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Why You Should Consider Using LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting can be the right decision for your home and your business as using incandescent bulbs can be expensive and inefficient. Compared to these old bulbs, LED lights can shine brighter and can use energy more efficiently. So if you’re considering making use of these much efficient bulbs for your lighting needs or if you’re looking for better outdoor advertising use LED signs, here are few facts about LED lights that you should know:
LED Lights Are EfficientTypically, a LED light bulb will use 90% less energy than that of incandescent or halogen bulbs. For example, if you’re currently making use of a 50w incandescent bulb, you can replace it with a five watt LED bulb which can produce more light for less energy.
LED Lights Last LongerIt can be costly and inconvenient to keep replacing light bulbs around the house or for your advertisements. With LED lights, you won’t have this problem as much. LED lights are built to last 20 times longer than halogen or incandescent b…