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7 In-Store Marketing Tips for Small Clothing Shops

Struggling to get walk-in customers for your small fashion store? Here are some in-store marketing tips to try.

clothes for women with assorted colors on display in a clothes shop

Even if the majority of businesses have shifted online to cater to the growing number of online shoppers, brick-and-mortar stores somehow still thrive. Shopping for clothing online for some is risky, especially if they are not sure about their size measurements. With that said, some consumers still prefer to go out to shop and actually try on clothes before purchasing them. 

This consumer behavior is advantageous for physical clothing shops, but it may not give many benefits without a few marketing hacks. This is especially true if you have a lot of competition in the area.

In-store marketing can help you engage shop visitors, then convert them into actual customers. To be more specific, this strategy controls the customers' experience, dictates how they engage with their environment, and eventually encourages them to make a purchase.

Aside from that, here are the other benefits that make this strategy worth investing in:

  • Helps promote new products
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Informs shoppers about products
  • Encourages shoppers to stay in your store longer

Here are seven in-store marketing tips for you to try for your small clothing shop:

  1. Invest in programmable LED signs.
  2. Offer free WiFi connection.
  3. Invest in fitting rooms 
  4. Create an Instagram wall.
  5. Provide free sanitizing and disinfecting products.
  6. Play music.
  7. Consider in-store promotions.

woman wearing a face mask browsing through clothes on display

#1 Invest in programmable LED signs.

A scrolling LED sign can make a huge difference in your store as this size has many uses. You can display promotional messages, motivational quotes, important announcements, and even sanitary measures your business is taking to ensure health and safety. You do not need to get the large programmable LED signs; a small rechargeable unit for indoors will do.

#2 Offer free WiFi connection.

People are glued to their phones even when shopping. So if you offer free WiFi, they'll browse in your store instead of somewhere else without WiFi. If they need to wait for your staff to get a new stock of a dress they picked, they can be kept entertained by connecting to the internet. This makes waiting time less boring and prevents customers from being impatient. You can also display your WiFi password on your scrolling LED sign.

 #3 Invest in fitting rooms.

Shoppers will be turned off if a clothing store has a small, dirty, and dark fitting room or, worse, no fitting room at all. Investing in these rooms and making them clean and bright will encourage shoppers to try on more clothes, increasing the chances of buying more. Plus points for you if you install big full-body mirrors on either side of the room, hooks, and a stool to place their bags or purses on while they try on the clothes.

#4 Create an Instagram wall.

Instagram walls are pretty popular in cafes and restaurants. They are usually covered with fake grass or patterned wallpaper and installed with a LED sign with a motivational or inspiring message and other decors. As for clothing stores, an Instagram wall right beside the fitting rooms will encourage people to take selfies of themselves wearing your products. And when they post it on Instagram, check in your shop, and tag your account, you get user-generated content, maximizing your online presence. So it does not matter whether they purchased anything or not – posting these photos from your shop will instill curiosity among their followers and friends, and word-of-mouth marketing will do its magic.

#5 Provide free sanitizing and disinfecting products.

Some shoppers are still worried about getting infected with COVID. You can ensure that they are shopping in a clean store by providing sanitizers at your shop’s entrance, at the checkout counter, and right outside the fitting rooms. Doing so will make potential customers see that you value their health and safety. You can also program your shop's health and safety protocols in your programmable LED signs.

#6 Play music.

Music can make a huge difference in an establishment and set the mood. It acts as white noise and is also calming for most people. However, you need to make sure that the songs you are playing are apt for the theme of your clothing shop. If you mainly sell vintage-style dresses, soft, classical music is the best choice. If you sell punk-style outfits, punk or ska songs are the best to play. Avoid turning the music too loud, though, as it can distract instead of encouraging customers to spend more time browsing inside your store. Remember, the goal is to set the mood, not make store visitors feel they are in a rock concert. 

#7 Consider in-store promotions.

Lastly, regularly run promotions in that only walk-in customers can participate. Here are some great ideas to try:

  • Sell specific designs that are only available in-store and not in your online store.
  • Promote a cheaper cost on outfit bundles that are only available in-store.
  • Giveaway freebies related to fashion and clothing like pins and fashion jewelry.
  • Partner with a business in the area with a target audience similar to yours, like jewelry shops and shoe stores, then offer each other’s products at discounted prices.
  • Create an in-store loyalty program to inspire customers to repurchase.

As an ending tip, make sure to track foot traffic and see which of the strategies above are the most effective. For example, if you notice an increase in more purchases because of the Instagram wall, improve and maintain it to attract more customers. If you see fewer customers when a particular set of songs is playing, consider changing the playlist or adjusting the volume.


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