Monday, December 10, 2018

Qualities to Look For in an Outdoor LED Sign

Here's a helpful checklist when buying new outdoor LED signs.

Qualities to Look For in an Outdoor LED Sign |
There are two types of scrolling LED signs -- one is made for indoors, and one is made for outdoors. Of course, you cannot get an indoor one and display it outside your shop. One made for indoors will most likely not last long when placed outdoors. That is why we listed down the qualities to look for in an outdoor sign to prevent possible hazards in the future.
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1. Easy to install

Outdoor LED signs should be quick and easy to install. Otherwise, it might pose hazardous risks, like falling from a great height or straining your arms from holding the sign up for too long. You should always check that they come with an easy-to-understand manual as well.

2. Waterproof

Your outdoor scrolling LED sign should be IP65 waterproof. This just means that a sign with this rating is water-resistant; however, it cannot be submerged in water. This rating of a LED sign also means that it is dust-tight and suitable in an outside setting.

3. Can withstand any weather conditions.

Of course, this is a given. Placing your sign outside means it has to endure all Mother Nature has to give. That said, you will undoubtedly need a LED sign that can tolerate all types of weather conditions.

4. Heat-resistant

The sun can be scorching hot in the afternoon so it’s best to get a sign that can endure the piercing heat of the sun. This is especially true in the summer. Its material should not melt easily as this can pose a risk like short circuits.

5. UV-resistant

Aside from being heat-resistant, the best outdoor programmable LED sign should also be UV-resistant. We all know how the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can do to the skin. That said, it’s best to get one that won’t get easily damaged from UV rays.

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