Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Your Business Shines With the Right Open Sign

LED and open signs can drive traffic and can help businesses increase sales and generate income. Though investing in these signs are worth the risk, extra care and caution should be applied. This is especially true when looking for the perfect LED sign for your establishment. After all, your signage is one of the most visible and first things any customer will see that is related to your business. These visuals become your company's representations and also shape the initial impressions people have regarding your business. And remember what they say about first impressions? That's why it is very important to get your signs right. 

Here are some pointers on how to get your business to shine through your open sign:   

1. Open and LED signs should relay your business’ reputation.

This is especially true for small businesses that are just starting out. Attracting clients is an important phase in the beginning of any business, and having great signs makes everything that easier.  Of course, part of attracting attention would be to make sure the colors of your signs are striking, the grammar is spotless, and the logos are visually appealing.

2.     When scouting for an open sign manufacturer, compare warranties between companies.

Lifetime warranties should include face breakage, faulty workmanship, and defective materials. Research the company’s history, including how long the company has been in the industry, and if they’re able to stand behind their warranty. Also, ask around for feedback from previous clients. Remember that professional assistance regarding open and LED signs are a big plus.

3.     Know the speed limit of the traffic passing by the area where you will be installing the sign.

Also remember to consider the distance from the road, the primary use of the sign and most importantly your budget. Don’t spend extra money for a fancy sign if the speed limit near your business is too fast to read a sign.

4.     Onsite training and installation provided by the open sign company is an additional service you should consider.

Unlimited phone support and web-based training are services that should be included when you decide to work with a sign manufacturer. Do not sign up with a manufacturer that does not have ways for their customers to contact them. Shoddy customer service usually means shoddy and poor quality products as well. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reap the Benefits of Programmable Open Signs

Programmable LED signs are worth the investment because they keep costs to a minimum. Programmable led signs are perfect for small businesses but can also be purchased by savvy businessmen as well. Business establishments need not purchase new led signs for every campaign they market. Installation is already there so the only thing to worry about is the design.

Programmable open signs are plug-and-play. Given the right instructions, anyone can install these led signs. Because set-up is easy to understand, increasing brand awareness is simple once mounting the led signs are accomplished. Though programmable led signs are plug-and-play devices, the most important equipment one should have is a computer. Programmable led signs can be designed by using a computer, as well as set the presentations at different pre-programmed times. Through a computer, commercial time is effectively managed as well as the target market because everything can be set according to the business needs of the establishment.
Programmable led signs have certain features that are a huge advantage over traditional LED signs:

With programmable led signs, it’s easier to customize the animation features. With this feature, businesses can put any information or graphics they want such as the company logo or brand name.

Certain programmable led signs come in vandal-proof. Layers of aluminum protect the inside and outside of the LED signs, making it resistant to stones and other damages

Clock, Time, and Temperature Display
These features are often pre-built in programmable led signs. By customizing the time and temperature, more passersby will see the programmable led signs displayed in your establishment.

Just like traditional led signs, programmable led signs have a strong visibility and feature other languages as well. They are also available in four lines or two lines, or the more traditional single line LED signs. Because of these, programmable led signs are a positive addition to any establishment. Invest in one. Just sit back and relax while waiting for the increase in sales led signs can bring to your business.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Can Have a Scalable Business, Too

You may be thinking of buying an LED sign for your store already, but then something is stopping you. You are second guessing yourself with your business idea. Will your business be a success? Will you just be wasting time, effort, and lots of money? How soon can you recover your investment and actually earn income from it? Your questions can be answered if you are sure that you have a scalable business.
Image source: Stack Exchange

What exactly is a scalable business? Simply put a scalable business is a successful one,  the main factor of which is its ability to grow and meet demands – whether of a growing market, of the owner’s need to earn more, or some other factor. So, before switching on that open sign of yourstore, here are some factors to consider so you can check if your business is scalable:

·        A business idea should be seen with a set of fresh eyes first, as it should be something new, ground-breaking, and innovative, among others.
Even if you are thoroughly convinced that your idea for a business will work, you still need other people’s opinions. This is because your passions and the resources you have invested into making your ideas a reality can come into play. In other words, you will have biases. And by a fresh set of eyes, I mean somebody who can give an objective view of your business. Someone who has a lot of business know-how but engaged in a different line of business can perhaps help you sort out the kinks of your business idea.

·        Having several scalable business ideas is good, but caution must be exercised into trimming down the option to that single idea you will be investing on.
When has having many ideas ever bad? In a lot of scenarios! That’s why the publishing world has editors, that’s why the entertainment industry has critics, and that it why the business world has advisors who can help people with loads of ideas edit, edit, and edit. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff, distinguish winners from the rest of the field. Somebody must bring you back to earth and make you realize that not all your business ideas will work. Some of them will do, some of them will crash. Get a dose of reality, as it never hurts anyone.

Getting your idea for a business needs someone with the right acumen, so before switching on that open sign, you need to be assertive and acute with your decisions.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don’t Be Your Own Road Block

Now that you have a business idea, congratulations are in order. Wait, you’ve had that business idea since 2010? Are you still waiting for further inspiration to strike? Is your LED sign gathering dust on one corner, and your open sign still uninstalled? In the first place, do you have the lease on your store space already? No? You must be one hell of a procrastinator!

Image source: Making Mountains Move
The thing about delaying things to do until the last minute is that people who are more industrious and punctual may prove to be your antagonists. Having a brain that’s full of ideas and knowledge is one thing, but those who are knowledgeable and industrious, and those who do things on time, those who “strike while the iron is hot” have the deadly combination. And by deadly, I mean deadly to people like you, procrastinators. People who deal with things with a sense of urgency will be your downfall, especially when the both of you have the same business idea. While that person is already running your business, you may still be putting off things for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Unless you do not put an end to that cycle, you will be left to eat that other person’s dust, not to mention the dust off your still uninstalled open sign.

So, get out of the rut you’ve snuggled comfortably into and stop procrastinating. It may be easier said than done, so here are some pieces of advice to set you to be a more proactive person: 

  • Specific deadlines and clear goals on what should be finished within a schedule are better than clumping all tasks for a 'big' day.
There are a lot of people who delay doing things and wait for one day when they feel they have all; the energy, inspiration, and all the factors needed to do everything that needs to be done. The thing is, what if something happens on that “big day”? What if you suddenly fall sick? What if there is a power interruption? What if you suddenly feel lethargic? That’s a lot of backlogged work to be backlogged anew. Do a number of things every day and do not wait for divine inspiration or a burst of energy to happen in a single day.

  • Pit-stops and unrelated activities that take time like web browsing and other distractions should be eliminated.
Focus on the task at hand. Do not let things like surfing on the Internet derail you. Something common among procrastinators: excuses. If you can’t work because you don’t “function in a dirty room,” so you’d need to clean up first, then transfer to another room and work ASAP. If you are waiting for your excuses to stop, then you’ll be amazed at how many you can come up. Concentrate on what needs to be done and do away with excuses and distractions. 

  • Procrastinators should get inspiration from influencers who do not play with their time.

Work with people who are focuses and determined to get the job on time. Their sense of urgency and timeliness should rub off on you.