Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday 2018 Affordable LED Sign Sale

Check out these signs for less!

2018 Holiday Affordable LED Sign Sale | Affordable LED
We are giving back this Christmas season by slashing the prices of our products. Get at least one for your shop and update the look of your business this new year. We won’t keep you longer; here are five of our LED signs that are currently on sale!

Modern LED Neon Open Sign

Shop the Modern LED Neon Open Sign at
This modern take on an open sign still exudes some retro vibe and is now available for only $100.00! Its size is 24" X 13" and features an ultra-bright light, keeping it noticeable at any time of day.

Horizontal LED Open Sign

Buy the Affordable LED Horizontal LED Open Sign at
If you prefer a traditional looking open sign, this horizontal sign is the one to get. It’s now for only $88.00! It has a size of 24" x 12" and is slim and lightweight, making it perfect for front doors and small spaces.

Tri-Color Double Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign

Buy the Tri-Color Double Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign at
If you prefer a unit with three colors, then get this double-line indoor programmable LED sign. It has a size of 6" X 39.6" and is now for only $470. It features a memory storage of 2,000 characters for the font size of 16 and 4,000 characters for font size 7.

Tri-Color Single Line Semi-outdoor Programmable LED Sign

Shop the Tri-Color Single Line Semi-outdoor Programmable LED Sign at
If you only need a single line unit, here’s a semi-outdoor programmable LED sign with tri-colors. It has a size of 4" X 26" and is now only for $250. It has a memory storage of 7,000 characters and 100 file messages.

Red Single Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign

Shop the Red Single Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign at
Last, but not least, is this smaller unit. This single line indoor programmable LED Sign has a size of 2" x 14" and you can get it for only $60! This particular unit is perfect for vehicles, shops, garages, restaurants, and even the home.


Those are just five of our many discounted signs! Head on to and shop now until supplies last!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Holiday Energy-Saving Tips for Businesses

Here are easy ways on how you can cut energy costs this festive season.

Holiday Energy-Saving Tips for Businesses |

Power costs double and sometimes even triple during the holidays. This is because of holiday decors such as fairy lights and other Christmas ornaments that need power. You don’t have to be like the Grinch just to save on energy costs, as there are a few ways that you can do. This week, we listed down three easy ways on how you can make it easy for your bank accounts this holiday season.

Decorate with LED string lights.

Decorate with LED string lights to cut costs |

Get rid of your old fluorescent fairy lights and invest in LED ones. LEDs, as we always mentioned, use way less energy all the while shining brighter than traditional lighting. Aside from that, they are also much safer, as these lights do not emit heat. That said, there is no risk of your decors catching fire.

Use your LED signs as decors.

Use LED signs as decors to cut down on energy costs |
Don’t turn your outdoor scrolling LED sign off at night. Instead, program heartwarming Christmas messages and make passers-by smile! This is a great alternative to fairy lights if you really want to cut down on costs. LED signs, especially those units that have three or more colors are also very bright and flashy, as with colorful Christmas lights.

Use decors that don’t need power.

Use decors that don’t need power to save energy these holidays |

Instead of getting decors that use power like those talking and singing Santa statues in malls, opt for ones that don’t need electricity. You can get ornaments that are glittery or sequined, as they can still give off sparkles in the dark. Decorate with just a few decors that need power and invest in traditional ornaments with sparkly designs.


Do you have any energy-saving suggestions for businesses? Do share! Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Qualities to Look For in an Outdoor LED Sign

Here's a helpful checklist when buying new outdoor LED signs.

Qualities to Look For in an Outdoor LED Sign |
There are two types of scrolling LED signs -- one is made for indoors, and one is made for outdoors. Of course, you cannot get an indoor one and display it outside your shop. One made for indoors will most likely not last long when placed outdoors. That is why we listed down the qualities to look for in an outdoor sign to prevent possible hazards in the future.
Shop Programmable Scrolling LED Signs at

1. Easy to install

Outdoor LED signs should be quick and easy to install. Otherwise, it might pose hazardous risks, like falling from a great height or straining your arms from holding the sign up for too long. You should always check that they come with an easy-to-understand manual as well.

2. Waterproof

Your outdoor scrolling LED sign should be IP65 waterproof. This just means that a sign with this rating is water-resistant; however, it cannot be submerged in water. This rating of a LED sign also means that it is dust-tight and suitable in an outside setting.

3. Can withstand any weather conditions.

Of course, this is a given. Placing your sign outside means it has to endure all Mother Nature has to give. That said, you will undoubtedly need a LED sign that can tolerate all types of weather conditions.

4. Heat-resistant

The sun can be scorching hot in the afternoon so it’s best to get a sign that can endure the piercing heat of the sun. This is especially true in the summer. Its material should not melt easily as this can pose a risk like short circuits.

5. UV-resistant

Aside from being heat-resistant, the best outdoor programmable LED sign should also be UV-resistant. We all know how the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can do to the skin. That said, it’s best to get one that won’t get easily damaged from UV rays.

Need outdoor LED signs that have all these qualities? Head on to and shop for the perfect sign your business needs!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Advantages of Multi-color LED Signs

Learn why you should get your business at least one of these signs.

Advantages of Multi-color LED Signs |
The year 2018’s almost up, have you thought of upgrading your business’ signs? This 2019, upgrade with brighter multi-color or full-color LED signs to boost your sales. These signs are a great investment to anyone who owns a shop because of its many advantages. Wondering what they are and how these signs can increase sales? Read on.

Here are the top three benefits of owning a multi-color LED sign:

They are more noticeable.

Shop the 26mm Full Color 2 Row Programmable Scrolling LED Sign at
Because people are used to seeing single-color signs, these multi-color ones are sure to catch their attention more. Instinctively, people are drawn more to visual, animated content, instead of static text. This is especially true if you are using a scrolling LED sign to display long messages. You can also be creative with the animations to make your content more eye-catching.

Multi-color LED signs are brighter than monochrome ones.

Shop scrolling LED signs and open signs at
LED signs and displays that have more than one color are generally brighter. They can be seen more at night and even in broad daylight. That said, they are far more noticeable than traditional static signs, and the old monochrome LED signs. So if you want to reach more potential customers at any time of the day, invest in these multi-color signs.

These signs add a fun flair to any establishment.

Shop the DO-Series Tri-Color Double Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign at
And because these LED signs come in many bright colors, they naturally add a fun flair to your shop. That said, they are perfect for places where family and kids are welcome, such as indoor playgrounds, pre-schools, and family-friendly diners. These multi-color signs are also ideal for other recreational businesses like arcades, sports venues, and theme parks.


Think these multi-color and full-color signs are what your business needs? Head on to and make that investment now!