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5 Creative (and Safe) Gender Reveal Ideas

We’ve rounded up the top five gender reveal ideas we love so you can celebrate your baby in a way that feels perfect -- and safe!

pregnant women in a pink dress in her gender reveal party

Gender reveals are, no doubt, fun ways to celebrate the baby or babies, for that matter, even before they are out in this world. However, some parents try to be so unique that their gender reveal ends up in a tragedy. In fact, just last year, a couple caused a wildfire after using a pyrotechnic device during their gender-reveal party. The fire torched about 23,000 acres of land and destroyed five homes and 15 other buildings, even and claimed the life of a firefighter.

On the same note, balloons are not a good idea either. If a gust of wind blows them right out of the parents' hands, not only will the gender reveal be ruined, but the balloons can get caught up in power lines, cut off the neighborhood's power, or worse, electrocute someone. Also, balloons may end up in the oceans, and marine life might mistake them for food.

With that in mind, parents should say no to balloons, bonfires, and fireworks. To keep everyone safe in a gender reveal, here are five safe ideas that are still creative and fun:

  1. scrolling LED sign
  2. Pink or blue confetti box
  3. Gender reveal eggs
  4. Gender reveal fizz tablets
  5. The classic gender reveal cake

#1 A scrolling LED sign

Rechargeable LED Programmable Sign from Affordable LED
A scrolling LED sign is perfect for couples who are going for a retro gaming-inspired gender reveal party. Programmable LED signs can be expensive and are usually used for businesses. Still, there are smaller, rechargeable ones with a handle that are perfect for gender reveals and other personal use. Some even feature a handle

Simply program the baby’s gender along with other messages you like, and choose the LED bulb color that best corresponds to the gender. You can also use animation features like explode, shoot, flash, and cyclic to give a fun and more exciting vibe.

#2 Pink or blue confetti box

Balloon gender reveals usually come in a big box. The balloons are filled with helium, so when the couple opens the box, the balloons will fly up for everyone to see. But because we want to avoid using balloons to protect the environment, filling the box with pink or blue confetti instead.

If confetti is too simple for your tastes, you can place other baby items in blue or pink. Such items include baby bottles, washcloths, booties, and cute little onesies.

#3 Gender reveal eggs

pink and blue eggs with green background

Recently, a video has gone viral that features a couple carrying a carton of dozen eggs dyed in pink and blue at their gender reveal party. One out of the 12 eggs was raw, and all the others were hard-boiled. The couple smacked each egg until they broke the raw one.

Although a bit messy, gender reveal eggs are fun and will cause a lot of belly laughs. You will just need to have a friend or a family member boil 11 eggs and keep one raw, then paint half in pink and the other in blue dye. This gender reveal idea is also perfect during spring for an Easter theme. 

#4 Gender reveal fizz tablets

Fizz tablets are perfect for more formal gender reveal parties, such as a wine and cheese event, or even for New Year’s Eve parties. Since guests are already holding their glasses of wine or champagne or any clear alcoholic beverage, they will just need to drop the fizz tablets to find out the gender.

As for the mom-to-be who cannot drink any alcoholic beverage, she an have a glass of clear carbonated drink. So when it’s time to reveal, everyone, including mom can simultaneously drop the fizz tablet for the reveal.

#5 The classic gender reveal cake

tall gender reveal cake with white frosting and blue and pink flowers

Let’s end this list with a classic fan favorite. Gender reveal cakes are a “sweet” way of sharing the big news of your baby's gender with family and friends. It’s also a low-cost option, as the cake can also serve as a dessert for your guests. A simple vanilla cake with white vanilla buttercream frosting will do, but the inside will contain the surprise. 

On the same note, gender reveal cake pops or cupcakes are also other options if you want a dessert-themed reveal. This is more fun than cake slicing because everyone can join in the fun by making everyone bite all at the same time for the surprise.


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