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Best Uses for Programmable LED Signs

Maximize the use of your LED signage to generate more sales. The LED technology has done wonders for any company because of its business-boosting powers. We all know that these signs work better than the static ones regarding ushering in customers to your business. We also know that these signs do not come cheap, they are quite an investment. That said, it is best to maximize the power of these signs. This week, we listed down five ways to use your sign to its full potential.

Your business hours Your outside LED sign should display your business hours, as well as your special holiday hours so customers passing or driving buy would know that you are open for business. No one wants to go through the hassle of parking their then later finding out that you are closed for the day, or are not yet open.

Special discounts and freebies Promote your special discounts by programming them into your LED signs. It is the ideal way to market them because they are instant attention-grabbers and can profou…

Why You Need an Open Sign

Here are the benefits of having a LED open sign in front of your shop.

The open sign is put up outside the store to well, quite obviously, let people know that you are open for business. But it doesn’t stop there. That little lit sign actually has a lot of benefits for your business, from savings to aesthetics. If you do not have one yet for your shop, it’s time to reconsider. Here are the reasons why.

It attracts more potential customers.

Because LED lighting is very bright and eye-catching, these signs can better affect passers-by’s buying decision. They are also usually mounted at eye-level and easy to see, making them the most powerful visual feature of your shop.

These signs are energy savers.

We all know that LEDs consumes way less energy than the fluorescents and neons. That said, getting an open sign that utilizes LEDs is a great investment, You can turn the sign on for hours and hours without having to worry about breaking the bank.

LED open signs give you versatility when it comes…

Reasons Why People are Ignoring Your LED Sign

Find out why your signs do not seem to attract customers.

LED signs are more effective than static billboards because they are flashier and more visually stimulating. However, it's not all the time that they are able to deliver the results that you want. Whatever the reason is, you should start identifying the problems now so you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be losing money through failed opportunities.

To help you find these problems out, we have listed three factors that may be contributing to the ineffectiveness of your LED signs.

Outdated information

If your scrolling LED sign is displaying a message that is irrelevant, chances are, your potential customers will lose interest in a second. Remember that customers’ attention span is getting shorter, so the first few seconds are crucial. If they read something about an exclusive sale that has ended already, they are more likely to discontinue reading the other messages programmed in your si…

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in LED Signs

Here are the top benefits of LED signage for small players.
To stand out from the crowd, a business must implement marketing strategies. This is especially true for companies who have just started. Along with traditional advertising, one efficient way to get the word out there is is to invest in LED signs. These signs are not just lights, they significantly impact and influence customers. If you’re a bit hesitant on investing on these lights, read these benefits small businesses get from LED signs.

Really stands out
LED signage is much more attention-grabbing than a regular static sign. Even during the daytime, they tend to draw more attention, especially if the lights are flashing. Some signs also have animation settings that can emphasize your messages. These include scrolling, twisting, zooming, and waving. You can also test which setting is the most effective to your customers.

Easily measure effectiveness
Aside from testing which animation setting is the most compelling, LED signs…