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How to Buy the Best-Quality Outdoor LED Signs

Here are some shopping tips for businesses when buying storefront signs. LED signs, as we know, can boost any business. They will pique the interest of more passers-by versus having just a static storefront sign. However, shopping for an outdoor scrolling LED sign can be at times tricky. You just might be purchasing a low-quality one without knowing it, especially if you are buying online. That said, allow us to help you; here are a few tips on how to get the best quality outdoor signs for your store.

Look for known and reputable sellers
First up is to check the seller’s credibility. You have to make sure that this online seller is legit and not a scam. There are many ways to do so -- check out their website and see if their site content looks legit. Leave the site if you see “Lorem ipsum.” Next, check if they have social media accounts. If they are on these platforms, they will be much easier to contact in case of problems in the future. Last is to check their items for sale. If they of…

5 Unique Ways to Propose to Your Partner

Check out these marriage proposal ideas people will remember for the rest of their lives.
Marriage proposals have gone viral on social media. Most of these videos show the guy (or girl!) announcing it in family dinners or getting down on one knee during a vacation. They are romantic, yes, but if you want to do it in a unique and unforgettable way, try to do the unexpected.

That is why for this love month, we created a list of five unique ways to propose to your partner.

Use a LED sign.If your partner loves the limelight, this is one idea that you can consider. You can rent a scrolling LED sign basically anywhere -- in your favorite restaurant, the mall, or even in a train station. Choose the place that has a significance for you both. You can also hire a band to make people stop in their tracks, admire the music, and watch everything unfold.

Rent a movie theater.This idea is absolutely perfect for film junkies. Even better if you live in a small town with an old theater. Watch an old ro…

5 New ATM Signs for Your Business

Check out these new LED signs for your shop.
A good business will do everything to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants. To stay above the competition, you have to be quick to adapt to the current trends and be able to give other services for your customers’ convenience. One of which is having ATM machines. This is a relief for shoppers who need cash to pay for stuff in your store, or in other stores. Having these machines also increases the chance of these people shopping in your business, rather than other stores without them.

And to let passersby know that you have ATM machines, it’s best to display a LED sign that says so. This week, we are turning the spotlight on to our new signs which are of just the right size to place by your shop's window.

Item# L7602 - ATM LED Sign
This flashing ATM sign features the letters, ATM, in green lights. Colorful flashing LEDs in an oval shape add a bit more eye-catching factor to it. For easy installation, It comes with a five-foot power cord…

Best Positive Messages to Display in Your LED Sign

Spread the joy in your business and make people happier. Depression is a serious matter. It’s not something to kid around about or just brush off. If you know someone who might be suffering from this, show them that you care by giving kind words or simply giving an ear. You may not know every person that comes in your shop, but making them smile might make all the difference.

One way to do this is by displaying inspirational quotes in your programmable LED signs. You may show a different one every day, especially if you have loyal customers who never fail to give your business a visit. Get to inspire them with words that have a powerful effect.

With that said, we picked out happiness quote photos from Quote Fancy that will definitely make anyone smile or feel a bit more positive. Share the love and joy; check out these positive messages that have just the right length for your indoor scrolling LED signs.

1. “Happiness is only real when shared.” - Jon Krakauer
Make it a habit of sharing po…