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Saving the World one LED at a Time: Infographic

Clean Revolution has created an infographic which illustrated how LED lighting can change various cities in the different parts of the globe. This group formed through the combined efforts of governments, business leaders and private corporations aim to make known the various benefits that can be obtained from utilizing low-carbon lighting fixtures.
Clean Revolution calls for a swift, massive scale-up of clean energy and infrastructure, and of smart technologies and design, as written in their website. They are firm in their belief that it is the only feasible path in attaining a smarter, better, and a more prosperous future.
AffordableLED shares this vision as well. We believe that by providing various products such as scrolling LED sign that on the same technology, we are able to encourage business owners to take part in saving the environment.
Over the years, a number of studies have proven the merits of using the LED technology in terms of energy consumption and product longevity…

Next-generation LED Lighting: ‘Spintronic’ LED from Utah Physicists

Want a brighter scrolling LED sign for your business?
Physicists from the University of Utah may already have the answer you’re looking for. The university made a recent announcement on the invention of a “spintronic” organic light-emitting diode or OLED. This technology promises to deliver brighter, cheaper and more environment-friendly LEDs than those used in the market today. The OLED lighting technology can be used for lighting fixtures, electronic devices as well as television and computer displays to be developed in the years to come.
“It’s a completely different technology,” says Z. Valy Vardeny, one of University of Utah’s prominent professors in physics. Though the current prototype made by the Utah physicists gives off an orange-hued light, Vardeny anticipates the production of red and blue ones within two years. Having white spin OLEDs is expected to happen eventually as the technology is improved and perfected over time.  
The new OLED technology developed by the Utah …

Just In: ViewSonic Launches 27-inch LED Monitor

ViewSonic Corp., a leader in providing consumers around the globe with computing, consumer electronics and communications has just announced the release of the VX2703mh-LED. Following their mission to be a global brand of visual solutions, the company continues to innovate in visual technologies in order to adapt to the dynamic digital future.
In a press release issued by the company, this high performing product is said to be:
“Ideal for consumers, SMBs and educational environments alike, the VX2703mh-LED is a 27" widescreen LED monitor with a contemporary thin bezel design. Ideal for both home and office, this versatile Full HD 1920 x 1080p monitor offers HDMI(R), DVI and VGA inputs with HDCP support, along with a speedy 3ms response time, a 10M:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio, integrated power, and built-in SRS Premium Sound(R) speakers.”
The energy efficient VX2703mh-LED is an eco-friendly monitor. This model boasts of a mercury-free display and offers ViewSonic’s ECO-mode feat…

Know Your Lighting: LED History in Brief

Here at AffordableLED, we strive to deliver the latest and most relevant news on LED lighting that will surely affect the scrolling LED sign of the future. The information that we provide are surely the drivers of innovation in the dynamic lighting industry. But we won’t stop there.
In this post, we’ll show you a very informative video clip for you from Make Magazine. Make has a YouTube channel filled with exciting do-it-yourself projects on various technologies. The magazine celebrates the right of every individual to tweak, hack and bend any technology available in and out of the home by promoting a DIY mindset.
Who is the father of LED lighting?
If you don’t know the answer, let this short video clip fill you on that and other information about LED lighting.
Apart from being an economical choice, the concept behind LED lighting is very simple and sustainable. LED lighting technology has gone a long since it was introduced a couple of years back.
To save on your electric bills i…

Lighting the Future: Energy Saving Trust’s LED Lighting Field Trial

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has been gaining global recognition and popularity recently for its unique and eco-friendly features. Aside from giving off a brighter light, LED lighting fixtures also last far longer than their fluorescent counterparts. This results in financial savings for your business or home in the long run. LED products also consume less electricity. This energy-saving capability is reflected in the monthly electric bill of companies, establishments as well as public and private offices that have made the switch.
Energy Saving Trust (EST) is championing this cause for over sixteen years now. One of the recent studies conducted by this UK-based organization is a field trial of LED lighting fixtures in social housing facilities. The organization believes that they are playing a vital role in helping shape the LED lighting market in the UK.
After observing and measuring the performance of 4,250 LED light fixtures in 35 sites, here are some of the signific…

Coloring Pittsburgh’s Skyline: Catch the LED Light Show on Gulf Tower

Pittsburgh will probably have the merriest 4thof July this year. With the Six-Story LED Light Show in place at the Gulf Tower, Grant Street and the entire Golden Triangle will witness a livelier skyline from that day on.
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the KDKA Weather Beacon is set to be lighted at about 10 minutes before the city’s firework display. The top floors of the Gulf Tower will come alive at 9:25pm followed by festive 30-minute light show to celebrate the Beacon’s launch. After the entire fete, the lighting fixture is set to report the weather every half an hour by giving off different light signals. For five minutes, bright lights will display the current range of temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind speed.
It was in 1932 when this idea took off. For several decades, reporting the weather through flashing neon lights was both entertaining and helpful to Pittsburghers. This gave Rugby Realty the confidence to continue their creative public service effo…