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LED Sign Tips for Food Business Owners

Planning to get LED signage for your business? Here are a few tips to consider. The food industry is one of the business industries that will never die as it is a necessity. That said, opening a restaurant or a coffee shop is a good venture. Although these businesses sure are going to get customers as people need a good meal or a jolting cup of coffee to start the day, you will be competing with similar businesses in the area. That said, you have to make your business stand out from the others.

One way is to entice every passer-by. Let them know what you are selling even when they are still a few miles away from your business. And the most effective way to do that is to install outdoor LED signs. But it shouldn’t stop there; having signs inside your bistro helps with retaining customers. With that said, here are a few LED sign tips for food business owners.

Put up an open sign. The most vital sign you should put up is the classic open sign. Of course, this is to let people know that you a…

Other Uses for LED Lights

These lights aren't only used in signage, they are used in some household items too! Ever since LED lighting did wonders to homes and offices all around the globe, people's creative juices have not stopped flowing. Aside from scrolling LED signs, digital signboards, and open signs, light-emitting diodes have been used in many unexpected, somewhat weird ways. They've been incorporated into so many other products that would make you say, "oh yeah, why didn't I think of that!" So without further ado, here are five other uses for LED lights that we secretly enjoy too.

Illuminating party balloonsWhat could make a party a blast? LED balloons, of course! Colorful party balloons stay lit at night, adding an atmospheric glow to the place. There are other versions in which they are filled with helium gas and tied up with LED strings. So you can make “blinking balloons” fly at night! Indeed, LEDs can transform a party into the most unforgettable event of the year.


The Travel Industry Needs LED Signs

Learn why the travel industry benefits from LED signs.
The travel industry never dies; there are people traveling to another state or continent every day. During peak seasons, airports and travel agencies may be very busy. They already expect that more people will fly during the holidays and being short in staff may pose as a problem. One solution for this is to install LED signs. Wonder how these signs can make workflow smoother and faster? Read on.

Here are five ways LED signs can help businesses in the travel industry especially during peak seasons:

1. Flight schedules
While waiting for their flights, they can easily check the times of the available flights without having to leave their seats. They can also be informed immediately in case of delays or change in times.

2. Current flight and hotel rates
As for travel agencies, these signs are great for displaying the current airfare rates, accommodation rates, and latest or last-minute promotions. These signs can also be used to flash th…

Reasons Why Schools Need LED Signs

Find out the top ways LED signs benefit schools and universities. As with any business, LED signs give benefits to learning institutions as well. It’s been a blessing to schools and universities because these signs make communication flow faster and more accurately. And if you are wondering what these benefits are, read on. This week, we’ll be briefly discussing five reasons schools need LED signs.

Cost-effective Aside from consuming less energy, LED signs also cut costs due to the less use of paper, ink, and printer. There is no need to regularly make posters or signs and just throw them afterward. With LED signs, all you have to do is program your message and display for everyone to see.

Improves safety If there is an emergency LED signs will be able to immediately deliver the instructions to students and faculty. You can announce weather updates easily or hazards students should watch out for. Since LEDs are very bright, people will be able to see them even when there is fire smoke.