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Valentine Messages Ideas for Your LED Signs

Get your customers and staff in the mood for love this Valentine season.

Valentine Messages Ideas for Your LED Signs |
Christmas has come and gone, and now St. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. If you already started putting up Valentine decorations, it’s time to decide which messages to program in your scrolling LED signs. Just like what we did in November for Christmas messages, we picked five of the best romantic content that you can display in your LED signs this week.

And we won’t keep you long; here are five ideas for Valentine messages for your programmable LED signs:

“Do all things with love.”

Inspire your customers with this message displayed in your LED sign |
Source: Pinterest | Lulabelleblog
Your customers would get in the mood with this powerful message. Indeed, you will work a lot better if you love what you do. There is a saying that if you prepare food with love, it will taste a lot better. We believe that’s true! Plus, dedicating yourself to doing something will yield better results and give you an overall good mood.

“You are loved, always.”

Make people feel loved with this message displayed in your scrolling LED sign |
Source: | WildflowerLoft
Some people tend to feel that no one ever loves them. Displaying this message in your shop’s LED sign is a good reminder that there is at least one person who does. Make every person who comes inside your store feel that they are loved, not only during the Valentine season but all-year-round.

“You'll be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey."

This message is best displayed in a bar's programmable LED sign |
Source: | kimburcreations
This message is perfect for bars and some restaurants that offer alcohol. It’s catchy, funny, naughty, and romantic all at the same time. Make sure, however, that your business does not allow minors, as this message is for adults only!

“Love one another.”

Remind people to stop hating with this message displayed in your LED sign |
Source: | kendrahouse
Don’t we all wish for peace? Let’s forget hatred and jealousy, and start loving one another. This Valentine message is a good reminder for your customers to stop hating and just live life with love. Inspire people and spread the love in your shop this season!

“Love is in the air.”

Keep people in your business in the mood for love with this message |
Source: | Bon Bon
This message is perfect for restaurants and diners with dimly-lit spaces specifically for couples. Complement your LED sign with Valentine decors and scented candles or reed diffusers to complete the mood.


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