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8 Easy Window Display Tips for Retail Shops in 2023

This 2023, drive foot traffic to your retail business with some window display tips.

corner window display of Dior with LED lighting

The window displays of brick-and-mortar stores just have a few seconds to grab and hold the attention of passersby. According to research by NPD Group, window displays influence purchases by an average of 24 percent. That means the right window display can instantaneously engage potential customers and make them halt in their steps, check out the display longer, and walk into your shop.

With the ever-increasing competition from online shopping and the pandemic's effects on consumers' purchasing behavior, window displays are more valuable than ever. It makes perfect sense to invest in these displays to effectively keep turning heads and increasing sales.

Aside from eye-catching, extremely bright outdoor programmable LED signs or LED open signs, here are eight more window display tips to increase foot traffic to your retail store today:

  1. Perfect your lighting.
  2. Grab attention by highlighting your best items.
  3. Tell a story based on a specific theme.
  4. Place key products at eye level.
  5. Avoid putting too many elements on display.
  6. Get inspiration from trends and viral content.
  7. Change your window display regularly.
  8. Snap a photo of your window display and share it on social media.

men's retail store window display at night

#1 Perfect your lighting.

Lighting can create ambiance, effectively highlight products, and create a dramatic vibe to any window display. Perfecting your lighting can help you get the focal point and direct the passersby’s eyes to where you want their eyes to linger.

One excellent way to achieve perfect lighting is to install lighting fixtures at the sides and front. This lighting technique will create a 3D effect on the entire display. Avoid lighting fixtures directly from the top because it will create ugly shadows. As for highlighting certain products, you can use LED light strips or tubes, aside from spotlights, for a more subtle effect.

#2 Grab attention by highlighting your best items.

Speaking of highlighting items, make sure to showcase your popular and best-selling products, new arrivals, holiday collections, and limited edition products.

Doing so will entice pedestrians and raise their curiosity enough to make them take a look inside your store. This is especially true for specific items that are currently trending.

#3 Tell a story based on a specific theme.

Before creating a new display, start with a story based on a particular theme of your choice. For example, if you are opting for a Valentine’s Day theme, think true love of a mother or father to their sons and daughters instead of the cliche story of star-crossed lovers.

Another Valentine’s-inspired story is about little Cupid’s mischievous ways. This idea is perfect if you want to add some witty elements to your display.

#4 Place key products at eye level.

Perspective is crucial in a store window display, so keep the shoppers’ eye levels in mind while creating window displays to draw them in closer. Identify your highlighted items and position them at eye level. You don’t want potential customers to strain their necks or squint their eyes just to take a good look at your display.

Another thing to consider is to avoid displaying products that are too small. Opt for larger products that can immediately turn heads. But if your products are all small, for example, jewelry, you can use eye-catching jewelry displays to make them stand out from other items. 

window display of a gift shop

#5 Avoid putting too many elements on display.

Sometimes, you can get carried away and create a complicated display with too many elements. However, clutter should be avoided! It can overwhelm shoppers, and instead of ushering them in, they’ll get pushed away. No one likes a busy-looking window display. Plus, a cluttered display can devalue your products and brand.

Your display should provide passersby with a peek at the products you are offering and not totally give everything away. Doing so raises their curiosity, increasing the chances of them checking out your products in-store. A clutter-free look also allows your highlighted items to stand out in their own right.

#6 Get inspiration from trends and viral content.

Another way to immediately pique the interest of passersby is to have a theme inspired by currently trending content. Get inspiration from the latest trends, such as TV shows, films, fashion styles, and even memes. This way, people can immediately relate to your brand by looking at your display. And if it makes them smile, their chances of entering your store increase.

If you are running out of ideas, you can always check the latest trends in your industry by browsing through Instagram or Pinterest. Checking out your competitors’ displays can also give you an idea, but, of course, avoid copying the entire theme.

#7 Change your window display regularly.

It’s important to keep your window displays fresh, especially if your store is located in a busy area where commuters walk or motorists drive by regularly to go to work. If your windows have the same look for several months, passersby, who are also potential customers, are more likely to ignore it.

You can refresh your displays once a month at the least, especially during holidays. Some businesses even change every week. So it’s important to plan ahead and invest your time to create effective window displays.

#8 Snap a photo of your window display and share it on social media.

Finally, be proud of your new window display and share photos of it on your social media pages. This way, you will be able to entice people you would otherwise not reach with a window display alone. Seeing your new display can encourage people on social media to get out and check your store.

Taking photos of your display can also give you an idea of what it actually looks like to passersby and motorists. The pictures will allow you to pinpoint any changes you need to make to achieve a better-looking and engaging window display.

For more brick-and-mortar business tips, browse our other articles in this blog. If you need LED signage to immediately capture the commuters’ attention, check out our collections at


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