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Installing Lighted Sign for Your Business in 2014

Here’s to another year for your business! Are you into making New Year’s resolution? The first few weeks of the year is a great opportunity to build up new strategies and plot new direction for your business.

If you have struggled in building your brand identity last year, it’s also high time to try different approach in establishing better brand recall and making your business more recognized in your area. One of the ways to set your business apart from competitors and gain more followers is through the development of brand identity through the signs you use in your store.

Hanging an electronic business sign in your store easily gives it a modern and updated look. If you have been using traditional printed sign, you can start giving your store an instant makeover by switching to LED powered open sign.

Advantages of LED open sign

Switching to LED is one of the most practical decisions you can make when it comes to store signage. It consumes little electricity compared to Neon but is mo…

Small Business Tip: How to Save Energy during the Holidays

It's Christmas time in the city!
The good news is that, holiday means your business will be enjoying an increase in foot traffic and over all sales. Thanks to those who are taking advantage of the Holiday rush and other shopping perks like discounts and product deals.

On the hand, this is also the season where you will be spending money on added salary for your employees who will be rendering extra hours at work and also for other utilities that you need especially during the extended store hours.

As a smart businessman, you should be able to devise a strategy early on to avoid losing hard earned money on extra yet inevitable expenses, like energy charges, despite the demands of the season. This is especially true if you decided to create a Christmas Display that uses decorative lights or other electric powered materials such as digital display or electronic open sign in your store.

Here are some tips to get you through the holiday without spending too much on utility bills and e…

How Storefront Signs Can Increase Your Business

Luxury stores and fashion boutiques in popular shopping districts pride themselves with excellent storefront sign. Their goal is simple: get people to notice their brand, and effectively convince them to make a purchase.

First time visitors and pedestrians often judge a store depending on the way perceive the storefront of an establishment. This way, they can easily distinguish one business from another and create a quick judgment on which store can offer the solution to their desires and needs.

More established brands in the industry invested a big part of their budget in creating an impressive storefront. Some of them even use sophisticated electronic message board and LED open sign to enhance their space. Small businesses, especially those on the start-up stage, can exponentially benefit in having an exciting exterior sign.

Building a Brand through Storefront Sign
One key in using a storefront sign to promote your business is by using a specific color that represents your brand. Co…