Friday, April 26, 2013

LED Sign Advertising for Restaurants and Cafes

Food business is usually profitable and easy to manage. If you have the right menu and the best location, you are sure to build customer followers in no time. But if you are having a difficulty in making your restaurant known in your area, maybe you also have to reconsider your marketing and advertising strategies and devise a more creative way of promoting your store. If you haven’t think of a new way to boost your sales and popularity, now is the time explore the world of LED signs and how it works best for your business.

What exactly is LED?

LED stands for light emitting diode that produces lights in a more efficient way than normal incandescent lights. LED is gaining more and more popularity nowadays because of its energy efficiency and more environment friendly attributes. It is also used in TVs, traffic lights, computer monitors, billboards and even cellphones. Quality LEDs are also said to last longer than other light producing bulbs thus costing less than the traditional ways of electronic advertising.

How to can Use LED sign in your restaurant

It is important to determine your purpose before purchasing LED signs. If you wish to make your store more popularly known in your area you can use an LED powered billboard in front of your store establishment or in the lobby of the building you are in. This is especially applicable for medium to large scale business.
Another way to use LED sign is to show prices, promote incoming holiday sales, inform customers about your daily specials and advertise other store location if there’s any.

How LED works for your restaurant business

A well planned signage can increase the visibility of your business and can make greater impression on the passersby in your area. It can also work in making your store stand out from other food businesses and can 
make logo or tag line recognition easier for customers.

Developing your brand image through excellent advertising and signage program can help you in establishing customer loyalty. This can have a long term effect on your business and can help you keep up with competition over the years.

The key in being successful in food business is giving your customers a dining experience that is unlike any other in your area .That can ensure the satisfaction of your customers making them come back for more. Using LED signs in your restaurant business is a useful way to achieve this goal. Explore on variety of option on how and what LED sign to use.

As the world progresses and technologies advance, there  are a lot of things that you can do to improve business with LED signs. Stand by for more updates about LED signs and how it can help your business today!

Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Ways to Use Programmable LED in Retail Stores

Businessmen often think that an LED sign is just for large retailers but with the presence of affordable led these days, making use of LED signs in your small business can be possible. Today, you can see large to medium business establishments benefiting from the use of scrolling led in their business. From Spa, restaurants, boutiques, to bars, everybody who wants to keep their advertising fresh and real time can use LED sign in their businesses.

There are different ways to use LED signs in your retail store.

Welcome Customers
LED signs are usually placed in front window of a store to basically welcome customers or invite them to come over. The colorful lights and changing fonts can easily capture anyone’s attention and attract more people into your store. Make sure that you keep your display window organized and strategically designed to set an impression that can further improve your brand image.

Show Prices

When used indoor, LED signs can be used in showing prices, menus, discounts, promos and daily specials. Using affordable led signs allow you to program the text easily based on the need of your business. Incorporating LED lights in your store gives it a modern vibe and may draw in much younger crowd. Give them something to enjoy inside your store by using animated LED sign and impress everyone with your fun signs.

Greet Customers on Special Occasions!

A real business knows how to celebrate special occasions. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, holidays, Mother’s day or Halloween, it’s nice to celebrate these occasions with your customers. Send out greetings of good cheers to everyone who will come inside your store. Make your holidays extra special by having store sale or giving discount promos to everyone who will come over your store to celebrate the special day!

Announce Sale

Send out good news to all your customers with scrolling led signs! Make sure everybody knows that you’re having a special sale for your loyal customers by putting bright and colorful signs in your store front. Watch everyone gather around your store as you hold end of season sale or holiday sale and increase your income just by incorporating the right marketing strategy in your business. Start improving your venture by strategically putting led signs in your store.

Send Out Important Message

Are you changing your store hours? Going for a vacation and needs to close the store for few days? Do you want to look for new store staffs or managers? You can also use led signs to send out important messages to your customers. Led signs are often attention grabber, so your message can effectively reach your customers in no time.

Maximize the use of your LED signs by thinking of a way to use it effectively on your business. This way you can make use of your investment and see the results of incorporating LED signs in your store.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Advertising with LED Sign: How Big Should Your LED Display Be

Is size equal to performance? In some cases maybe yes, but for LED signs it’s an entirely different story. Determining the size of the electronic messenger you will use in your business is quite essential in the effectiveness of your advertising. Very small sign might go unnoticed but too big a LED sign can distract your customers.

Although a professional can easily give you an estimate on how big your LED display should be, it is also important to have a better understanding on the effects of size and visibility of your display. Realizing the need of your business and its advertising goal can help in your decision making. Before making a purchase, here are the things that you might consider:
  • ·         Type of Business
  • ·         Content or Message
  • ·         Volume of Traffic
  • ·         Flow or direction of Traffic
  • ·         Viewing Distance
  • ·         Sign Height or Elevation

Different kinds of businesses may have varying advertising needs and requirements. Restaurants, Spas, Real Estate, gadget or appliance stores need different kinds of LED sign because the content of their advertising may also vary. Stores that need visual presentation of their products may benefit from full color LED display but a monochrome LED sign can work as good for other business.

Aside from the nature of your business, the location of your establishment must also be given the right consideration. A shoe store in a high traffic area and a shoe store in low traffic area must use different signage strategy. To maximize the potential of your LED display, it is best to put it in a place where it can be seen by larger number of audience. If there is a little traffic in your area, you can use smaller but catchy LED Sign such as scrolling LED for practical reasons.

If your store is located along the highway and cars are usually crossing speedily, putting signs that can be viewed from a long distance is usually helpful. Having a large signage on highly elevated level will make your signage more noticeable to approaching cars and vehicles. You should also use bigger fonts for easier readability and message clarity.

LED signs clarity can be determined by the number of pixel ratio that is used in your sign. More pixel means crispier and clearer display thus making it fit for long distance viewing. If the display will be viewed in longer distance, you will not need as much as fine details in your ads. But if it can be seen by people in closer distance, you need to make your display clearer and more detailed.

Because LED signs are often catchy and easily noticeable, a small LED display that is put at the right spot can do wonders as much as bigger traditional ways of advertising. If you were able to decide on the size of your advertisement based on the above considerations, you can be assured that your signage program will be effective and efficient.

Lastly, the size of your LED display will depend on how much you are willing to invest on your advertisement. Remember that LED signs that are too big can be overwhelming for your customers, but a small unnoticeable sign can be just a waste of money.