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Installing Lighted Sign for Your Business in 2014

Here’s to another year for your business! Are you into making New Year’s resolution? The first few weeks of the year is a great opportunity to build up new strategies and plot new direction for your business.

If you have struggled in building your brand identity last year, it’s also high time to try different approach in establishing better brand recall and making your business more recognized in your area. One of the ways to set your business apart from competitors and gain more followers is through the development of brand identity through the signs you use in your store.

Hanging an electronic business sign in your store easily gives it a modern and updated look. If you have been using traditional printed sign, you can start giving your store an instant makeover by switching to LED powered open sign.

Advantages of LED open sign

Switching to LED is one of the most practical decisions you can make when it comes to store signage. It consumes little electricity compared to Neon but is mo…

Small Business Tip: How to Save Energy during the Holidays

It's Christmas time in the city!
The good news is that, holiday means your business will be enjoying an increase in foot traffic and over all sales. Thanks to those who are taking advantage of the Holiday rush and other shopping perks like discounts and product deals.

On the hand, this is also the season where you will be spending money on added salary for your employees who will be rendering extra hours at work and also for other utilities that you need especially during the extended store hours.

As a smart businessman, you should be able to devise a strategy early on to avoid losing hard earned money on extra yet inevitable expenses, like energy charges, despite the demands of the season. This is especially true if you decided to create a Christmas Display that uses decorative lights or other electric powered materials such as digital display or electronic open sign in your store.

Here are some tips to get you through the holiday without spending too much on utility bills and e…

How Storefront Signs Can Increase Your Business

Luxury stores and fashion boutiques in popular shopping districts pride themselves with excellent storefront sign. Their goal is simple: get people to notice their brand, and effectively convince them to make a purchase.

First time visitors and pedestrians often judge a store depending on the way perceive the storefront of an establishment. This way, they can easily distinguish one business from another and create a quick judgment on which store can offer the solution to their desires and needs.

More established brands in the industry invested a big part of their budget in creating an impressive storefront. Some of them even use sophisticated electronic message board and LED open sign to enhance their space. Small businesses, especially those on the start-up stage, can exponentially benefit in having an exciting exterior sign.

Building a Brand through Storefront Sign
One key in using a storefront sign to promote your business is by using a specific color that represents your brand. Co…

What Do Costumers Want From Your Business?

At the beginning of businesses, entrepreneurs are almost pretty sure of what they want and how they can achieve it. Other businesses even invest great resources to learn about the needs of their customers and how they can offer products and services to satisfy those needs. But as we go into the usual day to day activities in our store, what really matters somehow get lost with the waves of different things to do and the need to play well in the competition.

To keep ourselves on track, it is highly important to look back and see what our customers want from our businesses. This will affect how we conceptualize our business strategies, and it can have a great impact on the success or the failure of the business in the future.
Feeling at Home and Welcomed
Most costumers don’t ask you to go out of your way every time they push the door into your store, but an unwelcoming attitude and indifference can turn off customers and can prevent them from coming back to your store again. A bright an…

How to Avoid Buying Low Quality LED Open Sign

Just one click in the internet can lead you to different LED companies that promise to give you every kind of LED sign for your business.  With just a couple of phone call and exchange of correspondence, you can find a sales person who is ready to give you discount and amazing deals. But how can you really make sure that the signage you want to put on your storefront is of high quality?

Your electronic business sign plays a big part in your business. It can either be an asset or a liability depending on its performance. LED open sign hanging on your store front is your first tool to engage customers and encourage them to step inside your store. When you settle for Low quality LED sign, it may also affect the people’s first impression about your business.

Here are some ways on how you can avoid buying low quality LED sign.

1.Understand How LED sign works
You don’t need to become an expert, you just have to understand some basic technical terms about digital signage and how it can affect…

The 5 Commandments of Using LED Open Sign

Light emitting diode is one of the greatest technologies that ever happened when it comes to electronic business signage. It’s clear, energy efficient, and can last long hours without overheating. Although LED open sign and programmable scrolling signs are often more expensive, it will surely benefit your business in a longer period of time.

But even using LED sign requires proper handling to make sure it’s effectiveness and efficiency. Here are five simple commandments of using LED open sign for optimum results.

1.Buy Open Sign only from trusted manufacturer or distributor
Before getting an electronic business sign for your store, make sure that you’ve done enough research about different LED companies. Take note of how they respond to your inquiries as well as the quality of their products. Buying from a trustworthy distributor can save you from a lot of problem in the future so be sure not to skip this process.

2.Install it properly with the help of a professional
Some LED company of…

See How Easily You Can Make Your Store Better With LED Open Sign

With the Holidays coming, we all want to make things look better for our business. From the store interior to product display to the store front and window display, we go the extra mile to sure that everything will be pleasing to our customers this season. To further ensure that we drive enough traffic to our store, we have to give more emphasis to improving our window display and store exterior designs.

One way to make your store better this Holiday season, is by installing an attractive open sign for your business. It’s the perfect tool to help you make your store more noticeable to anyone who’s going to pass by your store. Here are some other reasons why you should use the latest LED technology in your store.
1.Open Sign illuminates your spaces Unlike traditional business signs, LED open sign is available in bright and colorful designs that can help brighten up your store space. It is also available in scrolling or blinking function so you can easily capture the eyes of your costumers…

When To Use LED Open Sign For Your Business

More and more businesses nowadays are investing to new kinds of business signage. From the traditional printed signs to bright neon sign, we are now noticing a lot of businesses that are using LED powered signs in their establishments starting from the bright and blinking open sign to different sizes of LED digital displays.

If you’re going to think about it, using LED sign has a lot of advantages over traditional advertising tool. But as most businessmen believe, investing in electronic signage requires a big amount of money. To give you a quick guide on your store sign needs, here is an article that will give you an idea on when you should use LED open sign for your business.

When you have limited space in high traffic area If you own a small store in a high traffic area like bus terminals and shopping districts, it’s easy for your store to get lost among the different establishments in your area. To get your store easily noticed by your target audience, hang a colorful open sign …

Launching New Product This Holiday Season? Here are some tips!

Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone, including businessmen and start up entrepreneur. As people start coming up with their shopping list and getting unique gift items for everyone, it’s important that you offer something refreshing and innovative in your store. Aside from your usual best sellers, Holiday season is also the best time to update your LED outdoor sign with your latest product offerings.

As people engage in more shopping activities during Holidays than any other time of the time, it can definitely be a perfect time to launch new product under your brand. By doing this, you can easily promote it to the people who are coming in your store for their holiday shopping and establish it as one of your major items in the long run.
Timing is Important Revealing the latest addition to your product offering is all about timing. Observe your customers and see when they are most likely to visit your store and what time to they usually do their shopping. F…

Restaurant Business: Halloween Promotions with LED Sign

It’s time for something spooky, fun and creative. With the kids and kids at heart doing a Trick or Treat, you too can celebrate Halloween in your restaurant with unique and fun dishes that can tickle the imagination of your customers.

If you’re going to run a big promo or planning on creating a special menu, make sure to use the right marketing strategy and promotional tool like LED sign, open sign and other electronic message board to make sure your Halloween celebration a total hit.
When you have a restaurant, creating a special seasonal dish is essential in keeping your customers interested. It gives a breath of fresh air to your usual menu and keeps your dishes fun and exciting. If you have a programmable Indoor LED sign or planning to have one for your restaurant, here are some ways to use it to highlight your Halloween menu.
Use Creative Names for your Halloween Dishes Turn the most usual food into something scary by using names that comes from a Halloween icon or movie ch…

Restaurant Business Sign: Entice Your Customer with LED Menu Board and Other LED Signs

Having restaurant business is more than having a delicious food. With all the food establishments in your area, you have to make sure that you have something unique that can entice diners to try your dishes. This will surely drive more customers into your restaurant and can make dining more enjoyable for everyone.
One way to attract more customers into your store is by presenting your menu in through a writable LED sign. This will whet the appetite of anyone who will pass by your store and will encourage them to invite their family and friends for an exciting dinner or lunch at your restaurant.
Exciting Dishes, Catchy Content
To maximize the use of LED sign in your business, create a catchy content that can highlight your menu even better. Come up with a tag tine that can build easier recall and make your store more popular among foodies. If you want to promote a new dish or highlight your daily specials, you can come up with a catchy content then display it through your digital busin…

Promoting Your Salon Services through LED Sign

The busiest time of the year for any business will soon be here again. The holiday season is one thing great to look forward to whatever business you have. If you are really serious about having a business that can be successful this season, this is the right to set your plans and implement any improvement in your marketing and advertising strategies.

If you are into salon and beauty services business, today is the best time to prep up your store for the coming peak season. As we celebrate the yuletide season, people will be preparing for company parties, get together, and reunions. Ladies will be looking for a beauty salon that can help them look great in time for their parties. Get your Salon ready for the ladies who will be looking for your services this season through outdoor LED sign.
LED Sign for Beauty Salons Making your store more visible to the public can have a positive effect on your salon business. This will help draw more foot traffic to store and eventually increase sale…

Enhancing Customer Experience with LED Sign

Every time a customer walks inside your store, he is looking for something to satisfy his needs or something that can make his life more comfortable. If he is a first time visitor, he will also build his first few impressions about your brand just soon after he pushed the door entrance. For small business owners, this first encounter is crucial an important factor if that customer will become a future loyal patron or just another passerby in your store.
How you present your brand and your business is important in retaining customers and keeping them happy. Their loyalty often depends on the quality of the products you sell, the services they get and the overall shopping experience they have inside your store. If you’re determined to build your brand and be successful in your chosen field, investing in a high quality LED sign can help you achieve your goals.
Welcoming Customers with LED Open Sign
Displaying a flashing open sign on your store front gives a welcoming impression and info…

Making an Impact with Your LED Business Sign

Your simple outdoor sign can do more in terms of branding your business than other advertising means. You might think that that signage in your window display might have a little effect in your business, but when shoppers decide where to buy, they rely on what they can see in different store signage in their area.

The kind of message display outside your store leaves a lasting impression to the people in your area. They will either remember you when they’re thinking of a place to eat or when they need to buy shoes or bag, or they may not even cross their mind at all.  With a powerful business sign, you can create an impact that can bring success to your business and create a stronger brand for your company.
Time to Update Your Business Sign
If you are still sticking with printed signs, you must be missing a lot. Illuminated Open sign can capture the attention of more passersby and a scrolling programmable LED sign can display keeps your message fresh and updated. In times when competi…

Printed Sign to LED Sign: When Should You Switch?

Long ago, printed business signs work for most business. It’s affordable and widely accessible to small and medium businesses. However, the advances in technology paved the way to a more sophisticated, powerful and effective form of business advertising. Today, what used to be an effective form of marketing is deemed boring or unexciting. Clear, catchy and animated digital sign is the new marketing tool.

Printed store signs were a big thing in the past, but today, businesses rely not just in bold colorful fonts but in cool effects and animation as well to deliver their message across their customers. Business Signs made from LED are now making waves in the industry. Is it time for you to switch to LED Sign? Here are 3 tell all signs that you need to watch out for.
#1 Your business is getting behind the competition
Have you observed your neighborhood? Have you seen a restaurant or fashion boutique ripping the benefits of having an Open LED Sign? As soon customers walk around your area…

Important Signage You Can Use in Your Business

Installing different signage in your store is essential in not just promoting your business but also in keeping your customers well informed about your business. Investing on a high quality business sign can help give your customer a better shopping experience and will make them more comfortable while doing business with you.

There are different signage that you can use to spice up your store. While it’s easy to just settle for simple, cheap and low quality signs, investing on a modern store signage can help drive more foot traffic and raise more sales. Aside from effectively sending out messages to your target market, an LED business sign can create a lasting impression to passersby and will influence the purchasing behavior of  your customers.
Here’s a quick list that can give you an idea on what kind of store signage you can use for your own business.
Open Sign The best way to greet your costumer and make them feel comfortable in your store is by putting a business sign that welco…

Small Business Essential: LED Open Sign

No business is too small is to succeed. If you have the right products, the best location and other resources for your business, you can definitely work your way to making your product known in the business industry. However, having the right marketing tool can make your job easier and can help your brand gain popularity in a shorter period of time.

One of the most basic yet essential tools for small business entities is a catchy Open sign. A lot of small business owners often neglect the potential of hanging this sign on their window display. But if you want to make sure that every passer-by will take notice of your store, you should consider investing in a quality open sign.
A clear, well lit open sign sends out a message that you are open for business and ready to serve the needs of your customers. It gives people a feeling of anticipation and curiosity about what’s inside your store and makes them feel welcome to try your services. A lot of first time visitors think twice before…

Why You Should Invest in a Quality LED Open Sign

It’s just one word but for small business owners, this sign can be a powerful tool to drive more customers and encourage first time buyers to come back for more. An attractive, LED powered “Open” sign can help increase the amount of foot traffic flowing into your business resulting to increased sale and more established brand. But with the initial cost that you need to spend for an open sign, is it really worth investing in?

What kind of business can use an Open Sign? Almost all kind of business can use a LED business sign but those who own a restaurant, a spa, or a convenience store can take advantage of this marketing tool.
For a bar and restaurant that opens until midnight, an open sign is a great way to reach out to your customers even in a low light environment. As customers look for available places to hang out in the middle of the night, a bright open sign can lead them into your bar or restaurant. And because it can be viewed even from a long distance, it can be seen by more …

Make Your Small Business More Recognizable with LED Sign

If you want your business to succeed, you have to put your name out there where everybody can recognize your products and services. In order to reach more of your target market, you have to learn how to use different marketing and strategies to promote your brand.
Investing in making your business more recognizable must be one of the best decisions you will make for your venture. Once you are able to build awareness among your customers about your brand, you will experience evident increase in sales and foot traffic.

Open Sign Let your business shine with a bold open sign in front of your store. This way, you can make sure that everyone will notice your restaurant or fashion boutique even from a long distance. A flashing tri-color opensign can encourage people to check your store and encourage unplanned purchase or first time visitors.
Programmable Business Hour Sign Do your competitors open a little late in the morning? Why not begin your day an hour or so earlier than most establ…

How to Make LED Sign More Effective

LED sign is a solid investment for any business. It can drive more customers and deliver timely messages that are essential in keeping your store thriving and operational. But like any other investments, you must learn how to utilize its potential to make every dollar you spent worth it.

As soon as you decide to purchase an LED open sign, or scrolling LED sign, you have to familiarize yourself with the terms and different factors that can help you use electronic message board more effectively. Read product manual, consult experts, or read review to help you get acquainted with this technology. However, to help you gain advantage of your LED display there are simple guidelines to follow.
This LED powered signage is more readable compared to other traditional message boards especially at night time or in low light environment. Maximize this by making sure that your entire message is readable and engaging.

Also remember to keep your text short and readable in normal reading speed. Some …

Communicate Effectively by Using LED School Sign

For a school to accomplish its goals and vision, it is important to get the participation of the personnel, faculty, the local government, and students as well as their parents. An upcoming event will become unsuccessful if people are disengaged and indifferent about the happening in and around the school.

As a part of the school administration, it is important to acknowledge that communication serves a big role in keeping people together to accomplish what needed to be done for the students and the community. Investing in a communication tool that allows you to capture people’s attention, get them informed and updated, giving them more options to participate, is one step closer to achieving unity and camaraderie inside the school system.
One of the most powerful communication tools you can have is an LED School sign. If you already have one in your school, let us show you a couple of tips on how you can use its full potential in delivering your message and getting people to be invol…

9 Energy Saving Tip You can Use in Your Business this Summer

When summer heat is stressing you out, it’s easy to turn the AC in full blast and get cooling fans work overtime.  But with the surging electricity bills and the significant slowdown in business every summer, it’s a must to be wise about your spending and energy consumption.

With little creativity and adjustments - such as switching from traditional sign to LED sign, or incandescent with compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs - you can significantly cut the cost of your electricity bills while still being cool this season.
However, cutting the electricity cost for your business doesn’t happen overnight. The decision to be energy efficient doesn’t just end there. It also must be followed with small changes in company policies, business practices as well as company equipment. Here are some things that you can use to save cost in electricity expenses of your business.
- Make use of natural lights - It’s summer and usually bright and sunny outside. If you own a restaurant, take…

Update Your Ice Cream Shop this Summer with LED Sign!

It’s summer! And the best thing to do, next to going to the beach or having a weekend getaway, is enjoying cold treats to ease away the heat. While different establishments and restaurants offer cold treats like ice creams, you can also make it big in this business this season.

As people look for ways to freshen up or just enjoy good times amidst the summer heat, now is the right time to give your ice cream shop an update. Start by cleaning your store, putting more available flavors on your menu board and painting your store with more summery colors. Aside from that, you can give your business a much needed boost by putting up an outdoor LED sign to attract more customers.
Compared to traditional electronic signage, LED signs emit less heat making it more summer friendly. It also uses less electricity so you don’t have to worry about surging bills and increased business expenses. For catchier signage, you can use colored display that has the ability to flash different visually appeal…

Money Saving Tip When Buying LED Sign

A lot of businessman hesitates about making the switch from traditional signs to LED signs because of the expenses that goes with it. The thought of investing a significant amount of money in your store sign can be a little daunting. The good news is that, with the use of some research and creativity, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of using LEDs in your business without spending too much.

If you've finally decided to make the switch, it’s important to realize that you can definitely save a lot of money when buying LED if you just know how to do talk to the right person, do your research and make the right deal.
Know your Sales Person Like any transaction in your business, it is important to know the person that you’re dealing with. His expertise, sincerity and practicality will directly affect how you’re going to spend your money with his products. Aside from making sure that he comes from a reputable LED manufacturer, it is important to gauge his knowledge and experience i…

LED Sign for Pawnshops and Loaning Business

When a person urgently needs quick and easy loan, a nearby pawnshop can be exactly what he’s looking for. If you’re engaged in this kind of business, it’s important to be where people need you to be and when they need loan the most. Sometimes, a flashing LED sign that says “pawnshop” can just be the answer to their urgent needs that is why it is necessary to keep your store sign out there – clear, bold, and catchy.

Pawning business had been around since ancient days and had been the source of quick easy loans for most people from different eras. While banks don’t process loans quickly, pawnshops process loans fast with the help of little collateral and little interest. This type of business also helped save lives, properties, education and even other small businesses.
Choosing Store Sign for Pawnshops As a loaning business, it is important to have your business visible to a lot of people. You can do this by putting advertisements in high traffic areas to make sure that people will be …

LED Signs for Transportation Business

Summer season is a time when family and friends spend the most time traveling in different tourist destinations in the country as well as abroad. Weddings, reunions, parties and other get together activities happen during this fun and sunny months. This is also the time when transportation business as well as other tourism related business experience boosts in sales and revenues.

If you are into transportation business, this is also the best season to invest in advertising tools that will surely help you in establishing better brand image and making your services available to more customers. One technology that can help you strengthen your advertising efforts without having to break the bank is through affordable quality LED Signs.
With LED Signs you can send out strong and catchy messages that can reach your target market in the shorter period of time. When it is placed outside your store or in other strategic places, your business will soon experience improvements in sales and mar…

How Local Tourism Benefits from LED Signs and Displays

Traveling especially to unfamiliar places is definitely more difficult without signs and symbols that can lead your destination. However, a poorly written or an unnoticeable sign won’t do any good for tourists or even everyday commuters. A clear message board or traffic signals help in making the traveling easier and more comfortable especially for local and international tourists.

One of the ways to create a highly noticeable and readable sign is by using affordable LED sign in different road signs and notices. If you’re going to look around, you will notice how a simple scrolling LED sign that sends a significant message can greatly benefit the local tourism of any travel destination.
Welcome Visitors with LED signs As soon as visitors enter a city, they will instantly feel at ease with a simple welcome message or greetings scrolling in bus stations, airports or sea ports. This sends out a remarkable first impression and instantly makes certain places a tourist friendly destination.…