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Stand Out with LED Open Signs

L7005 - Open LED Sign
For establishments to stand out, they need attractive LED signs and other programmable LED message boards to increase visibility and exposure to passersby, potential clients, and current customers.

One way to keep business alive is by displaying an open sign. Open signs displayed on windows or doors make your customers feel welcome. It invites them to come in, look, and browse through your shop. However, it’s not enough to just hang simple open signs. To stand out, open signs should be bright enough that people would actually look at your sign. Thus, led open signs are not only colorful, they are animated too.

LED open signs are safe to touch and operate. They are able to operate for a maximum of 100,000 hours before replacement. In addition, LED open signs are brighter than neon signs, thereby making it a better option when it comes to making your store stand out. What’s more important, when LED open signs are displayed at your storefront, it ensures increased v…

Spelling Out the Powers of Led Open Signs

L6005 - Open Pizza LED Sign The effects of utilizing outdoor signs, particularly an led open sign, to market your business cannot be emphasized enough. Not only are they bright, animated, and easy to operate, led open signs have other means of attracting customers to your establishment – whether it’s a cafe, a restaurant, a flower shop, a boutique, or a dry cleaning business.
Small businesses are the most prominent beneficiaries of the efficiency of led open signs. With open signs displayed in their stores, they are advertising that they are indeed open for business. They are ready to deal with customers and provide them with quality service. Open signs can be seen from afar, thus whether passersby are just driving or walking, they can see your open sign from a distance. Otherwise, if no open sign is displayed at your store, you’ll miss a huge number of customers who’ll just pass by your store, not knowing whether or not you’re open for business.

L6004 - Open Hair Cut LED Sign Led open si…

Leading the way with a LED sign

With everybody else going digital, there’s no reason for you to be left off the bandwagon. As an entrepreneur, you should know how to take advantage of technological advancements, especially in a business atmosphere where competition is cutthroat. Being competitive used to mean spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising and marketing media. Thankfully, start-up entrepreneurs now have online LED sign manufacturers like to turn to for efficient, effective, and affordable LED signs to use in advertising and marketing.
Putting up an LED sign should not be taken for granted. Maximize every dollar spent on your LED sign by following these tips:
L5000 - Pharmacy LED Sign 1. Keep it short and sweet. The message on your LED sign, that is. Remember that people are likely to just pass by on your LED sign. You have, at most, three seconds to convey your marketing message, so make every second count. Resist the urge to include kilometric adjectives and focus on the key…

Opening opportunities with your very own open sign

L8203 - SUSHI BAR LED Sign
With so many new businesses being opened up every day, the competition for consumers’ attention has never been more intense. That, of course, should not stop enterprising individuals from starting a business. Budding entrepreneurs just need to find that edge over other players in the market. There are several ways to get ahead of your competitors, but you can start with the simplest one: put up your own open sign.An open sign only has one word in it but it says a lot about your business. An open sign outside your establishment is an invitation for customers and potential customers to explore your wares. Open signs with bright colors, bold lettering, and eye-catching graphics will lure passersby into your store and thus, increases the possibility of making a sale.
L8350 - Pho LED Sign
Today’s technology allows you to have your open sign lit up in LED lighting, making it more effective as an advertising tool. A LED open sign is a good investment of your capital b…

Creating Effective Campaigns with Programmable LED Message Boards

PHS-100 -- Programmable Business Hour Sign
Programmable LED message boards are one of the top advertising tools businesses employ to maximize their marketing budget. Aside from being able to customize messages and information, programmable LED message boards have animation features that passersby will find entertaining. Additionally, these digital signs can store multiple files and are easily programmable via remote keyboard. To effectively create efficient messages that will get the attention of your target audience, here are a few tips.When thinking of information to be displayed on your programmable LED signs, it’s important that you set a goal of what you want to achieve. By focusing on a specific purpose, the message you wish to convey will be clearer. LED signs offer limited space and it is essential that every inch is maximized in order to achieve its full potential.Know your budget. Planning for costs helps strategize features and options that are would be more effective for yo…