LED sign, LED street bulbs, LED brick candle or just your usual welcome sign, the bottom-line is you will have savings and it’s undeniable. scrolling LED sign
Let us start with our homes.   Using LED bulbs instead of using fluorescent light bulbs will really make a difference in your electricity bill.   You can also replace your conventional wax candles with a wax candle that is lighted by a LED bulb that you can buy for $30-60 max. You can reuse this for many years as compared to a real candle that will melt as you light it. In the long run, it’ll give you more savings! 

Let’s go to your business.  If you’re having second thoughts of purchasing a high quality LED sign, open sign, or a welcome sign for your business, think no more.  Your investment will meet your money’s worth.  Think about the savings that you can accumulate and the foot traffic that you can attract by using these LED signs.  Let us say you have a coffee shop, you can use a writable LED board in replacement of your typical menu board, which uses multiple fluorescent bulbs just to light up the whole board.  With the writable LED board, now you can write and update your menu in an instant.  You will not have to worry about those plastic letters to spell out your menu for the day.  You can just wipe off messages easily with water or without water.  You can also animate your menu board with your preferred style and how you want to attract your market.  Bottom-line: HUGE savings on time and money!
Let’s end by saying that with LED lights you will not only save on money but you can also save on time, effort, manpower and other resources.  Get only the best and dependable scrolling LED signs, welcome signs, writable LED board or even your simple LED candles to ensure the bottom-line!