Monday, January 14, 2019

Ways to Save Power and Money This 2019

Stick to your New Year's resolution on energy usage this year with the help of these tips.

Ways to Save Power and Money This 2019 |

Last December, we shared tips on saving energy in the holiday season. There is no reason to stop this 2019. Aside from leaving less carbon footprint, doing so can also help you save in the long run. And without further ado, here are five helpful tips to help you save power and money this new year.

Bike to work

Bike your way to work to save power and money this 2019 |

If you can, do it! Not only do you save a whole lot on fuel, but you also get a daily exercise. You can also encourage your co-workers to do the same, and even propose a bike racing event for a cause!

Use LED nightlights

Turn off your bedside lamp and use a LED nightlight to save power |

There is nothing to be ashamed of being afraid of the dark. If you can’t sleep with all the lights out, make use of LED nightlights. With these little bright lights that you can conveniently plug into an outlet, you can finally turn off your bedside lamp.

Buy energy star-rated appliances

Buy energy star-rated appliance to save on power this year |

Should you need to purchase appliances for your home or office, make sure to get ones that are energy star-rated. The obviously use less energy and are eco-friendly. They may be quite an investment, but they sure help save money in the long term.

Replace old signs

Replace old neon signs with LED signs to save energy this 2019 |

If you own a business and you still use neon signs, it’s about time you upgrade. Using LED signs will help you save money and power. In addition, they are much safer to use because they use less heat and need less maintenance. The programmable LED signs also attract more eyes than traditional neon ones do.

Make it a habit to unplug

Unplug appliances to avoid vampire power |

Avoid phantom energy loads; unplug your appliances when you are not using them. This is the case for both your home and office. These include your computers, small kitchen appliances, TV, and even your charger. Aside from preventing the risk of fire, you also avoid vampire power.


For more energy-saving tips such as this, follow this blog. If you need LED signs for your blog, head on to!

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