Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Six Easy Steps in Creating a DIY LED Sign

People want to do almost everything on their own nowadays. LED sign boards are no exception. LED signs for any business are decorative tools that simultaneously market a business’s products or services. With an added visual flair displayed on any establishment, business owners will witness an increase in foot traffic, customers, and sales. Affordable LED signs are easily available but for those curious enough to build their own LED sign boards, here are six easy steps.
1. First, prepare the following tools: Poster board, scissors, pencil, LED lights, resistors, soldering iron and solder, 9-volt battery and connector, wire, super glue, and tape.
2. The final design of your LED sign should be drawn or traced onto a poster board. Black poster boards give an added effect in the dark; so, in order to maximize your LED sign, purchase black poster boards or card stocks.
3. Measure the length of each line on your design and poke a hole every quarter of an inch along these lines with a scissor – be sure to provide enough space to where you can insert the LED lights. LED lights should be inserted from the back of the poster board.
4. With an LED calculator, which you can find online, calculate how you should wire the LED sign board. If you can’t find one online, just use the recommended values.
5. Using the soldering iron, solder the LED lights, resistors, and 9-volt batteries together. The longer wire is usually the positive end but consult the wiring diagram that’s generated by the LED calculator when in doubt.
6. Connect the LED sign to a battery and turn it on. If it doesn’t turn on, check for loose connections as these are the common causes of improper LED sign installations. If everything looks ok, finish off by gluing the LED lights to the poster board with super glue while taping the 9-volt battery to the back of the sign.

LED signs are easy-to-do activities. For more professional looking LED signs, visit AffordableLED.com, a manufacturer and wholesaler of LED signs, programmable business hour signs, scrolling LED signs, and open LED signs.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recognizing the Power of LED Signs

By this time, we all know that LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Technology everywhere utilizes LEDs. Whether it is commercial vehicle taillights, key rings, flashlights, exit signs, open signs, or any LED signs for that matter, LED has become the staple technology in the sign industry today due to the powerful effectiveness LED signs have in advertising and marketing.
The technology of LED sign has developed greatly in the past few years. With many companies and establishments using LED signs for their businesses, companies can achieve lower prices with more options. LED signs come in many forms. For example, online manufacturer of LED signs AffordableLED.com offers programmable message boards, open signs, illuminated business hour signs, and a whole gamut of LED signs with a variety of options.
LED signs will be used more and more in the future. This alone attests to the many advantages and benefits LED signs can offer. While it should be recognized that different vendor solutions have different approaches, these differences rise because of the different needs of the sign industry. LED signs are not created equally and this is largely because different LED signs are needed for different purposes. Leading LED sign manufacturers offer distinction in LED arrays, individual LEDs, arrays of five (5) LEDs, and flexible strips that can be bent and cut. Knowing the differences is essential to purchasing an effective LED sign for your business.
As a consumer, it is your responsibility to know these differences. Understanding the necessary materials, specifications, code and voltage requirements, as well as power consumption are just the basics of doing research on LED signs. It is also important to ask an LED sign manufacturer about pricing support, detailed drawings, warranty information, and illumination data to help you decide in purchasing the right LED sign.
Choosing the right LED sign manufacturer is reflective of your skills as a businessman. With AffordableLED.com, not only are you guaranteed of a one-year warranty on all products, other forms and technologies of LED signs can be found in the online shop.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Important Things to Consider when Installing LED Signs or Open Signs in Your Shop

The basics of purchasing and installing LED signs and open signs have been mentioned in this blog numerous times. There are, of course, the most essential factors that one should take into consideration when investing in open signs and LED signs such as viewing distance and angle, budget, message, and colors. Still, there are other things to keep in mind when picking the right LED sign for your business.
1. Know what your goal is for advertising with LED signs. One goal of LED sign advertising is to stand out in the marketplace and generate excitement among your customers. To stand out from your competitors, you will need to consider the hardware and the software of the LED sign you are about to choose. For example, using open signs lets passersby know that you are open for business and are welcome to entertain their queries.
2. Find out what the local zoning and ordinance laws are. This helps determine the kind of LED sign and/or open sign you can use for your business. Knowing the limitations on digital signage advertising will also help save on costly redesigns. Ask for help from an experienced sign professional to help you navigate the zoning process.
3. Do you have an image that you want to project to your customers? Would you want your customers to perceive your business as one that cuts corners or as one that pays attention to detail? If you’d rather invest in high quality LED signs or open signs, you are able to purchase one easily from a trusted LED sign distributor.
4. Finally, consider where you want to install your LED sign or open sign. Should you choose to install a LED sign outdoors, make sure that the signs are durable, long-lasting, and have a high voltage protection to outlast any kind of weather. Indoor LED signs should likewise have low-energy consumption and solid welds for heavy-duty protection.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maximizing Profit from LED Signs, Open Signs, and Programmable LED Message Boards

Early in childhood, people have been influenced by the power of the television. Taking this phenomenon further, just imagine the power LED signs, open signs, LED message boards, and all LED displays can bring. These signs hold within itself the power to attract a certain type of consumer behavior. The trick is to display these LED signs the right way. 
LED signs already help save thousands of advertising dollars with its high visibility, attractiveness, and low electricity costs. Then, how can a business maximize the profits LED signs bring?
Set your goals. Know what you want to achieve with your LED signs. Is it to increase a sale of a particular product? Or increase foot traffic by the next holiday season? When you know your goals, it is easy to determine which LED signs, open signs, or LED displays to use.
Understand your equipment. Each type of LED sign has its own advantages and its own limitations. Know all factors behind your LED signs so as it can be easier to plan your marketing or advertising strategy.
Know who your audience is. LED signs are seen all over and people are just bombarded with media blitz everywhere they go. The key is to let your LED signs display stand out. An establishment must know how to interact with its audience by knowing their desires. For programmable LED message boards especially, the content must be fresh. Otherwise, passersby will just get used to your message and ignore it the next time they walk or drive by. With fresh content, the message should also be relevant to the needs of your audience. Observe their behavior and you will surely come up with timely messages for different scenarios and moments.
Come up with different display modules. This works best with programmable LED message boards. Brainstorm on ideas to come up with messages relevant to as many situations as possible. A lot of events such as the weather, holidays, drive home, etc. can already be predicted. Knowing these events allow you to come up with messages that will elicit the response that you want from your audience. Allow your creativity to make as many situational responses as possible through LED signs. 
Evaluate LED signs, then re-evaluate. Take time to consider what LED signs or messages work and which do not. Ask your customers if it was your LED sign that made them interested in your shop. Do a survey. Keep tabs of all the marketing messages used in LED signs. By evaluating and re-evaluating your LED signs, you can come up with the best marketing mix possible. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LED Sign Tips for Restaurant Owners

For those who plan to open a café, bistro, or a small restaurant, one of the first things you must invest in is a high quality LED sign or LED open sign. While there are other means of marketing, such as flyers, ads, and such, a catchy LED sign or open sign is constant promotion, allowing you to market your establishment aggressively. 
First of all, LED signs for restaurants must be carefully chosen. An open sign bearing the image of a coffee immediately tells passersby that you are a café who is ready to serve them. Similarly, a pizza open sign immediately entices people to check out your pizza joint. Because LED signs are attractive and are noticeable, even from a distance, it’s important to choose restaurant LED signs that immediately speak of what your restaurant is all about.
Window LED displays are also a constant advertisement. Having an attractive LED display sign on a window that portrays what you are serving, be it ice cream, sushi, tacos, or a restaurant LED sign, immediately gives customers an idea of the kind of food your bistro is offering.
Another sign that could improve not only the aesthetics of your store, but help you distinguish yourself from others, is programmable LED message boards. This allows you to speak to your customers and let them know what makes your restaurant a cut above the rest. Putting in a catchy phrase or two can immediately grab the attention of the diners as well. Also, a high quality programmable LED sign instantly denotes class, heightening up the ambience of your establishment.
LED signs that can immediately make you stand out are illuminated LED signs. This new and innovative LED technology gives you a free hand to showcase your creativity. Equipped with an illuminating marker, you can easily write down your daily specials, put in some graphics, and inject your style and personality to your handiwork. Be sure, however, that your work remains tasteful, classy, and professional.
Let the LED signs and open signs do the work and the promoting for you and enjoy the benefits it reaps. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Reasons Why Small Businesses Need LED Open Signs

There is a long time adage in the signage industry that goes, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Think about this short, yet striking line, and you will realize that it holds a certain amount of truth in it. Not letting people know that your establishment is open means that you are slowly letting passersby trickle away, not maximizing the potential customers that could enter your store.
Hence, the top two reasons why small establishments need a LED open sign:
Having an Open Sign lets all customers know that your business is open. 
Think about this: How many times have you passed up the chance to go inside a store simply because you do not know that they are open? You just stay in your car, too lazy to go down to check and see if the store is open. If you are like this, think of how many other people think the exact same way? These people are your potential customers. It is human nature for people to want what is convenient for them. Getting out of a car to check if a store is open or not is an inconvenience. Having an open sign, especially if it is a brightly lit LED sign, takes away that guessing game. Open signs immediately let drivers and passersby know that your establishment is open.

Open Signs are Open Invitations.
Having a brightly lit Open Sign with attractive colors immediately gives customers a welcoming feeling once they step into your store. High quality LED signs that can be seen from a distance instantly say, “Come right in where you are most welcome.” It is very warm and inviting, making customers feel good upon entering your store. When a customer encounters a good experience, he or she is more likely to come back and even tell his network of friends about your store.
For small establishments, open signs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, attracting and enticing people to come and enter your store. It is a worthwhile investment that will have you reaping in long-term benefits. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Custom Open Signs for Your Business Establishment

Customized and programmable open signs help increase foot traffic to your business establishment. Programmable business hour signs, for example, inform passersby of your operating hours while led open signs make your clients feel welcome and appreciated by inviting them inside. When preparing custom led open signs to be displayed in your store, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

• Specify your operating hours by differentiating between the mornings and afternoons. Some establishments such as bars and restaurants start business hours in the early afternoon up until midnight while most shops open early in the morning and close at night. By distinguishing between morning and afternoon operating hours, you avoid confusing clients, which can lead to losing customers in the process.

• Tue – Thur is different from Tue, Thur. Tue – Thur means your store is open from Tuesdays until Thursdays while Tue, Thur means that you only operate every Tuesdays AND Thursdays. Again, by clearly stating your business hours, you inform your clients when they can come and visit your store.

• When hanging open signs with business hour signs, alternate the days and times consistently. Avoid changing styles to prevent passersby from getting confused. They will probably only glance at your open sign, so you only have seconds to get your information across. For example, say “M-F from 9-5, Sat-Sun from 10-4” every time.

• Exceptions will only lead to more confusion. Be brief and concise with your open signs and business hour signs. Instead of displaying “Open Daily Except Sundays”, say “Open Mon-Sat”. That way, customers don’t have to think about whether or not you operate on a certain day. Additionally, exceptions on operating 24 hours a day on certain days aren’t possible. If you are open 24/7, then your business is open Mondays to Sundays, even on the holidays.

• “Closed” days and times need not be displayed. Simply displaying your open times with open signs is enough for clients to be informed.
By keeping your open signs and business hour signs simple, potential customers will have an easier means of understanding the information you want to impart. Avoid confusion by being brief and concise.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What are LED Signs and Lights, Really?

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diodes. Electrons moving through a semiconductor material are the elements responsible for producing the light that we see on LED bulbs and LED signs. If well designed and well-manufactured, LED signs and lights are easy to operate and safe to touch – they are actually cool to the hand. Solid-state lighting (SSL) is a form of lighting technology that LED signs are a part of. This innovation in lighting technology may very well revolutionize lighting as we know it. LED lighting is energy efficient, which helps users save money by reducing electricity costs and demand.

LEDs do not scatter light which is what makes them more energy efficient as compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights. However, LED signs and lighting do have limitations. LED lights are still in its infancy stage and manufacturers are still in the process of finding a way to produce brighter LED bulbs to make these energy efficient items well-suited for general or ambient lighting. A single fixture may actually contain hundreds or even thousands of tiny LED bulbs just to make it brighter. Additionally, LED signs and bulbs are a tad bit more expensive that other bulbs on the market, but it’s worth the price since products using LED bulbs and lights will last longer, making them cheaper in the long run.

LED bulbs are now being applied to a lot of appliances and equipment – from digital clocks and watches to LED signs and LED open signs. At first, semiconductor material was costly, but its price has dropped, making LED products more affordable to the public. This price drop opened the door to more exciting, energy-efficient and environment- friendly lighting technology. Nowadays, LED light bulbs are virtually everywhere. Consumers, both individuals and businesses can purchase LED light bulbs and LED signs online and locally. With the advent of digital signage, LED lights are now the main source of light for signs and billboards.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Led Signs Advantage – Why Led Signs and Open Signs Bring Good Business

Led signs and open signs can increase your business’ sales. Led signs are great for small and big businesses alike because they inform passersby of your products or services with a minimum amount of information, which consequently, directs people to your location.

With the dynamic ability to attract people’s attention, led signs and open signs can exponentially increase your business’ visibility. After making the purchase, the only thing business owners are required to do is regularly update their sign to inform potential customers of their daily specials, business hours, or special promotions. Programmable led signs, which are easily operated through a remote computer, can create and store as many as 99 files at a time. Additionally, these useful marketing products are animated, featuring multiple movement selections such as scrolling and tornado effects. Whether you are having a promotion for Easter or Christmas, programmable led signs can help you convey the perfect message for every occasion and for the right target market.

If you own a small business, you have an advantage over your big name competitors and the ability to become a top provider for your region because the same people are usually always passing your establishment. Led signs are the perfect way to get customers in because when locals continuously see the animated sign posted on your business, they can easily remember the products and services that you offer. Led signs, thus, help your establishment become a reference point in a static city environment.

Using led signs has numerous advantages over other forms of marketing. Dynamic led signs are cheaper than advertising over the radio or television. Additionally, open signs deliver more coverage than other marketing tactics with a higher readership than traditional media. With the right usage, led signs and open signs can easily convert your location into cash. Advertising a different product every day can increase your visibility and sales.

Led signs and open signs create increased exposure and name recognition for small businesses. This type of advertising and digital signage is the best tool to use to attract customers, inform people of your products and services, and to let people know about your updated promotions. Get the exposure you deserve today with the perfect led sign for your business.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stand Out with LED Open Signs

For establishments to stand out, they need attractive LED signs and other programmable LED message boards to increase visibility and exposure to passersby, potential clients, and current customers.

One way to keep business alive is by displaying an open sign. Open signs displayed on windows or doors make your customers feel welcome. It invites them to come in, look, and browse through your shop. However, it’s not enough to just hang simple open signs. To stand out, open signs should be bright enough that people would actually look at your sign. Thus, led open signs are not only colorful, they are animated too.

LED open signs are safe to touch and operate. They are able to operate for a maximum of 100,000 hours before replacement. In addition, LED open signs are brighter than neon signs, thereby making it a better option when it comes to making your store stand out. What’s more important, when LED open signs are displayed at your storefront, it ensures increased visibility.

Keep in mind that hundreds of people probably pass by your store every day. These people are all potential customers and it’s important to get their attention with attractive displays from your store. Bland and plain-looking open signs are not only dull but passersby cannot really see these from afar. With LED open signs, the bright hues of open signs can guarantee eye-catching messages, no matter how simple it looks.

Open signs silently broadcast that your store is open for business. It informs customers that you are ready to serve and meet their every need. No matter what business you’re running, whether it’s a convenience store, a Laundromat, or a beauty shop, open signs are a definitely good investment. Try it to believe.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spelling Out the Powers of Led Open Signs

The effects of utilizing outdoor signs, particularly an led open sign, to market your business cannot be emphasized enough. Not only are they bright, animated, and easy to operate, led open signs have other means of attracting customers to your establishment – whether it’s a cafe, a restaurant, a flower shop, a boutique, or a dry cleaning business.

Small businesses are the most prominent beneficiaries of the efficiency of led open signs. With open signs displayed in their stores, they are advertising that they are indeed open for business. They are ready to deal with customers and provide them with quality service. Open signs can be seen from afar, thus whether passersby are just driving or walking, they can see your open sign from a distance. Otherwise, if no open sign is displayed at your store, you’ll miss a huge number of customers who’ll just pass by your store, not knowing whether or not you’re open for business.

Led open signs are bestsellers because they are animated and colorful. Their attractiveness can be attributed to their bright lights. Therefore, led open signs are especially useful at night when passersby are looking for motels, restaurants, or diners to stop over. Open led signs are so powerful that not having one is just like leaving money out for another business to take.

You can hang all kinds of led signs and still not have a single customer if there is no open led sign displayed at your door. Open led signs may be the only indication that your business is ready and open to serve customers. Having a led open sign displayed at your door is a special invitation that makes customers want to come in. They feel welcome and appreciated, and thus bring good business to your store.

A variety of led open signs are available. Check out reputable led signs manufacturers to get the best deal for your business. Remember, led open signs are easy to operate, install, and last longer than neon signs. It’s your best bet to bring in good money for your business establishment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leading the way with a LED sign

With everybody else going digital, there’s no reason for you to be left off the bandwagon. As an entrepreneur, you should know how to take advantage of technological advancements, especially in a business atmosphere where competition is cutthroat. Being competitive used to mean spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising and marketing media. Thankfully, start-up entrepreneurs now have online LED sign manufacturers like AffordableLED.com to turn to for efficient, effective, and affordable LED signs to use in advertising and marketing.
Putting up an LED sign should not be taken for granted. Maximize every dollar spent on your LED sign by following these tips:
1. Keep it short and sweet. The message on your LED sign, that is. Remember that people are likely to just pass by on your LED sign. You have, at most, three seconds to convey your marketing message, so make every second count. Resist the urge to include kilometric adjectives and focus on the keywords that will make passersby turn into customers. If your wares are sold at half the price than the competitors, use that as your anchor to hook the customers.
2. It’s all about the location. Make sure your LED sign is placed where passersby or commuters can actually see it. Decide who your target audience is and then strategically place your LED sign within their line of vision.
3. Size matters. Vary the sizes of the words in your message. Highlight come-on words like sale, free or 50% off. Consider your potential reader’s distance from the LED sign when choosing the font size.
There are many LED sign providers in the market so it’s important to know the names you can trust. AffordableLED.com offers LED signs for business and other use. Log on now and stumble upon hot deals, great discounts and high-quality service and products.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Opening opportunities with your very own open sign

With so many new businesses being opened up every day, the competition for consumers’ attention has never been more intense. That, of course, should not stop enterprising individuals from starting a business. Budding entrepreneurs just need to find that edge over other players in the market. There are several ways to get ahead of your competitors, but you can start with the simplest one: put up your own open sign.

An open sign only has one word in it but it says a lot about your business. An open sign outside your establishment is an invitation for customers and potential customers to explore your wares. Open signs with bright colors, bold lettering, and eye-catching graphics will lure passersby into your store and thus, increases the possibility of making a sale.

Today’s technology allows you to have your open sign lit up in LED lighting, making it more effective as an advertising tool. A LED open sign is a good investment of your capital because if maintained properly, it will work for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year! In the long run, an open sign will prove to be a money saver because unlike other signs and advertisements, you do not have to constantly change or update it because the open sign’s sole message rings true all year round. An effective open sign can also become your business’ trademark or identity, and it can be the cue that gets customers to visit your establishment.

Digitalization is the name of the game and a LED open sign is your ticket in. Check out AffordableLED.com and open business opportunities with your very own open sign

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creating Effective Campaigns with Programmable LED Message Boards

Programmable LED message boards are one of the top advertising tools businesses employ to maximize their marketing budget. Aside from being able to customize messages and information, programmable LED message boards have animation features that passersby will find entertaining. Additionally, these digital signs can store multiple files and are easily programmable via remote keyboard. To effectively create efficient messages that will get the attention of your target audience, here are a few tips.

  1. When thinking of information to be displayed on your programmable LED signs, it’s important that you set a goal of what you want to achieve. By focusing on a specific purpose, the message you wish to convey will be clearer. LED signs offer limited space and it is essential that every inch is maximized in order to achieve its full potential.
  2. Know your budget. Planning for costs helps strategize features and options that are would be more effective for your programmable LED signs. LED signs are worth the investment not because they are more cost-efficient when compared to billboard advertising, programmable LED message boards can bring you the same amount of foot traffic and new customers.
  3. Use the right people to manufacture your LED signs. Canvass among top LED signs manufacturers and distributors in order to get a range of prices. Additionally, check for shipping costs and warranty as these will be equally important in the long run.
  4. For outdoor programmable message boards, extra care should be given due to certain factors such as weather. Though more durable and sturdy than indoor programmable LED signs, outdoor signs should also be protected with enclosures for longer-lasting operation.
  5. Having effective content is the key to successful LED signs advertising. Display interesting, informative and entertaining information to get your target audience hooked. Be innovative to help you stand out among your peers.

People love colors and with LED signs, you’ll find many. Mix and match advertising content to keep your message interesting to your target audience. Too much animation, on the other hand, can be distracting and will prove to be more harmful than beneficial. With programmable LED signs, getting brand recognition and increased exposure is just a step away.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Digital with Led Open Signs – A Surefire Way to Increase Sales

Digital signage such as open signs, led signs, and neon signs play a huge role in helping big and small businesses attract customers, thereby increasing sales and income. By advertising your business with led signs such as an open sign, you let the world know that you are open for business and ready to serve your clients and potential customers.
Signages are visual graphics designed to effectively pass on information to spectators and target audiences. People most often see led signs and other outdoor signage on buildings, streets, and walls. However, led signs and open signs are also displayed indoors, sometimes with the use of programmable message boards and business hour signs.
With led signs and open signs, businesses are guaranteed to be seen, even at night, because of the attractive lights that flash which are visually appealing whether it’s sunny, rainy, or snowing. They can be seen by all types of people – pedestrians, motorists, bikers, and truckers. Because of this, it’s important that led signs are colorful, bright, and unique.
Led signs are not only attractive, but they are safer and easier to operate as well. They can operate for as long as 100,000 hours with a lower consumption rate compared to other digital signage. Animated led signs come in a variety of colors and movements that passersby will find entertaining and amusing. With moving characters, funny images and effective slogans, customers will notice your business more.

An important tip for a more distinct led sign and open sign display is opting for a customizable and programmable message board. Led signs strategically placed at the most visible areas will guarantee lookers. Additionally, by using your company’s name and placing your logo on the led sign or open sign, passersby are bound to remember your establishment easily and effortlessly. Standing out among your peers and competitors is an essential advantage to get your business going.
By investing in led signs, establishments are guaranteed name recall and brand recognition. With a simple sign upgrade, this could equate to more sales, more income, and more customers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opening doors with open sign and LED sign

With the nation not entirely free from the clutches of global economic downturn, many businesses, big and small alike, are looking for ways to maximize their budgets. For small to medium enterprises, advertising and marketing are crucial expenditures. However, not everyone can afford a pricey spot on TV, radio, or in the local newspaper. Thankfully, advertising and marketing are not limited to these three major communication media. With a modest budget and a healthy amount of creativity and resourcefulness, businessmen can advertise their wares loud and proud with the help of LED signs such as an open sign.

LED signs are becoming increasingly popular due to its relatively low cost and powerful impact. Unlike traditional banners and tarpaulins, an LED sign commands more attention and is more durable and flexible. An LED sign also allows businessmen a quicker return on investment. Whereas traditional advertising media takes time before customers respond, LED signs instantly convert foot traffic to potential profit. One common example of an LED sign is the open sign. LED open signs instantly attract walk-in customers because of their vibrant colours. And because it is digital, entrepreneurs can do more with the design. LED signs like open signs also require minimal maintenance and can be useful for any business 24/7, 365 days a year without incurring additional cost if maintained properly.

For great deals and bargains on high-quality and durable LED signs and open signs, check out Affordable LED online. Affordable LED is an online supplier of reasonably priced and reliable LED sign, including open signs, for a wide range of indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Most Visible Areas to Display Led Signs

Led signs are purchased to attract customers because of their vivid hues and animated features. However, putting them in the wrong places is not just a waste of money, but a waste of time and effort as well. It’s best to put up led signs on structures that are visible and easy to view.
  • LED signs and displays placed on a tall building will not be seen by anyone. The higher the location of the led signs, the smaller it will look. Not only is this more expensive because of the additional apparatus to fix the LED walls, customers will have a difficult time looking at the displays as well. It’s best to display led signs on average-height buildings where passersby won’t need to exert extra effort just to get a glimpse of your advertisement.
  • LED signs on screen poles are the easiest and cheapest option. With up to ¾ meters in height, there are single or double poles that support the led signs up for display. There are companies who offer the metal structure along with the screen, and it is wise to purchase them together.
  • LED signs on trucks and other moving vehicles. Vehicles are a fast way to advertise because they move from one area to another. Not only does this present fewer problems, as no permission is needed from building owners, but displaying led signs on moving vehicles is also a less expensive means of advertising.
  • Indoor LED signs that hang are a good way of attracting customers. Locations such as the mall generate a lot of customers and with big led signs hanging from the roof. As they provide additional brightness, led signs will surely call attention from the passersby due to its bright hues.

Keep in mind that the primary reason that businesses put up led signs such as programmable led message boards or business hour signs is to let customers and passersby know that they are open for business. For some, a survey of the location is worth the effort because mounting led signs in just the right places means additional customers, name recognition, and increased sales.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Businesses Need LED Open Signs

Much has been written about the advantages of LED signs over neon signs and how using LED signs can be used to maximize business profits. However, not much has been said about an LED open sign. One may ask, “what is the use of having a LED open sign if my store hours are posted or painted on my door?” The answer is simple: to show people your business exists.
To further explain the need for LED open signs, below are certain examples of how these LED signs with a seemingly inconspicuous word such as ‘open’ may do wonders for a small business.

  1. Imagine people walking or driving by a neighborhood in the wee hours of the night. The brightly lit and flashing LED open sign of your coffee shop immediately urges and invites people to warm up and pill in for a quick cup of espresso. Had a LED open sign been unavailable, the parcel of light coming from your shop would not have drawn people near.
  2. Your little diner is located along the highway. People drive by quickly without taking a second look at your store. Be noticed with LED open signs that can be seen from a distance. From afar, invite drivers to slow down and grab a quick bite to eat before heading off.
  3. You have a little barber shop that just opened up down the street. People who are quite familiar with the shops located in the area would not know you exist if an attention-grabber, such as glowing LED open signs, is not present. Who knows? People who badly need a trim will notice you right away.
  4. It’s raining or snowing awfully hard, impairing the vision of drivers or passersby. LED open signs, however, continue to flash and animate even during extreme weather conditions. Your LED open sign will immediately be noticed even from afar, inviting people to your shop.   
Whatever business it may be, LED signs are great advertising tools that provide visibility and drive traffic to your business. LED open signs serve as invitations, telling people you are present and ready to do business.  Most importantly, the radiant and flashing colors of LED open signs create a festive mood, making people feel safe and happy to do business with you even at night.