Friday, January 26, 2018

Creative LED Lighting Uses for Your Home

LED lights use on kitchen

Light-emitting diodes are now commonly used to light homes. Despite their often compact size, they can fulfill many different applications. They also have long lifespans, and only use a minimal amount of energy to provide illumination. Due to these practical reasons, we can find LED signs, lamps, and light fixtures almost everywhere we go.

If you’ve been considering installing LED lights at home, here are a few applications for them that you may find interesting or useful:

Faucets and Showerheads

Faucets and Showerheads with LED lights

Did you know you can add LED lights to your faucets and showerheads? These can provide a neat futuristic look that can add your home’s appeal and value. You can buy new showerheads or faucets online that are already equipped with LED lights. If you also want to upgrade the rest of your bathroom fixtures, there are also LED tubs that you can check out.

Dining Table

A fine dining table sets with LED lights

LED lights can be built right into the table if you fancy doing a DIY project over the weekend. These lights can also work as tablecloths and placemats for a warm, luminous glow as you eat with family or friends.

Accent Lights

A home with LED light design for added beauty and personality

Accent lights can create a focal point within your home to highlight specific features. You can add LED lights on the stairway to add an inviting glow, or at the ceiling molding to enhance the architecture and add some personality.

Bike Wheels

Skateboards hanging around with led on their wheels

Extreme sports enthusiasts have found a way to make use of LED lights on skateboards, surfboards, and snowboarder outfits. You can also use LEDs on your bike wheels. Add the lights to the spokes. Having these lights on your bike does not only make you look cool but also provide extra safety at night.

Flower Pots

A plant in a pot with led light to grow plant properly.

Natural sunlight is necessary for your plants to grow, but LED lights can be an alternative.  You can make your own or buy a plant box that makes use of LEDs. They add an extra visual feature to the plant box, as well as provide the energy that can help the plants grow.

With all these practical and creative uses, it’s easy to see why LED lights are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. If you’re looking for LED lights and signs that you can use for your home, check out!

Friday, January 19, 2018

4 Amazing Applications for LED Lights

LED light can be used on LED signs

LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes have gone a long way since their first inception. You might remember them as the tiny red lights that we can find in our laser pointers. Today, we can find LEDs being used almost everywhere -- as LED signs, lights for homes and businesses, and for computer monitors to name a few common applications.

Aside from our everyday use, people have found innovative applications for this technology. From applying LED for offices to medical procedures, here are four innovate ways these lights are used today:

LED Sky Panels

A sky on your ceiling made up of LED panels

According to studies from the Department of Energy, LED lights are known to use up to 80% less energy and shine brighter than traditional lighting. Aside from that, did you know that these lights can also help make you happier and more productive?

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineer IAO have developed LED sky panels. These panels are designed to be used in offices and offer a look similar to the sky which can make workers feel they’re working under a wide open space. Using these kinds of LED panels have increased worker productivity up to 15% more according to their research.

LED Car Sunroofs

LED car sunroofs for added power for turn signals, headlights, and brake lights, etc.

When the sun shines bright, LED lights with solar panels can help you harness that energy. Solar-powered LED sunroofs can help you illuminate your car’s interior and even power the lights for your turn signals, headlights, and brake lights.

LED Contact Lenses

A prototype contact lenses made of micro-LED, act as a computer

Have you imagined having contacts that can let you read emails right through your retinas?  Contact lenses are known for their ability to help those with visual impairments correct their vision, but that might not be their only use for long.

Researchers from the Aalto University in Finland have been working on a prototype contact lens that can help people view an augmented reality. Think of these lenses as mini computer screens that make use of micro-LEDs. It’s possible that soon, people might be wearing contacts for more than just correcting vision.

LED Wallpapers

An electronic wallpaper made of LEDs for easy changing all designs

Changing the color of your walls may seem like a tedious DIY project to do right. Thanks to LED technology, changing the look of your home’s interiors might be as simple as pressing a button.
LED wallpapers can make painting the walls or applying new wallpapers a thing of the past. This kind of wallpaper offers a relaxing glow with wall panels that can make use of various colors.

It’s amazing how much technology has been able to help us light our world with LED. With all those applications, it’s easy to see why more and more people are starting to make use of it. If you’d like to brighten up your store or home with LED, check out!

Friday, January 12, 2018

5 Lighting Tips for Your Restaurant

Table for two with stem glass on top of table

For businesses, first impressions matter. You only have one shot at enticing potential customers before they decide to take their business elsewhere. Making a good impression starts with factors such as your products, your service, and the ambiance of the place. That last one is important especially if you’re running a restaurant, and one way you can improve it is by utilizing LED signs and lights.

As a matter of fact, research indicates that 74% of diners stay longer at establishments that have lighting that makes them feel comfortable. With that said, here are a few tips that can help get the ambiance you’re looking for:

Make Lighting a Design Priority

Restaurant table with unique light on top

When it comes to restaurant design, lighting should be a central theme. Consider the layout of your establishment in its entirety, especially the tables and chairs since this is where will spend most of their time in. For example, if you want to highlight the tables, you can try to install pendant lights above them.

Use Different Light Layers

Restaurant table with cruisy lights and ambiance

Different kinds of lighting serve various uses in your establishment. The first one you should consider is ambient lighting; your main source of illumination. Enough ambient light can make the ceiling look higher, or the walls seem wider so the venue can seem more spacious.

Another kind of light is task lighting. These lights are supposed to illuminate the areas where your workers are going to be such as the cash register and the kitchen.

Lastly, consider accent lighting. This is the kind of light that draws attention to specific features of your restaurant.

You can use a combination of these lights to showcase your creativity. This isn’t so much about functionality but instead the lights showing your individual style.

Let the Lights Guide Your Customers

Restaurant with led light menu

The moment a customer enters the restaurant, they should be able to determine where they need to go. Lighting can be a helpful guide inside the venue by drawing attention to key areas, particularly the tables. Creating a focal point with lighting is done by finding the right contrasts between your ambient and accent lighting.

Set the Mood with the Lights

A restaurant with romantic ambiance lights

The right restaurant atmosphere is set by lighting. Being able to adjust the brightness of the lights can help set different moods depending on the time of day, the weather, or the season. During colder months, you can opt to have brighter lights to make the venue feel warmer. There are programmable lights that can help you set the lights to just the right brightness.

Keep Customer Comfort in Mind

A table with the set of plates, steam glass and wines

The goal of the lighting should be to make your customers feel comfortable. Hence, the lights should help guests read the menu and see the food that’s served to them. Glare should be avoided by placing the lights out of the natural field of vision.

Restaurants are all about the experience. With good food, drinks, and lighting, you can provide your customers with an culinary experience they will be sure to remember. Should you need new lights to furnish your restaurant with, check out!

Friday, January 5, 2018

How to Make Your Bar More Attractive

Different kinds of premium alcoholic drinks in a rack

Whether you’re planning to open a new bar in your city or you’re already running one, you know that the competition can be very tight. It’s not enough that your bar is offering good drinks at a fair price (what bar doesn’t?), you should be able to stand out and attract your target customers. Lighting such as LED signs can be a big help in making the bar more attractive. That said, here are a few more tips:

New Lighting

Different signage with colorful neon lights

New lighting depends on how you want the interiors to look like, in other words, your bar's theme. If you want it to look like a restaurant from the 50s, you’re going to need a lot of colorful neon lighting. If you want it to look like a speakeasy, you’re going to need dimmer lighting. Make sure the lighting focuses on the main bar area where customers get their drinks.

Creative Barstools

Creative barstools with old-english styled look

Make the seats comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have a theme. Remember that customers are going to be sitting in their seats for hours while they have drinks. If they look and feel comfortable, chances are those customers are going to come back for another round sooner rather than later.

A Creative Looking Bar

Bar style with glass side window

Every bar needs, well… a bar. A big block of unattractive dark wood simply won’t suffice if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of the venue. Try using a more luxurious material like African blackwood or sleek marble to create a new look. Remember, the bar is where people look to get their drinks. If the bar looks like an accommodating place to get drinks, you’ll be seeing more customers pretty soon.

A Cool Looking Menu and Drink List

A drink list with creative font styled using chalk

It’s not enough to just post the whole menu and drink list on a wall anymore. Try a new approach, perhaps by handing out an easy-to-read menu and drink list to newly-arrived customers. This will be convenient for those customers who can’t seem to decide what drinks to get just yet.

These are a few tips that can help your bar be more attractive for your clientele. If you need new lighting that can help give a breath of fresh air to your establishment, check out!