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The Benefits of LED Lighting

LEDs have been used as an alternate for CFLs and incandescent bulbs for years, but have you ever wondered why many claim that LEDs are a better source of lighting than the other bulbs? Well, that’s what our article is going to answer. We will give you a breakdown of all the benefits and advantages LED lights has over the other traditional lightings.

But first of all, what is LED and what does it actually mean? LEDs, as it is commonly known, actually means light-emitting diodes. These are semi-conductors that can handle electrical charge which then turns the electric current to light.  This longer lasting technology was first used in traffic lights and exit signs but now is also used as LED light bulbs, LED signs and even Christmas lights. LED technology is more affordable and practical for homes. As a matter of fact, the Department of Energy estimates that the rapid adoption of LED lighting in the U.S. over the next 20 years can reduce lighting electricity demand by 33% by 2027.

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CFL vs LED: Which is Better to Use?

CFLs and LEDs are two types of lights used in our everyday life. But the question still remains, which of the two is better? That’s why for today’s topic, we’re going to discuss and let you learn the difference between the two.

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Why Choose Led Lights for Your Business?

In our last week’s article, we’ve tackle about the mechanism of how LEDS or light-emitting diodes work through a short video. In the same video, we’ve also given some short points on why one should use LED lights instead of other traditional lightings.  But today, let us focus on discussing how LEDs can help businesses in different ways.

So here are some of the main points why perhaps you should consider using LED lights for your business:
• First, what is LED?
LED is the short term for light-emitting diode as I have mentioned in the first part. It is a semi-conductor that emits light when there in an electric current applied to it. Although unlike other light sources, LEDs are purely electronic which in turn makes them more versatile, durable and easier to control.

• But why choose LED?
Using LED lights can lower your usual operational costs and reduce your maintenance burden. Why? It's because LED have all the benefits of fluorescent lights without its drawbacks. Using LEDs cons…

How LEDs Work?

LEDs are lightings you usually see everywhere from coffee shops, restaurants to general stores. They are mostly used in open signs or scrolling signs to use as promotional placards in boutiques and shops. But ever wonder what LEDs really are? And seriously, how this small things work? Another thing is why does the commercial industry prefer to use them over other lightings? Is it because there is something special within these little lights?

Well, that’s what our video is going to tackle about. With this short video, you’ll learn what LEDs are, how they work and what are the advantages LEDs has over traditional lightings such as incandescent bulbs.