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LED Sign Advertising for Restaurants and Cafes

Food business is usually profitable and easy to manage. If you have the right menu and the best location, you are sure to build customer followers in no time. But if you are having a difficulty in making your restaurant known in your area, maybe you also have to reconsider your marketing and advertising strategies and devise a more creative way of promoting your store. If you haven’t think of a new way to boost your sales and popularity, now is the time explore the world of LED signs and how it works best for your business.

What exactly is LED?
LED stands for light emitting diode that produces lights in a more efficient way than normal incandescent lights. LED is gaining more and more popularity nowadays because of its energy efficiency and more environment friendly attributes. It is also used in TVs, traffic lights, computer monitors, billboards and even cellphones. Quality LEDs are also said to last longer than other light producing bulbs thus costing less than the traditional ways …

5 Ways to Use Programmable LED in Retail Stores

Businessmen often think that an LED sign is just for large retailers but with the presence of affordable led these days, making use of LED signs in your small business can be possible. Today, you can see large to medium business establishments benefiting from the use of scrolling led in their business. From Spa, restaurants, boutiques, to bars, everybody who wants to keep their advertising fresh and real time can use LED sign in their businesses.

There are different ways to use LED signs in your retail store.
Welcome Customers LED signs are usually placed in front window of a store to basically welcome customers or invite them to come over. The colorful lights and changing fonts can easily capture anyone’s attention and attract more people into your store. Make sure that you keep your display window organized and strategically designed to set an impression that can further improve your brand image.
Show Prices
When used indoor, LED signs can be used in showing prices, menus, discounts…

Advertising with LED Sign: How Big Should Your LED Display Be

Is size equal to performance? In some cases maybe yes, but for LED signs it’s an entirely different story. Determining the size of the electronic messenger you will use in your business is quite essential in the effectiveness of your advertising. Very small sign might go unnoticed but too big a LED sign can distract your customers.

Although a professional can easily give you an estimate on how big your LED display should be, it is also important to have a better understanding on the effects of size and visibility of your display. Realizing the need of your business and its advertising goal can help in your decision making. Before making a purchase, here are the things that you might consider: ·Type of Business·Content or Message·Volume of Traffic·Flow or direction of Traffic·Viewing Distance·Sign Height or Elevation
Different kinds of businesses may have varying advertising needs and requirements. Restaurants, Spas, Real Estate, gadget or appliance stores need different kinds of LED …