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Catchy Destination Signs Through a Scrolling LED Sign

Destination signs are vital to any traveler whether in transit or walking.  It’s time to make these signs more fun! Having clearer and attractive road signs are far more helpful than the conventional signs that we are used to.  In this day of speed and technology, the use of a scrolling led sign as a destination sign is becoming more and more popular and evident.  It doesn’t only add interest to the traveler, but it also increases awareness of the many pre-cautionary signs that are out there.  These programmable led signs are also used to keep people updated of the latest news, events, accidents, road works and other details pertinent to the traveler.
A scrolling led sign comes in different types.  They are now widely used on the road, train stations, airports, bus terminals, and in different public establishments.  Due to its animated effects and eye-catching colors, these programmable message boards are a huge hit in this technology-driven age.  Whether its indoor, outdoor or just a s…

Be Creative

Play around with your scrolling led sign and be imaginative.We are gearing towards the creative generation and if you want to stand out, you have to innovate.A scrolling led sign project can be a good start.You can accessorize by using it as a wristwatch, a decorative belt, a dangling earring or even a necklace.You can also play around with the colors, the animation and the font of your scrolling led sign.Moreover, its lightweight characteristic makes it easier to install and detach should you want to replace it.There’s no limit on how you would want your message to appear as long it’s within the capacity of your programmable message board.A scrolling led sign will give you unlimited ideas as long as your imagination is boundless.Watch this video on how a customized text dot-matrix scrolling led sign was used to make a distinctive baseball cap.

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Taking The Sports Industry to A New Level Through A Scrolling LED Sign

Sports have never been so exciting with the use of technology and media. Ever imagine a watching an NBA game without those gleaming scoreboards or watching your favorite baseball team without the colorful ads flashing in front of you? It surely will be one boring game. Technology has indeed changed the way we watch sports nowadays. The presence of a scrolling LED sign in a game has revolutionized the sports industry. Let us start with the most basic and most obvious, the scoreboard. A lot has changed since the 1900s. From the manual scoreboard as shown on the image on your right to the most sophisticated scoreboard that we see on our TVs today. A scrolling led sign plays a very important role not only in showing the most updated score, but also in showing different advertisements from various sponsors. These programmable message boards help boosts the income of a particular state by means of advertising. It also helps sponsors target the right market for their particular product. It wor…

Scrolling LED Sign Used In License Plates

Technology is moving fast.Who would ever imagine that license plates would be used for advertising? Imagine driving around the city streets with all the lights and the animation attached to a licensed plate.Every time you’re in a traffic jam, you would see ads capturing your eyes because of its attractive colors. A scrolling LED sign would also be a good idea.Instead of just a plain digital plate, why not use a scrolling led sign that will showcase different ads from different companies? In an article posted last June 2010, Senator Curren D. Price Jr tasked the DMV to look into the emerging use of Digital Electronic License Plate (DELP) technology as another means of advertising.DMV was authorized to partner with innovation companies through SB 1453, a bill passed out of the Senate on May 28, 2010 on a vote of 25-0, to research, develop and implement the new technology without any additional cost to the DMV or the State. According to Senator Price, this project would also create fres…

Scrolling LED Signs Used In Church Setting

Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in the life of the church.The more advanced you are, the more you attract people.You would see alot of Mega Churches in Northern America that are now on the rise.A mega church is a church having 2,000 or more in average attendance per week.Most of these churches occupy stadiums and big theaters. In fact, some would have their own structures as well. Using LED screens is now a hit with these churches. It enhances their worship services and it adds to the beautyof their preaching.Imagine aworship service that flashes their songs in a huge scrolling led sign.That would be quite an experience. The keyword or main points of the sermon can also be flashed in a scrolling led sign, allowing the whole congregation to see it while enjoying the preacher’s sermon at the same time. These programmable message boards are now dominating the world of advertising and marketing.These led signs are now also capturing the spiritual arena. When it comes to s…