Monday, January 21, 2019

Top Content to Display in Programmable LED Signs

Here's what to display in your signs to increase sales.

Top Content to Display in Programmable LED Signs |

LED signs, as we always stated, are beneficial to any business. They catch much more attention than the traditional static signs. If you are still wondering as to what effective content is best to input to your programmable LED signs, then you are in luck. This week, we will discuss the top content that you can program into your signs to help boost your business.

Business hours

This is utterly important, especially for 24-hour businesses. In the case you need to close the store early, it’s best to make the announcement via these signs. Doing so will prevent customers from getting disappointed because they weren’t able to find our your business hours in advance.

Social media accounts

If you have indoor LED signs and have a waiting area, it’s best to display your social media accounts. Your customers can check these channels out while they are in line, and their wait won’t be as boring. You can also encourage them to leave reviews while they are killing time!

Daily specials

Announce to your loyal customers your daily specials via your signs. This is especially the case for food businesses. This will help hungry people waiting in line with their purchase decisions and therefore make transactions smoother and faster.

Current promotions and deals

If you have new promotions and sales, you can flash them in your scrolling LED signs. This is beneficial to your staff, as they wouldn’t need to mention this information to every customer who checks out.

Business achievements

Make your customers trust you more by letting them know of your business achievements. Displaying this information in your signs will make people think highly of your business, and make them feel that they made the right decision of buying your products or services.

Quote of the day

Inspire your customers; display a motivational quote in your LED signs. Make everyone smile with some inspiring words and make sure to change it daily. These quotes should be related to your business and have a light or funny tone to positively affect everyone who comes into your shop.


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