Tuesday, February 3, 2015

LED Up your Store this Valentine’s Day!

Paint the town red… and blue, yellow, white and green this coming Valentine’s Day!

For sure, restaurants, jewelry stores, flower shops and all those staple Valentine hubs will be busy this February. How about your establishment? Is your store ready to bask in the mushy vibe?

C’mon, don’t be a buzzkill Valentine Scrooge by simply ignoring the most romantic day of the year! Besides, adorning your shop with all-things V-day draws more customers, and you don’t have to blitz your store with the usual red hearts, Cupid cut-outs and cheesy playlists just to appease the crowd. All it takes is a couple of ingenuity using your LED lights and digital marquee to get the job done!

And to help you do that, here are some quick DIY-Valentine-themed LED sign tips for your shop!

For Scrolling LED Signs

One requisite to join the Valentine bandwagon is to “spread the love” by all means necessary. So, the easiest way to do this is to use your programmable scrolling LED sign as the “messenger of love”. And by that, it means to program your signs with some love quotes. Doesn’t matter if it’s taken from some of your favorite movie, novel, song lyrics and poems, or straight from your heart and mind, as long as it delivers a sweet, heartfelt message to everyone, then that will do the job!

For Writable LED Boards

If you want to make your message more elaborate and personalized for your customers, better yet write it with your bare hands! This is where the writable LED board comes in! On top of the love quotes that you’ve written, add some cute flower and heart doodle around it.

For LED Candles

Is your burger joint too mushy for Valentine? If yes, then you can still make up with the day by simply putting a LED candle or two on each table to set it aglow… because what better way to have a romantic dinner than a candle-lit dinner regardless if you’re into fastfood or fine dining, right?

For LED String/Rope Lights

This is quite easy! All you need is a cardboard or plywood for the backdrop (optional). Next step is to either shape the LED rope lights into a large-sized heart, or perhaps spell out the word, LOVE. No need to get those large ready-to-install LOVE signs you see in the mall and other establishments.

For Solar-Powered LED Curtain Lights

If your restaurant happens to accommodate al fresco or garden-style dining, then garden lighting such as solar-powered outdoor LED ornaments and curtain lights are perfect the Valentine fixtures to install to give a romantic radiance without being to cheesy. It doesn’t have to be hearts or anything related to the day, itself, as long as the lighting scheme captures the warm, elating aura.