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LED Sign Marketing Basics

Everything starts with the basics. As with any marketing or advertising mediums, knowing the basics leads to the framework of a more sophisticated plan. LED signs are no exceptions to the basics.

Who is your audience?Know the key motivation factors on why your customers buy your products and adjust your LED sign messages to what motivates your audience. For example, you may have the lowest prices of jewelry in your town, but customers like to buy jewelry in installments or loans. A basic marketing mistake is advertising your low prices but in reality, what sparks their motivation is the low monthly installments. Your LED sign message should then convey this message.What is your audience type?The length of your LED sign messages should be adjusted according to the audience type. For example, a person driving by only has seconds to spare. You LED sign message should then be really short, simple, and concise. A typical example would be a LED Open sign, wherein only a single word flashes, …

What to Avoid in LED Sign Marketing

While good-quality LED signs and programmable LED signs can instantly drive foot traffic, wrong marketing measures may do more harm than good.
Size of LED Signs. The size is the most common mistake people make when purchasing LED signs as they tend to buy LED signs that are too big to use indoors and too small for outdoors.A 2-inch high programmable LED sign can easily be read from 10 to 80 feet away, making it perfect for offices and lobbies. A 4-inch high programmable LED sign can be read up to 160 feet away, making it too large for offices but perfect for tradeshow booths, cafeterias, ballrooms, and factories. For outdoor use, a 6-inch programmable LED sign is highly recommended.The Use of Lowercase Letters. The bigger the letters are, the farther away passersby can read the LED sign. Lowercase letters are generally 30% smaller than capital letters, thus reducing the time that people need to read your sign. All capital letters is a must in LED signs.The Use of Colors. While red text…