Friday, June 27, 2014

Let Your Restaurant Be Energy Efficient

Still thinking twice on purchasing a LED open sign?

According to the Energy Star Guide for Restaurants, energy efficiency is a sound business practice that improves profitability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. And no one could have said it better.


The organization has put together a guide that aims to help restaurant owners like you save on energy and electrical costs. In the long run, these savings do not only translate to increased efficiency and profit. It also shows that you are a responsible business owner who takes part in saving our planet.

Restaurants generally consume more energy per square meter than other commercial establishments. Research done by Energy Star showed that restaurants use at least 5 times more energy than offices and retail stores. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) can even use twice as much. More often than not, the high demand for energy in restaurants is due to the use of kitchen equipment which is built for rigorous commercial cooking.

Planning out saving procedures is the best way to minimize ballooning costs of these utility expenses. To avoid sacrificing the productivity of your kitchen and the quality of foods, restaurant owners should also consider investing in energy efficient kitchen equipment. These are sound investments for both short and long term.

Follow these cost saving tips from the Energy Star Guide for Restaurants to maximize saving potentials.

1.      Select ENERGY STAR qualified appliances
When buying new kitchen equipment, it is always best to think about the long term gains or losses you might experience. Paying a price which is slightly higher upfront for an energy-efficient unit can be compensated by the savings you will be able to make using that.

2.      Cut idle time
Leaving any equipment or lighting fixtures on when not in use can create produce unnecessary expenses. Aside from reflecting on your monthly electricity bill, keep them on can also affect the life cycle of these units. Make sure to create a startup/shutdown plan to monitor energy consumption and equipment use.

3.      Maintain and repair
Malfunctioning units such as freezer doors that do not close become instant energy leaks. Though they may seem too little to cause any problem, these minute details can have big impacts in your operation costs and energy consumption. Don’t let these daily wear and tear swell up your energy bills when you can do something about them.

4.      Cook wisely
Again, planning is the key. Check your menu for meals that can be cooked using more energy efficient equipment. You may opt to use ovens over rotisseries or griddles instead of broilers.

5.      Recalibrate to stay efficient
Maintain the performance of your equipment through regular recalibrations and performance checks. These units can fail, fall out of calibration or readjust due to regular use.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have You Observed the Evolution of the Exit Sign?

Exit signs are vital and are a legally required safety feature in any establishment. In case of an emergency such as fire, an exit sign such as a programmable of scrolling LED sign’s function is critical in protecting the well being of the people inside your building.

The more traditional exit sign

Normally, exit signs operate 24/7 and consume large amounts of energy to operate. Many exit signs in today’s buildings use older, incandescent and fluorescent/compact fluorescent lighting(CFL) technology. Older exit signs require frequent maintenance due to the short life span of the lamps that light them.

An exit sign, more spiffy

Today’s LED technology paves the way for old exit signs to be replaced with a more efficient lighting technology. LED exit signs are usually brighter than similar incandescent or fluorescent signs, and have better contrast with their setting due to the monochromatic nature of the light that LEDs release.

Aside from exit signs, programmable LED signs are now replacing huge billboards that use bulbs. Scrolling signs are now entering the scene. This technology is more efficient, effective and user friendly. It does not require too much maintenance and are easy to install.

Change "Hello" to Exit and you're good to go!

Scrolling signs are getting a lot of positive reviews in terms of the marketing and advertising effect on the company’s targeted audience. With the flashy colors and eye-catching animation, this scrolling LED signs are now dominating the world of advertising. These LED signs come in different forms and sizes that can suit your indoor and outdoor needs.

Small changes can have big effects. Using LED lighting fixtures and signs can also give much savings for your restaurant while providing attractive display for your customers.

Friday, June 20, 2014

LED Lights for a Greener Earth

LED Lights for Greener Earth
Photo Credit: Eco Green Future

Green is for money.

That is why we believe that turning your business green would yield you more profits in the long run. Investing in lighting fixtures, packaging and store design that help protect our planet is not only a fad. It is a sustainable business solution that allows everyone to get ahead.

scrolling LED sign is one of the best invests for your business. Here are 4 points on why LED message boards are suitable advertising tools.

LED Overview

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, provide users with different forms of savings. Household owners who use this technology for lighting their home as well as entrepreneurs who invest in indoor advertising signs with this component generate monetary savings from their monthly electrical bill as a result of consuming less energy per watt. Also, LEDs are said to last up to 10 times longer than other sources of light including Compact fluorescent (CFLs), Halogen incandescent and incandescent bulbs to name a few. LED lights can be used for about 50,000 hours. With that said, replacements are not seen in the near future thereby creating savings as well.

LED Energy Consumption

The digital signage made available to businesses today is continuously evolving and are more efficient than they were a few years back. These advancements are the result of further research on LEDs. Manufacturers of LED advertising message boards have been consistently innovating and developing more appropriate designs that utilize the new findings.

LED Durability

Scrolling LED signs and other LED boards were made to last. This feature easily translates to having less of them sent to landfills after they have served their use. Remember that the life expectancy of your LED sign can be prolonged through proper care and use.
In buying these advertising peripherals, make sure to research well as to their appropriateness for your business needs and the climate around your area. Remember that certain materials are best used in cold climates while others work better in warm areas of the country. Considering these factors can get your sign to last longer.

LED Sign Advantage

Having energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durability rolled in one makes any LED advertising board a great investment for any business owner. These are certainly crucial points that can aid in the growth of any business venture. We understand entrepreneurs like you who dream of bringing their business ideas to life and building on them to reach the top.
We offer a variety of attractive LED signs that suit any advertising messaging needs. Visit us at

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Different Women Go for Different LED Lights

Oh girls just want to have fun…

Cyndi Lauper’s hit single in the 80’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun is definitely given an entirely new spin today by LED lighted products especially made for women.

It has been said that much can be told about a person upon knowing his or her preferences. The products that we use as well as the outfits that we wear form part of our personality. And though it seems unbelievable, LED products can say a great deal about a person.

Today, we’re sharing two LED products specifically made for women. These ornaments are both delicate and expressive which truly embodies the female nature.

For the woman who dares to be different

Photo Credit: Trend Hunter
Glow Stick Press On Nails is the right nail art for you. These attractive glow-in-the-dark nails are truly a show stopper. Wearing a scrolling LED sign wouldn’t be necessary to get on the party spotlight and stay at the center of attention all night long. Walk in and out of a party by leaving a cool impression that you want to have fun and you know how to get it.

Getting sick is never a worry with the non-toxic Glow Stick Press On Nails. Mini glow sticks are attached to plastic finger nails that provide utmost protection for your skin.  These nail accessories are also easy to use. Simply attach the plastic finger nail to your fingers using a two-sided tape included in the pack.

Flash your pink, green, blue, yellow and purple nail glow sticks when you purchase a set that comes with 5 nails.  

For the lady who rules as the queen of the home
Photo Credit: Trend Hunter

Chinese Lantern LED Lights will surely find its way to your heart. These floral blooms that make for lovely centerpieces take things up a notch. Aside from being attractive fabric flowers, these miniature paper lanterns are environment-friendly as it only makes use of LED lights.

The battery-operated arrangement gives off a warm romantic glow when the LED lights start illuminating the buds. This effect created by the Chinese Lantern LED can surely bring a warm and festive vibe in your home especially for the chilly days ahead.

Are you the vixen or the domestic diva?

Let us know your LED-personality by telling us which of the products you are most likely going to purchase. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Institutions are in the LED Sign Bandwagon

The technology of LED signs has made it possible to for various establishments and organizations to use these kinds of signs to their advantage. Open signs powered by LED lights are attractive and have the power to deliver messages to a huge audience inexpensively. They are the standard in advertising and mass media consumption. Nowadays, retailers and business establishments are not the only organizations that use LED signs to bring in foot traffic. Government institutions, schools, and even churches have managed to use these signs to their advantage. How have these groups made use of LED open signs?


The government has to constantly inform and keep up with its constituents and residents. The best way to do this is by having an electronic messaging center equipped with LED signs to remind residents of important dates or deadlines. For example, animated billboards and open signs can display information regarding community events, activities, etc. Government institutions can share other information through LED signs such as public service announcements, amber alerts, and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, these signs can help strengthen public debate and redefine citizen interaction – all done cost-effectively while assessing public opinion and mobilizing grassroots action.

Schools now also feature LED signs on buildings and gymnasiums. Who hasn’t gone through college without seeing even a single sign displayed on dorms, campuses, or school theaters? Gone are the days when schools use old sign boards, which share only limited information and are often subject to vandalism. Communicating effectively with faculty, students, parents, and the academic community is done using LED signs that announce important events such as sports games, school functions, fundraiser events, annual reminders, and even public service announcements. Aside from pep rallies, academic competitions, and snow days, programmable LED open signs and billboards can also serve outsiders by informing the academic community of seminars and alumni events, without visitors even needing to go on school premises.


Churches have also switched to modern technology by using signs to communicate with anyone passing by. The use of interchangeable plastic letters disappeared with the advent of LED signs and churches made sure they weren’t behind the times. Scrolling signs can help display information including service times, activities, fundraising events, verse of the day, inspirational messages, and also public service announcements.

Different institutions have a variety of LED open signs to choose from., a leading online provider of quality signs, offers a huge selection of LED and open signs clients can select from.